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B (a) The ambitious boy is never idle. 1 (a) Chatham, N. Y., Dec. I, 1905.

(6) Is the ambitious boy ever idle? Dixon Bros.,

4 (a) Isaac's cell was cold and damp, (6) My 6 Pine st.,

name is Joe; I live with my mother and sell Cleveland, O.

papers for a living, (c) She said she would take Gentlemen:

nothing but the ring, (d) I will write about my Kindly send to my address a catalogue of your

journey to Boston and arrival at my aunt's, (e) publications.

They were scorned by everybody, (f) Boys study Very truly yours,

mathematics as hard at least as girls, (g) Two Julia Burnett. strips of gold leaf lay parallel, (h) Though com

ing along the path as quietly as they possibly (6)

Chatham, N. Y., Dec. 9, 1905. could, the deer heard their steps, 1,1) John Dear Alice:

Alden, sitting by a table near a window in Miles I am very busy preparing presents for Christ- Standish's house, was writing letters to go on the mas, but feel that I must take a few minutes to

Mayflower the next day, write and ask your advice in regard to selecting 5 (a) Wamba blows the bugle when he and six books for my girl friends. Do you think the Black Knight are attacked by Fitzurze and that some of Scott's or Dickens's works would be his followers. Locksley and his band come to appropriate gifts? I consider Ivanhoe and David

the rescue, thus saving the life of the Black Copperfield excellent, don't you? I am sorry Knight who is King Richard of England. that I have not time to write you a long letter. (6) Rebecca by her skill in medicine probably Your sincere friend,

saves Ivanhoe's life. He is under obligations

Julia Burnett. to her and, therefore, is ready to act as her (c)

Oneida, N. Y., Dec. 12, 1905. champion at Templestowe. My dear Julia:

(c) The Saxons rallied around Cedric more Your welcome letter received, and it finds me readily than around any one else. To no one quite as busy as you seem to be. I also have else would Ulrica have revealed her identity and difficulty in deciding what presents would be best promised aid from within. Besides Athelstane for my friends. I think that selections from would not have been quick-witted enough to Scott and Dickens would be satisfactory as they disguise his identity and would probably have are interesting and not too light. The Talisman, been discovered had Wamba "consented to Quentin Durward and Ivanhoe are some of the allow him a chance to escape. best among Scott's, while David Copperfield, 6 Answers will vary. Oliver Twist and Bleak house are general 7-8 Ivanhoe: Generosity, magnanimity, filial favorites among Dickens's works.

love, religious temperament; King Richard I: Wishing you a merry Christmas, I am

Recklessness, bravery, willfulness, love of war; Yours sincerely,

Isaac: Penuriousness, love of Rebecca, love of Alice Barnes.

his race and religion, sense of gratitude; Rebecca: d Chatham, N. Y., Dec. 14, 1905.

filial love, purity, courage, self control; Cedric: Dixon Bros.,

Patriotism, stubbornness, willfulness, affection6 Pine st.,

ate nature.
Cleveland, O.
Kindly send me by express the following books:


$1 oo


The State Civil Service Commission will hold
Quentin Durward...
Dickens's David Copperfield

examinations in all parts of the State of New York Bleak house..

September 15, 1906, for the following positions: Oliver Twist.

Bridge Draughtsman, $1200 to $1500; Bridge

Designer, $1500 to $1800; County Engineer, $6 00

Westchester County, $3000; Engineering

Draughtsman, $4 to $5 a day; Janitor, Fredonia I enclose check for amount of the bill.

Normal School, $800; Instructor in Molding, Yours truly,

State Institutions, $65 a month and board; Jail Julia Burnett.

