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6. Birinus, B. C.
S. Sola, Hermit,
S. Lucius, King, C.

4. S. Peter Chrysologus, B. C. 67

S. Barbara, V. M.


S. Peter Paschal, B. M. 104

S. Theophilus, B. C. 106

*Tatian the Orator, his Apos-
tacy, impious Tenets, and


S. Finian, or Finan, B. C. in


THE Publishers of the LIVES OF THE SAINTS, having now completed that Work, cannot take leave of their Subscribers, without again offering them their sincere thanks, as well for the liberal encouragement with which they have been favoured, as far the generous indulgence so frequently extended to them in the course of the Undertaking

Various causes, unnecessary to be here detailed, have prevented the completion of the Additions annexed to the last Volume, to a period so late as to excite suspicions in the minds of some, that these Additions were to be altogether withheld: These insinuations have given the Publishers much uneasiness: -But they can assure their Subscribers, that the above delay has been equally prejudicial to their interest, as foreign from their intentions;--and that it has arisen from causes which they could neither foresee nor prevent.

The last Volume is now presented to the Public, containing all the promised Additions. The Life of Mr Butler will be found to contain most of the important articles of information that are narrated in the original Life. The Index is much fuller than was at first intended; and the Centenery Table it is presumed, will be admitted to be as complete as the nature of the Work could admit of.

Another Centenery Table, or rather Chronological Index, is nearly completed, and was intended to accompany Vol. 12th; but it has been found impossible to get it ready in time. This Table contains, The Names of all the Popes ;-Principal Heretics;-Roman Emperors ;-Emperots of the East and West; -Kings of England and of France;-Martyrs, Holy Fathers, and other Ecclesiastical Writers ;-Saints of England, Scotland, Ireland, and of other Countries ;-who are mentioned in Mr Bntler's LIVES OF THE SAINTS, or who have existed since the commencement of the Christian ra to the present time: The General Councils ;-Principal Events, Persecutions, &c. that have taken place during the above period;-including also the Doctrine and Discipline;-Religious Institutes, and other Miscellaneous Subjects which occur in the history of each Age; and will, as formerly proposed, be sold at I s. 6 d. by the Booksellers for this Work. Although the Subscribers are not bound to take this Table, it is hoped that there are very few who will not eagerly embrace this opportunity of purchasing so useful an accompanyment to a Work of so great merit ; nor to



June 16th 1800.

A VOLUME of TRAVELS, by the Author of the LIVES OF THE SAINTS, published under the immediate inspection of CHARLES BUTLER, Esq. Barrister at Law, (Nephew to the immortal ALBAN) is ready for publication, and will be put to Press as soon as sufficient encouragement is held forth by the Public. It will be printed in a style similar to that of the Lives of the Saints, and will be sold by the Gentlemen who took in Subscriptions for that Work, at 5 s. in boards, finest wove Demy.


As every circumstance that relates to our amiable and erudite Author, will ever interest the Public as all who have attentively read the Lives of the Saints, must be equally asto-、 nished and delighted at Mr Butler's transcendent powers of mind, his universal acquaintance with every department of human science, and his masterly delineations of the motives and passions that actuate the human heart ;-so it will be readily acknowledged, that the Reflections which must have been excited in the mind of this great Master, by a residence amongst the various nations of civilized Europe,-cannot fail to prove eminently interesting and edifying :-And the Editor flatters himself, that the publication of these Travels will be received by the Public as no mean nor unacceptable service.

N. B. Those who intend to patronize this Publication, are requested to give in their names as carly as possible to their Booksellers, in order that the amount of the impression may be ascertained.

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