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Saint Thomas's Day. and he, called them. And The Gospel. St. John XX. 24. they immediately left the ship and their father, and follow twelve, called


, ed him,

90.9191 cuils (we was not with them when Jesus VE babe blue came.

camelt-The other disciples gh St. Thomas the Apostle.

therefore faid unto him, We

have feen the Lord ooBut he The Colle Et. 21.30 40

said unto them, Except I fhan LMIGHTY and ever- fee in his hands the print of

and put thy finger the greater confirmation of into the print of the nails; the faith, didft fuffer thy holy and thrust my hand into his Apostle Thomas to be doubt. fide, I will not believe. 9 And ful in thy Son's resurrection after eight days, again his dif grant us so perfectly, and ciples were within, and Thowithout all doubt, to believe mas with them: Then came in thy Son Jesus Christ, that Jesus, the doors being Thut, our faith in thy fight may ne. and stood in

midit, ver be reproved. Hear us faid, Peace be "unto you. O Lord, through the fame Then Taid he tooThorhas, Jesus Chrift; to whom, with Reach hither rhy fingers Tanel thee and the Holy Ghost, be behold my hands and reach all honour and glory, now hither thy handjiandathtust and for evermore. Amen. it into my side.swind be not

À faithless, bat believingd: And The Epifle Ephef. ii. 19. Thomas answered ang laid

OW therefore ye are no unto him, My Lord, and may

more strangers and fo- God. Jelus saith eto him, reigners, but fellow citizens Thomas, because thou haft with the faints, and of the seen me, thou hast believed; houshold of God; and are blessed are they that have not built upon the foundation of seen, and yet have beli

believed. the Apostles and Prophets, And many other signs truly Jesus Christ himself being the did Jesus in the prelence of schief corner-stone , in whom his disciples, which are not all the building, fitly framed written in this book, But together. groweth unto, an these are written, that

xe holy temple vin the Lord in might believe that Jesus is whom ye also are builded to the Christ, the Son of God; gether for an habitation of and that believing, ye might God, through the Spirit. have life through his Name.


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St. Stephen's Day. their clothes at a young man's

sd feet, whose name was Saul: di 10 mm MURANT, O Lord, that And they stoned Stephen, cal

all our fufferings here ling upon God, and I Saying, upon earth, for the testimony Lord Jesus, receive my spirit ofzthy truth, we may sted. And he kneeled down, and faftly dook up to Heaven, and cried with a loud voice, Lord, by faith behold the glory that lay not this fin to their charge. hall be revealed, and being

And when he had said this, he fell asleep.

filled with the Holy Ghost,
learn to love and bless The Gospel. St. Matth.xxiii. 34.

to be dirt
our persecutors, by the ex-
ample of thy first Martys B prophets

, and wise men,

I Saint Stephen, who prayed for his murderers to thee, O and scribes, and some of them Blessed Jesus, who standest at ye shall kill and crucify; and the rright hand of God, to fome of them shall ye scourge juccour all those who suffer in your fynagogues, and perfor thee, pur only Mediator fecute them from city to city; and Advocate. Amen.

that upon you may come all

la the righteous blood shed up. Then skall follow the Colleet

on the earth, from the blood ribof the Nativity, wbich shall of righteous Abel, unto the fushe faid continually until New- blood of Zacharias, son of Badorear's Eve. bil v garas rachias, whom ye flew between Fof the Epiftled Acts vii. 55. the temple and the altar. VeS the TEPHEN, being full of rily I say unto you, All these

the Holy Ghost, looked things shall come upon this Pp stedfaftly into heaven, and generation. O Jerusalem, Jefaw the glory of God, and Je- rufalem, thou that killeft the fus ftanding on the right hand prophets, and stonest them of God; and said, Behold, I which are sent unto thee; how fee the heavens opened, and often would I have gathered the Son of man standing on thy children together, even the right hand of God. Then as a hen gathereth her

chickthey cried out with a loud ens under her wings, and ye voice, anantopped their ears, would not !.3 Behold, your and ran upon him with one house is left unto you defolate. accord, and cast him out of For I say unto you, Ye shall

nand stoned him: -not fee me henceforth, till ye and the witneffes laid down thall say, d Bleffed is he that

andguordt stilova o ga odi dgvordcometh

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eometh in the Name of the that God is lights and in him Lord. -10:15 pm

is no darknefs at all. If we I sans say that we have fellowship 1 St. John the Evangelist's Day, with him, and walk in dark W: The Colle&t

... was ness, we lie, and do not the i PERÒIFUL Lord, we truth : But if we walk in the

beseech thee to cast thy light, as he is in the light, we :: bright beams of light upon have fellowship one with anothy Church, that it being in- ther, and the blood of Jesus structed by the doctrine ofthy Christ his Son cleanseth us blessed Apostleand Evangelift from all fin. If we say that we Saint John, may to walk in have no fin, we deceive: ourthe light of thy truth, that it selves, and the truth is not in may at length attain to ever- us. If we confefs our fins, he lasting life, through Jesus is faithful and just to forgive Christ our Lord. Amen. us our fins, and to cleanse us

from all unrighteousness. If The Epistle. 1. St. Johni. I. we say that we have not sinWHAT which was from ned, we make him a liar, and

the beginning, which his Word is not in us, 2. fizin. we have heard, which we have feen with our eyes, which we The Gospel. St. John xxi. 19, have looked upon, and our