Keeper, Monroe and Onondaga Counties, $600;

Matron, Westchester County Institutions, $300 2 Title of the selection: Rip's Return. to $600; Mortgage Tax Clerk, State Board of

The first paragraph may end with shrill voice Tax Commissioners, $2500; Music Teacher, State of Dame Van Winkle or with hinges. The second Institutions, $300 to $600; Rodman, $3.50 to $4 paragraph ends with silence. Subject of the a day; Sanitary Chemist, Department of Health, first paragraph: The fear and expectancy of Rip: $1800; Sub-Librarian (Classification) State LiSubject of the second paragraph: The dilapidated brary, $1200. and abandoned condition of the house. Subject The last day for filing applications for these of the third paragraph: The old village inn re- positions is September ioth. The Commission placed by the rickety “Union Hotel.'

has been unable to secure a sufficient number of 3 A (a) With good health and good spirits eligibles for Bridge Designer, Bridge Draughts

we not accomplish much? (6) Without man and Engineering Draughtsman and qualified good health and good spirits we can not accom- applicants for these positions have excellent plish much. (c) If we have good health and chance of appointment. good spirits we can accomplish much, (d) Unless General examinations for Stenographer will be we have good health we can not accomplish much. held in September and October. Full informa




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The Projection Lantern for school work should be of simple construction, yet every part rigid and made in the most workmanlike manner, insuring the best optical results and the greatest convenience in operation. In addition to this, the school lantern should be so designed as to be used for the greatest possible classes of demonstration.

We have incorporated these ideas in our School Projection Apparatus—not a "Stereopticon” in the usual sense of the term, but a piece of scientific apparatus, scientifically designed and built especially for school

If your school is going to buy a lantern, you should send today for our catalog.


School Laboratory Supplies

for the chemical and biological laboratory are described in detail in our
440 page catalog which is free to teachers.

[blocks in formation]

Part 1.

tion and application forms for any of these ex- terpretation has been long and widely recogaminations may be obtained by addressing the nized. The Select Poems of Tennyson are to be Chief Examiner of the Commission at Albany. edited by Archibald MacMechan, whose sym

CHARLES S. FOWLER, pathetic editing of sundry nineteenth century
Chief Examiner. masterpieces has given the literary world assur-

ance of his skill. These volumes will appear in

the charming form characteristic of the BellesBOOK NOTICES

Lettres Series, and may be expected in September.
The publishers are Ď. C. Heath & Company,

Boston. A stirring little message of the times, which has been attracting attention among discerning ELEMENTARY WOOD-WORKING, by Edwin W. readers, is “The Life that counts,” hy Samuel

Foster, Instructor in Shopwork and Drawing in V. Cole, President of Wheaton Seminary. The

the Manual Training High School, Brooklyn, New publishers, Thomas Y. Crowell & Co., state that

York City, graduate of the Sloyd Seminary, Nääs, they have received a single order for 1,500 copies,

Sweden, formerly Supervisor of Manual Training, from a private buyer, for gratuitous distribution.

Utica, N. Y. Laura E. Richards, the author of "Captain This book is especially designed to meet modern January,” “The Golden Windows," ctc., has conditions. It is to be placed in the hands of the completed a second book of fables for old and student to reinforce the oral instruction and demyoung, which will be published in the Fall under onstration in the higher grammar grades and in the title “The Silver Crown," by Little, Brown the first years of the high school. The work is & Co. It will be a companion volume to “The

divided into two parts. Golden Windows," and will be handsomely

Describes the tools most used in eleillustrated.

mentary benchwork.
Part 2.

Deals with wood. Beginning with a Mr. Ernest Ingersoll has made in his forth

description of lumbering operations it goes on to coming book, “The Life of Animals,” (The Mac

explain such natural peculiarities as shrinkage, millan Co.), one of the most important additions

warping, etc. Then follows a detailed study of in recent years to the literature of popular nat- the woods and trees of the United States. Pubural history. The volume portrays the life of the

lished by Ginn & Co. mammals—the four-footed, furry creatures; their ancestry, their place in nature, their means WOODHULL'S ELEMENTARY Physical Science. of making a living, their characters and accom- For Grammar Schools. By John F. Woodhull, plishments. It is brilliantly and bountifully Ph. D., Professor of Physical Science, Teachers illustrated with new colored plates, more than a College, Columbia University. Price, 40 cents. hundred unpublished photographs from life, and Published by the American Book Company. many original drawings.

