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scene not unlike the portraiture we. the way from the church to the Roman have all seen of the last hours of Na- ' ceinetery in Second avenue, whither it poleon."

was borne,-followed by a long train of The obsequies of Daponte were im- mourners, led by the officiating priests, pressive. His funeral took place at noon and the attendant physician,-was of the 20th of August, 1838. Allegri's carried a banner, and on its black Miserere was performed over his re- ground was this inscription : “ Laurenmains at the Cathedral; the pall-bearers tius Daponte. Italia. Natus. Litterurum. were his countryman Maroncelli, the Reipublicæ. et Musis. Dilectissimus. Pacompanion of Pellico's memorable im- triæ. et Conciorum. Amantissimus. Chrisprisonment at Spielberg, his old friend tinne. Fidei. Cultor. Adsiduus. In. Pace. Prof. Clement C. Moore, and two emi- et. Consolatione. Lustorum. XVII. Die nent citizens—the Hon. Gulian C. Ver- Augusti. MDCCCXXXVIII. XC. Arplanck and Dr. Macneven; on the coffin no. Æatis. Sus Amplexu. Domini. As was a laurel-wreath, and before it, on cendit.

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AROUND Jehovah's great white throne supernal,

Unto His high command,
The innumerable worlds expand,
And sweep in bright obedience, hand in hand,
Through the deep heart of space, glad with His light eternal.


And infinite and vast the central sires

Lead on their children gleaming,
Bright offspring of fierce suns, which streaming

Wheel on their satellites in pale broods beaming-
A golden chain of circling and intercircling fires.


And flashing in their orbits swift of flame,

One with His holy will,
They tread all tremulous with the thrill

Of His creative word, which, echoing still
From sun to sun, hurls round the universal frame.


And, aye, renewed their circles still are trod;

And, choiring as they go,
Sweetly their solemn anthems flow,
The spheres above calling to those below,
All rapt and thundrous with the awful theme of God!

And gazing on the unfathomable ways

Which to the Lord belong,
With well-tuned harps the Angel-throng

Forever swell the universal song,
And sound with suns and moons and stars accord of praise I




talents, which, put to a better use, would

have given him a distinguished position It was hardly to be expected that a in any country. His smile, his manner, knowledge of the suspicious circum- won all hearts. stances attending Mr. Dassel's flight It was impossible for Mr. Cameron to should continue to be withheld from convince himself of this man's wickedthe family whose peace he had de- ness; and, alas ! it was equally imposstroyed. Mr. Cameron heard of them sible for him to disbelieve it. To Elizawithin a few days, and at once had an beth the father confided his changing interview with the members of the firm. moods; she bore the weight of his He was as convinced as they of Dassel's cares, and a still heavier care of her guilt. They told him they had em- own. The energy of her character as ployed detectives—had even sent one serted itself. She became the comforter abroad, for they felt that the career of of her mother, relieving her of house80 subtle and dangerous a villain ought hold cares, affecting a cheerfulness she to be arrested. Mr. Cameron could not did not feel, and was to her father a but agree with them, and hoped that solace greater than he could express. they might be successful. All his pray- Suddenly she had become the stay of er now was to get his darling away from home. that man, to take her back home-for How many, in the last few years, he no longer had confidence in her hus- when the shadow of war hung over us, band's kindness to the poor child. That have waited for footsteps which never she would be abandoned as soon as he came? have watched the inexorable grew weary of her," was the father's mails for the well-known handwriting, agonized belief. Her fortune, in the which was never again to gladden their shape it was in, was completely in his eyes? Thus the little family started power, and he would have no motive when a foot sounded on the walk, turnfor remaining true to her.

ing pale if the door-beli rung suddenly, The wretched truth was known also waiting for the letters, which were so to Elizabeth, for the burden was too plentiful, but never one from her! great for her father to bear alone; but About the middle of December there Mrs. Cameron was spared, for the pres- arrived a second letter from Robbie. ent, any knowledge of Dassel's rascality. “Robbie is partial to you," said he: Bitterly did Mr. Cameron reproach him. father, playfully, as he handed a sealea self with having introduced an adven- missive to Lissa, which had come in the turer into his domestic circle-given him envelope containing his own. “ He has friendship, and, what was more, the always something private for your car.” friendsbip of his wife and daughters. She made some reply, she could not Surely, he needed not to reproach him- have told what, and a cold sweat broke self, for the exile had appealed to his out on her forehead as she took the love of liberty and his love of humanity package and thrust it in her pocket. -had approached him as one who suf- They were at the dinner-table, and she fered for republican principles—and had no intention of reading that comwon his esteem as a gentleman of the munication in the presence of others. finest manners and the rarest accom- Her mother was deep in the affectionato plishments. Louis Dassel, if an adven- pages which Robbie bad penned for turer, was not of the common stamp. her, her pale face lighted by a brighter All that birth or education could do for smile than it had worn for days. a man had been done for him. He had “Am I to go without my coffee ? "


