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cry of the so-called practical educator to-day is "Stick to the fundamentals! Out with fads and frills."

Fine! We agree. For what is more fundamental than music? MUSIC was the basis of education centuries before the three R's were known!

Rightfully enough, it is only a thor. ough grounding in the three R's and vocational training that prepares for adequately sustaining life. But true education has come to mean so much more than a preparation for making a living. It must prepare for complete living. The modern school is more than a mere workshop. Only insofar as it makes ready for both earning a living and appreciating the finer values of life -music, art, literature-does it fulfill its mission.

Music in the school vitalizes, illumi. nates, and correlates with many other subjects: literature, history, geography, commercial studies, mythology, physical education, nature study, and hygiene. It fosters all the educational processes that are the desideratum of the so-called practical subjects. It SECURES atten. tion, interest, mental discipline, partici. pation, and expression, THROUGH sense perception, emotional response, and instruction, STIMULATING imagination, discrimination, concentration, and interpretation, LEAVING a sidium of knowledge, culture, poise,


and power:

What other one subject can do so much ? — And fully possible with the Victrola in the classroom.

Educational Department


Victor Talking Machine Company, Camden, New Jersey

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progress. Much has been eliminated, imA SHORT HISTORY OF MODERN PEOPLES portant changes have been made, new (Part II of World Progress), by Willis sections have been added, and a chapter Mason West, Sometime Professor of His on the Socialized Recitation inserted, tory and Head of the Department in necessitating a complete resetting. This the University of Minnesota.

is neither a profound nor an exhaustive The growing demand in high schools treatise on the recitation. It is only a for a one-year course in European his- series of easy lectures on the subject, tory led the author some months ago to prepared for young teachers. They are write World Progress. The original published in the hope that they will work is now published in two volumes,

prove helpful to this class, and serve as each planned to cover a half year's a manual or guide in making the recitawork, and this book contains the second

tion a greater instrument of service. part, beginning with the Protestant

The discussion of the various themes in Reformation, and traces the story of

most cases is very brief, and often fragmodern peoples down to the present mentary. A full treatment of each time, including the World War. The

would extend the limits of the volume author's aim throughout has been to

far beyond its contemplated size. The select topics that make the past live

whole discussion in this volume is inagain and that at the same time form a

tended to be suggestive rather than excontinuous story, and prepare for an

haustive. Many of the professional understanding of the social problems of

books are too difficult for young teachto-day. Such a brief survey demands

ers. They appeal to the more advanced the rigid exclusion of nonessentials.

students of pedagogy. This volume is Recent developments have led the au

intended to aid the younger members thor to lay new emphasis upon the story

of the profession by simplifying, and, of Spanish America, as well as upon

if possible, clarifying for them, subjects China and Japan. United States history has been purposely omitted, except

usually regarded as difficult and obscure,

and the author has endeavored to bring where intimately interwoven with old

the whole discussion within the grasp world development, because of the fact that that subject now receives i full

of the average high school graduate. and separate high school year. Cloth, Cloth, 238 pages, price $1.60. J. B. Lipabout 380 pages, price $1.50. Allyn

pincott Co., Philadelphia, Chicago, and and Bacon, New York, Boston, Chicago.


MECHANICAL DEVICES IN THE HOME, METHODS IN THE RECITATION, A Revised by Edith Allen, M.A., Assistant Editor, and Reset Edition of the Recitation, by U. S. Department of Agriculture, forSamuel Hamilton, Ph.D., LL.D., super- merly Specialist in Home Economics in intendent of public schools, Allegheny Kansas State Agricultural College, Unicounty, Pennsylvania. “The Recita- versity of Texas, and Oklahoma Agrition”, under which title this book was cultural and Mechanical College. In first published, received such a cordial writing this book the author's aim has reception on the part of teachers, and been (1) to give information which will contained such a treatment of the essen- guide householders in selecting and intial principles of pedagogy, that there stalling the best cooking and heating has been an urgent demand for its revi- devices, and in using them with the sion in the light of recent educational greatest economy of fuel and safety









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Copyright, 1901,


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against accidents; (2) to explain the to the child's imagination, curiosity and construction of lighting fixtures and interest. Cloth, 222 pages, price $.80. how to determine the amount of light Macmillan Company, New York, Chifor health needed in various places; (3)

cago, London. to explain the principles of cooling;