From a study of this book many useful, comD. C. Heath & Company of Boston have in

mon facts, relating to mechanics, fluids and heat,

are made clear to the pupil. He learns why preparation a most useful little book for geometry classes in secondary schools. The author is D.

earthenware, in order to hold water, must be Sands Wright, of the Iowa State Normal School,

glazed; why the brown-stone fronts of buildings and the work consists of a series of supplemen

disintegrate; and why edged tools must be temtary exercises, which are adapted to use with any

pered. City water and gas systems receive parof the regular text-books in geometry. This book

ticular attention. The application of heat to will meet the demands of the more progressive

thermometers and to propelling steamboats and ample material for drill and review. Wright's heating and steamheating, together with the venteachers who wish to provide their classes with railway trains, and the heating of buildings by Problems in Geometry will perform the same service for geometry classes that McCurdy's Exer

tilation of buildings, are taken up in an interestcise Book in Algebra, issued by the same publish

ing and instructive manner. ers, has accomplished for classes in algebra for DAYS and Deeds, compiled by Burton E. and several years.

Elizabeth B. Stephenson. Published by The GRAMMAR AND COMPOSITION, by W. F. Web

Baker & Taylor Co., New York. ster. This book, whose complete title is “The

This book represents a very careful collection Elements of English Grammar and Composition," of readings and recitations bearing on the imhas been prepared in accordance with the desire portant days and events of American history of many teachers for a single volume containing

The appropriateness of these selections, the usea short, accurate treatment of the elements of fulness of their classification under "The Days English grammar together with a sensible treatise We Celebrate," etc., etc., and the completeness on composition. With the publication of this of their arrangement; adapt this anthology adbook, the Webster-Cooley Language Series can

mirably to the use of schools, libraries and wherbe supplied in every form adapted to the different ever a demand is felt for commemorative verse arrangements of language work in different

of national significance. schools. (Houghton, Mifflin & Co. 55 cents, net,

Coleridge's Ancient MARINER and LOWELL'S postpaid.)

VISION OF SIR LAUNFAL. List price in manila There are announced for early appearance in binding is 12 }c. per copy, in cloth binding, 200, the Belles-Lettres Series, two volumes that will per copy. This book contains a 39-page introfind a ready welcome. The Select Poems of duction by Prof. H. G. Paul, A. M., Assistant ProRobert Browning are to be edited by Richard fessor of English Literature in the University of Burton,

whose exceptional fitness for literary in- Illinois, with editorial supervision by Prof.


American Education

to all readers of

KNOWING that teachers have many expenses at the beginning of the school year, we hav

arranged a number of combination offers so that they may have a choice of some usefu articles at a very reasonable price in connection with a subscription to American Education. For $1.25 we will send the magazine for one year with any one of the following:

No. 1. DIAMOND FOUNTAIN PEN. This 14K gold pen retails for one dollar and is fully warranted by the manufacturer. We ar so sure that it will give satisfaction, that we offer to refund the entire amount if the pen will no write as well as any three dollar fountain pen on the market.

No. 2. ONE HUNDRED BUSINESS OR VISITING CARDS. Something strictly first-class. Name printed in either script or Roman style.

Masterpieces of Art in rich brown tone from negatives made directly from the originals; they
are about 5 x 8% inches printed on heavy etching paper 9 x 12 inches.

ANGELUS (Millet),

GLEANERS (Millet),

SPRING (Mauve).


The Regular Price of Portfolio of Ten Pictures is One Dollar.

For $1.50 we will send American Education No. 4. SEAT WORK AND INDUSTRIAL

one year and


ISTRATION AND SUPERVISION. A practical course for Primary Grades by Mary L. Gilman, Principal of Clay School and

By William E. Chancellor, recently electe: Elizabeth B. Williams, Principal of Holmes

Superintendent of the Schools of Washington School, Minneapolis. This little book is the

D. C. Regular price $1.50. This is the mos outcome of the personal work of the authors

important book yet written on the manage with little children, supplemented by gleanings

ment of our public schools. here and there during several years of super

A partial list of contents includes under Ac vision. The plan includes in part, Kinder

ministration-Affairs of the Board, the Super

intendent and the Principal; The Cla: garten Paper Folding. Strip Work, Pencil Check Work, Drawing and Cutting Strips

Teacher, Course of Study, Educational Polic and Circles, Poster Work, Sand Table and

of the Community, Ages in Grades, Librarie Clay Work, Development of a Play House,

for Teachers and Pupils, High School Elective Primitive Industrial Work. Published by the

Daily Programs, Monthly Reports, Duties Macmillan Co.

Secretary or Clerk, Teacher's Daily Pla
Record Forms, etc.