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asked Mr. Cameron. He, too, had been the plan which I spoke of to you. I cheered by hearing good tidings of his took two weeks to investigating a mat boy, and was less constrained and ab- ter which so nearly concerns our own sent-minded than usual.

happiness and honor. I went to Baden “Let me help you, dear father. It Baden. Of course, I was very discreet. gives me such pleasure to see mamma No one knew that I had any object in enjoying her letter."

asking questions, except to gratify a The coffee-urn was placed before natural curiosity to hear about a person Lissa: she measured the white crystal of whom every one likes to speak, and lumps and the golden cream in those of whom a thousand stories, both dread. exact quantities which he approved; ful and amusing, are told. There is a and when she had given him his cup, portrait of him to be seen in the house chatted about a dozen pleasant trifles. of a person of rank in that city. I con

“But why don't you read Robbie's trived to see that portrait, as well as letter, Lissa? Poor boy! he will not numerous cartes-de-visite, which the write so gayly another time, when he photographers have preserved, and of hears what Milla has done,—he loved which they are very choice. Those her so tenderly. I never saw a brother cartes command an enormous price. so thoughtful and considerate. Alas, They are, both portrait and photowe have none of us any thing to do, graphs, the form and image' of Louis now that we no longer have our pet to Dassel. Yet, they are the likeness of wait upon!”

Karl Konigsberg, a real count, of excelThus every little gleam of sunshine lent family and high position, who ran would always glide into the cloud of through with his fortune at the gamingthat overshadowing trouble.

table, married a beautiful heiress of a “I have more respect for Robbie's rich merchant, attempted to murder his prejudices, now that his dislike for a wife, was arrested, escaped, fled the certain person proves to have been so country, and is now, no one knows well-grounded," continued Mr. Came- where, nor whether dead or alive, exron, in a lowered tone, to his daughter. cept you and I.

“ He had sharp eyes, for a boy, cer- “Lissa, my dear sister, that woman tainly,” she said.

whom he attempted to murder, and “ Have you a letter, too ?". asked the who is his lawful wife, is still alive. mother, when she had fondly scanned, She lives, in great retirement, at one of the second and third time, every word her father's country-seats. She is said her boy had written.

to be in a decline, her heart having been “ Yes, mother; but I have not broken broken by tbe treatment of her husband. the seal yet. It is about some little Lissa, I am absolutely choked with rage affairs of our own, I know.”

when I think of it. If I were back in By some strange magnetism warned America, I am afraid I should shoot of its contents, not when any human eye that man. As it is, I feel it my duty to was upon her would Elizabeth read denounce him to the authorities. But that communication. After they had before taking this step, I think I will returned to the library, and her mother wait to hear again from you. Think was busy with the pages of a new mag

of it-if it had not been that his atten. azine, she slipped up to her own room, tion was diverted to sweet, dear little turned the key, lighted the gas, drew Milla's humble legacy, you would, beforth the envelope, and broke the seal, fore this, have been married to himto read :

you, a Cameron, and my sister, would

have gone to the altar with this mur. “ DEAR LISSA: My suspicions were derer and bigamist! Never mind my correct. Louis Dassel and Count Konigs- writing, for my hand trembles, I am so berg are one and the same person. Be- angry. I only hope and pray that poor fore beginning my studies, I carried out Milla's affections can be untwined fror

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him, without fatal injury to her delicate this country, I might stumble on the frame and sensitive heart. I trust father truth. He came very near having an will thrash him within an inch of his other murder on his soul. He tripped life.

my foot on the gangway, in hopes of Still, you ought not to give the sending me to Davy Jones' locker, by alarm, so as to allow him to escape. accident, and thus keeping me out of his It is our duty to check his career, and native land, in whose behalf he is such you must be prudent until you hear a martyr! Did you suspect it, at the again from me.

time? I thought, by your face, that Lissa, I cannot tell what possessed perbaps you did. I only hope he has me that night on the porch. Was it taken the alarm, and deserted our pleas. the spirit of prophecy? Was it a touch ant neighborhood, before my accusations of clairvoyance? I do not wish to at- arrive. Not that I wish him to escape tribute it to remarkable sagacity on my justice; but I do wish him to let my part. But the moon shone full against little sister alone. Sweetest, dearest Louis Dassel when he was telling that Milla! give her a thousand kisses from horrible story of Count Konigsberg. Robbie. How wilful the little witch It seemed to illuminate him through can be upon occasion! But do you and through,—to render him transpa- know, dear Lissa, I love her the better rent; and I saw and felt and was con- for it. You had better take father into vinced that the teller of the tale was the our confidence. Perhaps he will have chief actor in it. I was fascinated by a Count Konigsberg arrested at once. certain expression in his eyes,-you “ They tell the most extravagant could not see him from where you sat. stories of his beauty, his talents, his He saw how I was looking into him, recklessness at the gaming-table, his and attempted to turn away; but, as I taste in dress, his skill as a horseman, said tben, like the Ancient Mariner, he what a favorite he was with the ladies, was obliged to go on with his frightful etc. He is a sort of hero, despite his confessions, I could bardly restrain crime--into which, they say, he was led myself from then and there accusing by despair at impending poverty. But him. I almost shouted it after him, as it looks to me like cool, deliberate he ran to catch the train.

deviltry. However, I am sick of him, “I was never happy after that. Every heartily, and will say no more. thing was poisoned by my suspicions. “Having finished up this unpleasant I felt that I must tell you.