FORTUNA-TONY, by Enrique Perez (4) to show how to make small repairs which save plumbers' bills; (5) to

Escrich, edited, with Introduction,

Notes, Exercises and Vocabulary, by M. guide in the choice and care of laundry

A. DeVitis. This book has been recomappliances and cooking utensils; (6) to

mended for use in American schools by familiarize women with the construction

the Spanish Committee of the Modern of electric, acetylene and gas plants and engines, and (7) to furnish tables of Language Association. This edition of

two admirable dog stories is made espemeasure often needed for reference. The book is designed as a text for senior cially for pupils in the early stage of

their study of Spanish. The volume high school and junior college classes,

contains exhaustive notes, adapted for as well as for the needs of home demonstration agents, housewives, and others beginning classes, and grammar rules

are fully stated and illustrated. The interested in the various mechanical de

author is a versatile writer, having writvices now used in the best equipped

ten no less than thirty plays and a homes of the land. Cloth, 251 pages, goodly number of novels and short price $1.75. The Manual Arts Press,

stories. Greatest of all friends is the Peoria, Illinois.

faithful dog, and this writer loved dogs A FRIEND INDEED, by Julia Augusta

and hunting. He was invariably seen Schwartz, author

"Wilderness Babies," "Little Star Gazers,"

with dogs around him whether reading,

etc. Illustrated by J. S. Eland. This book writing or hunting. The dog has played

no small part in literature, and the contains seven charmingly told stories

weaving of the stories contained in this which will prove of unfailing interest to

book about the lives of two famous dogs children of the intermediate grades.

needs no apology. It is a book that will The first story is entitled “The Stolen

appeal to and interest young students. Cave," and tells of the adventures of a boy who lived before history began. Bacon, Boston, New York, Chicago.

Cloth, 154 pages, price $.80. Allyn & The second story is entitled “Kalki, the Slave Boy,” and relates how he ran LA NOUVELLE CROISADE DES ENFANTS, away to Babylon to find kind Hammu- by Henry Bordeaux, De L'Academe rabi, maker of laws. The other stories Française, abridged and edited, with take the youthful reader back to the Notes, Questionnaire, Exercises and historic days of Greece and Rome, and Vocabulary, by Henry Ward Church, tell of life, conditions and experiences Ph.D., Professor of Romance Languages such as children passed through in those and Literature, Allegheny College. This distant lands and ages. The two con edition of one of the author's most popcluding stories are given a more modern ular writings is offered to American setting, one being placed in the days of schools because of the excellence of the the French Revolution and the conclud- story for elementary reading. It is siming one dealing with a boy's adventures ple in language, interesting in content, in the San Francisco earthquake. The and is the work of one of the foremost writer of these stories knows children contemporary French novelists. The and knows how to successfully appeal new children's crusade has a peculiar


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a new series of readers for the grades which present ideas on healthful living so interestingly that children will acquire proper habits of health through their own initiative.


By J. MACE ANDRESS, Lecturer on Health Education,
Boston University, and ANNIE TURNER ANDRESS,
formerly Head of Kindergarten Department, Worcester

(Mass.) State Normal School. Book 1. A Journey to Health Land. Progressive stories describing the adventures of a group of children in an imaginary Health Land. Illustrated in color by Blanche Fisher Laite. For grades 3 or 4. Book 2. The Boys and Girls of Wake-up Town. A dramatic story of the health achievements of a “Sleepy Town" which became a “Wake-up Town.Illustrated in color by Marguerite Davis. For grades 4 and 5.

New York



San Francisco


ESSENTIAL LANGUAGE HABITS — Charters, Betz, and Cowan.

The habit-forming series. Contains more games, drills, and exercises for the fixation of correct language habits than any other series. Instructions to pupils unvaryingly definite, specific and stated in the simplest language.

THE ANDERSON ARITHMETICS. Books in which every carefully charted

step tends to strengthen the pupil's self-confidence; which save the teacher's energy by providing all the necessary foundation material; which concentrate upon the difficult phases of arithmetic so that results are bound to follow.


Not just an ordinary speller, but a series which motivates the work most interestingly for the pupil and which provides the teacher with a complete outline of modern methods in teaching spelling.

SILVER, BURDETT AND COMPANY New York Newark Boston Chicago San Francisco

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