When Remitting Use the Following Blank.
American Education,
50 State Street, Albany, N. Y.

Enclosed find..
magazine AMERICAN EDUCATION one year beginning with the
and premium number..

to the following address.

Post Office..

for which please send t



For Supplementary Reading

In the Seventh and Eighth Grades

Famous Americans

Edward Everett Hale, Jr., Ph. D. The introduction includes a biographical sketch of each author. Under the Ancient Mariner the introduction treats of the composition of the poem, the Ancient Mariner as a literary ballad, suggestions for teaching and study, the metrical form, questions for general study and review, and Bibliography. Under the Vision of Sir Launfal, the introduction treats of suggestions for teaching and study, and questions for general study and review.

The Standard Literature Series now contains 63 numbers, some of which are suitable for primary, intermediate, grammar and high schools. A booklet containing a short descriptive sketch of each number will be sent by mail postpaid, to any teacher who will write to the publishers, University Publishing Co., New York.

Biographical Sketches of Four
Great American Presidents

James A. Garfield
William McKinley
Grover Cleveland

Theodore Roosevelt These sketches were prepared by Miss Frances M. Perry, author of Four Great American Pioneers and Four Great American Inventors, and by Henry W. Elson, author of Sidelights on American History.

The book is printed in large, clear type on strong paper, 16 mo., 309 pages, bound in cloth. Mailing price 50 cents. Special price on larger orders for schools.

The sketches are strong and inspiring, bringing out clearly the controlling factors in the lives of each character from boyhood to manhood. New York Education Co. 50 State St. Albany, NY.

Handy Volume Classics

THE SILVER-BURDETT READERS, by Ella M. Powers and Thomas M. Balliet. Five Books. Beautifully Illustrated. Introductory List Prices: First Book, 25c.; Second Book, 35c.; Third Book, 40c.; Fourth Book, 45c.; Fifth Book, 55c. The Silver-Burdett Readers meet the highest standards in practical utility, pedagogical detail, and literary content. The editors of the series have shown fine literary taste, wide acquaintance with the literature of the world, ability to select judiciously, and expert knowledge of the child's varying needs.

Dr. Ballíet, formerly superintendent of schools at Springfield, Mass., and now Dean of the School of Pedagogy, New York University, is an acknowledged authority in education. Miss Powers has had the practical teaching experience, grade by grade, that is essential in the making of successful school books.

In the method of teaching reading, the First and Second Books of The Silver-Burdett Readers are based on the best of the old and the new principles of pedagogy.

The vocabulary is arranged with admirable system, so that the child learns a few new words with each lesson, and reads them with sufficient frequency to make them entirely familiar. The careful grading of the vocabulary is a feature of the series that teachers will appreciate and it should count largely for the working success of the books.

That literature is the basis of these readers is apparent even in the First Book, where myth and fable in their simplest form are read. In the Second Book there are versions of classic legends as well as poems of real merit. With the Third Book the pupil is supposed largely to have acquired the technique of reading, and this and the succeeding books are made up almost entirely of quotations from writers of recognized literary standing.

The literature is suited to the pupil's comprehension and interest; it touches the themesheroic, adventurous, patriotic, ideal--that appeal to boys and girls. In the theme and style, as in vocabulary, the grading of each volume is exceptionally accurate.

The wide range of literature covered is readily apparent. Among the names of authors one notices Livy, Herodotus, Victor Hugo, Cervantes, de Amicis, "The Arabian Nights," the best masters of English literature, and the Americans who have won place in the high ranks.

18 mo. Bound in Red Cloth Covers

Price, 25 cents each, postpaid

Printed on good paper in large type Excellent for Supplementary Reading in High and


By F. JAMESON ROWBOTHAM The selections include The King's Sword, The God of the Spears, Hannibal's School

master and His Father's Crown. STORIES FROM WAGNER

By G. WALKER McSPADDEN The selections include The Ring of the Curse, Parsifal_the Pure, Lohengrin the Swan Knight, Tannhauser the Knight of Song, The Master Singers, Rienzi the Last of the Tribunes, The Flying Dutchman,

Tristan and Isolde.

KNIGHTS as told in Malory's Morte
Adapted with introduction by Ed. Waldo

New York Education Company


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