You re

business, I intend, now, to apply mymember, I approached you once, and self to my studies with all my brains, you were offended, and repulsed me. It and to remain here, father willing, the was a dreadful thing to put into words. appointed time. And I had no proofs of what I said.

“ As ever, your own “ It was not until after Dassel began

“ ROBBIE." to show the cloven foot, by reaching it out after Milla's jewels, that I brought The letter slid from Lissa's nerveless my long-planned · resolve into action. hands on to the carpet. I saw no way to prove my own convic- “ Poor Milla !

she tions, and to force them upon others, sighed. except to come to this country, and And presently the weary, worn-out gather up the facts. My pride in the girl, who had bravely borne so much, name of Cameron, my love for my sis- slipped after the letter to the floor. She ter3, would not permit me to rest until lay there some time, not unconscious, I had satisfied myself. I displayed but stupefied and listless, wishing she sojne energy, did I not, in getting never might have to arise and confront here?

this new sorrow. “ But, Lissa, that man suspected me, What was there left to pray for now i -at least, he scared that, if I came to Only that Milla might die, and never

poor Milla ! "

Icarn of her own false relation to the on us, wasn't it?-doubly at our exman she loved.

pense! He has probably gone to that Mr. Cameron was disturbed by Eliza- city now, thinking to safely dispose of beth's long absence, connecting it with them after this length of time. Your something in Robbie's letter. Misfor daughter's jewels, say $40,000, Mrs. tune had made him nervous and appre- Grizzle's, $12,000, and what he obtained hensive. She was aroused from her from us, would keep the gentleman in half-swoon by his knock at her door, ready-money for some time! We think and voice asking for admission ; and, he remained secreted in our store, the rising, she admitted him.

night the robbery was committed, al“What is it?" he asked, reading ill- lowing himself to be locked in ; that he news in her face.

filled a carpet-bag or two with the For answer she gave him the letter. goods, and placed the remainder in his

She was frightened at the white-heat desk, which he always kept under lock of anger which glowed through his and key, and with which we did not face.

think of meddling, afterward actually “ I shall set out at once. I shall not walking out in broad daylight with rest until I find him, and get my child. them, as if they were bundles of soiled When we meet, let him look out for linen. We do not think he had any himself! I will sell house and home ccomplice, nor do we think he intend. to get the means for pursuing the ed to kill the watchman, as he was not search."

armed. He expected the fellow would “But think of dear mother, father. drop into a sound sleep, during which We can keep this from her; we must he would effect the robbery, and then keep it from her."

leave by the man-hole.

But he was “It is of no use to talk,” he said; probably suddenly confronted by the “ to-morrow I shall see what can be unlucky watch, who, knowing him by done. Yes, keep the main fact from her sight, would of course betray him to mother, if you can; but to-morrow I his employers. To escape this, he murshall prepare myself to set out in search dered the man.” of my child."

“Every body is disposed to put the The next day Mr. Cameron consulted best construction on his crimes," mutagain, as he had done several times tered Mr. Cameron, as he walked away before, with the firm of Borden & De- from the store. “ They cannot shake Witt, chiefly to learn if they had re- off the glamor of his personal attracceived any information of the fugitive. tions."

Nothing positive," said Mr. Borden; That same night found him on the " but we have some reason to suppose express-train which left New York for that he has never left the country. No the West. He had kissed his weeping doubt he led your daughter to suppose wife farewell, with the words, they were going abroad, and allowed "Cheer up, my dear, we ought to her to say so in her note, in order to feel happier now that we think we have mislead pursuit. In fact, we are almost positive trace of our darling. I hope certain that he is now hiding in St. not to be away over a fortnight. I hope Louis. “An officer wert on from here to be home, and my little girl with me, yesterday. It is now our theory that before then. Lissa, you must have the the journey he made last summer, to house bright for us when we come St. Louis, in the capacity of a detective, back.” was really taken by him in order to How desolate they felt when he had convey away the goods stolen from our gone! Yet there was the future to look store. Doubtless his trunk contained to. In a few days he might be back the silks and laces after which he and with that dear child, whose the policeman who accompanied bim

“Foot seems ever at the threshold, were looking so sharply. Quite a joke

Yet never passes o'er."

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