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In Time of Tribulation. Psalm 77.

7 & 6s. M.


1 IN time of tribulation,

Hear, Lord, our earnest cries;
With humble supplication
To thee the spirit flies.

2 Remembered songs of gladness,

Through night's lone silence brought, Strike notes of deepest sadness, And stir desponding thought.

3 Hath God cast off for ever? Can time his truth impair? His tender mercy never

Shall we presume to share?

4 Hath he his loving-kindness Shut up in bitter wrath.? No! it is human blindness, That cannot see his path. 5 We'll call to recollection

The years of thy right hand, And, strong in thy protection, Again through faith we stand.

6 Thy way is in great waters,

Thy footsteps are not known; But let earth's sons and daughters Confide in thee alone!

7 Through the wild sea thou leddest
Thy chosen flock of
Still on the wave thou treadest,
And thy redeemed pass o'er.



1 WAIT, O my soul, thy Maker's will!
Tumultuous passions, all be still!
Nor let one murmuring thought arise:
His ways are just, his counsels wise.

L. M.

2 He in the thickest darkness dwells,
Performs his work,
the cause conceals;
But though his methods are unknown,
Judgment and truth support his throne.

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3 In heaven, and earth, and air, and seas He executes his firm decrees;

And by his saints it stands confessed
That what he does is ever best.

4 Wait, then, my soul, submissive wait,
Prostrate before his awful seat;
And, midst the terrors of his rod,
Trust in a wise and gracious God.


Prayer for Prudence and Wisdom.

1 FATHER of light! conduct my feet
Through life's dark, dangerous road;
Let each advancing step still bring
Me nearer to my God.

C. M.


2 Let heaven-eyed prudence be my guide; And, when I go astray,

Recall my feet from folly's path,

To wisdom's better way.

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3 Teach me in every various scene
To keep my end in sight;
And while I tread life's mazy track,
Let wisdom guide me right.

4 That heavenly wisdom from above Abundantly impart ;

And let it guard, and guide, and warm, And penetrate my heart;

5 Till it shall lead me to thyself,
Fountain of bliss and love!
And all my darkness be dispersed
In endless light above.


Why art thou cast down, my Soul?


S. M.

for truth and peace;

WE pray With weary hearts we ask Some rest in which our souls may cease From life's perplexing task. We seek, yet none is found; We sigh, — yet hope grows faint; And deeper in its mournful sound Goes up our wild complaint.


Only to living faith
The promises are shown;
And by the love that passes death
The rest is won alone.

Be ours the earnest heart,

Be ours the steady will,
To work in silent trust our part;
For God is working still.

3 Then newer lights shall rise
Above these clouds of sin,
And heaven's unfolding mysteries
To glad our souls begin.

Our hearts from fear and wrong
Shall win their full release,

With God's own might for ever strong, And calm with God's own peace.

7s. M.


Jesus our Leader.


1 FEEBLE, helpless, how shall I
Learn to live and learn to die?
Who, O God, my guide shall be?
Who shall lead thy child to thee?

2 Blessed Father, gracious One,

Thou hast sent thy holy Son;
He will give the light I need,
He my trembling steps will lead.

3 Through this world, uncertain, dim,
Let me ever lean on him n;
From his precepts wisdom draw,
Make his life my solemn law.

4 Thus, in deed, and thought, and word
Led by Jesus Christ the Lord,
In my weakness, thus shall I
Learn to live and learn to die;-

5 Learn to live in peace and love,
Like the perfect ones above;
Learn to die without a fear,
Feeling thee, my Father, near.

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1 THE dove, let loose in Eastern skies, Returning fondly home,

Ne'er stoops to earth her wing, nor flies Where idle warblers roam;


2 But high she shoots through air and light, Above all low delay,

Where nothing earthly bounds her flight, Nor shadow dims her way.

3 So grant me, Lord, from every snare
And stain of passion free,
Aloft, through faith's serener air,
To urge my course to thee:

L. M.

4 No sin to cloud, no lure to stay,
My soul, as home she springs;
Thy sunshine on her joyful way,
Thy freedom on her wings!

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Trust and Submission.

1 My God, I thank thee! may no thought E'er deem thy chastisements severe; But may this heart, by sorrow taught, Calm each wild wish, each idle fear.

2 Thy mercy bids all nature bloom;
The sun shines bright, and man is gay;
Thine equal mercy spreads, the gloom,
That darkens o'er his little day.

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