ESUS said unto Peter, hands have handled of the Follow me. Then Peter word of hfe; (for the life was turning about, seeth the dismanifested, and we have seen ciple whom Jesus loved, folit, and bear witness, and show lowing, (which also leaned on unto you that eternal life his breast at supper and said, which was with the Father, Lord, which is he that beand was manifcfted unto us;) trayeth thee ?) Peter seeing that which we have seen and him, faith to Jefus, Lord, heard, declare we unto you, and what shall this man do? that ye alio may have fellow- Jesus saith unto him, If I will fhip with us; and truly our that he tarry till I come, what fellowship is with the Father, is that to thee? Follow thou and with his son Jesus Christ. me. Then went this isaying And these things write we abroad, among the brethren, unto you, that your joy may that that disciple fhould not be full: This then is the mef- die: yet Jefus faid not unto fage wbich we have heard of him, He shall not die: but, him, and declare unto you, If I will that he tarry til .I.





come; whatsis that to theep and they

sung as it were a new This is the disciple which tese fong before the throne, and I tifieth wof these things, and before the four beasts, and the wrote these things, and we elders : and no man could knowi that his testimony is r learn that song, but the huntruet niAnd there are also ma- dred and forty and four thouny other things which Jesus fand, which were redeemed did, the which, if they should from the earth. These are be written every one, I sup- they which were not defiled pofe that reven the world itself with women, for they are vircould not contain the books. gins: these are they which that should be written. ved follow the Lamb whitherso

u ever he goeth: these were rea The Innocents Day. I deemed from among men, besagot The Colle&t. Inilaiat ing the first-fruits unto God,

Almighty God, who and to the Lamb. And in

out of the mouths of their mouth was found no babes and fucklings hast or- guile; for they are without dained ftrength, and madeft fault before the throne of God. infants to glorify thee by their The Gospel. St. Matth. ii. 13. deaths: mortify and kill all vices in us, and to strengthen THE angel of the Lord us by thy grace, that by the appeareth to Jofeph in innocency of our lives, and a dream, saying, Arife, and constancy of our faith even take the young

child and his unto death, we may glorify mother, and flee into Egypt, thy holy Name, through Je- and be thou there until I bring fus Chrift our Lord. Amen. thee word; for Herod will ad and

seek the young child to deFor the Epiftle. Rev. xiv. I. stroy him. When he arofe, he Looked, and lo, a Lamb took the young child and his

stood on the mount Sion, mother by night, and departand with him an hundred for- ed into Egypt; and was there ty and four thousand, having until the death of Herod: his Father's Name written in that it might be fulfilled their foreheads. And I heard which was spoken of the Lord a voice froin heaven, as the by the prophet, saying, Out voice of many waters, and as of Egypt have I called my the voice of a great thunder: fon. Then Herod, when he and I heard the voice of harp- faw that he was mocked of ers harping withotheir harps: the wife men, was exceeding


wroth, and Tent forth, and the fynagogueszel thatr ify has new allthe children that

werer found any of this way bwhe-ai in Bethlehem, and in all the ther they were men or womengi coasts thereof, from two years he might bring them bound old and under, according to unto JerusaleisiųsicAnd lashed the time which he had diljew journeyed, she came near Da-si gently enquired of the wife malégsenand fuddenly there! men. Then was fulfilled that shined fround about himgait which was spoken by Jeremy light from heavenvisAnd het: the prophet, saying, In Rama fell to the earth and heard aA was there a voice heard, lavd voice faying onto hins Sauti mentation, and weeping, and "Saules why perfecuteft thout great mourning, Rachael me? And he said, "Who artb weeping for her children, and thou, Lord? And the Lords would not be comforted, be- said, I am Jesus whom thoult cause they are not.nvoig en perfecutest: Itsis hard foros

Biudo thee to kick againft the The Conversion of St.

, Paul. And he, trembling and aston

luglio The Colleet.

ished, faid, Lordo what wilton bist bonniew SITE thou have metodoa Ando GOD, who, through

the Lord said unto 2 hin, the preaching of the blessed Apostle Saint Paul, Arife, and go linto the city.d> haft caused the light

of the and it shall be told thee whated

thuu must do. And ithelmeno Gospel to thine throughout

o which journeyedAwith hims. the world; grant, we befeech

cho vstood fpeechless, a hearing aw thee, that we having

his wonderful conversion in remem-Saul arose from the earth ;110

emolvoice, but feeing homan. Andod brance, may, fhow forth ourd and when

his eyes were opened thankfulneis unto thee for

201ged, he saw no mana but they as the same, by following the

w led him by the hand, vand 2 hcly a doctrine

i which he taught, through Jesus Christ brought him into Damafcused

contute And he was three days withigit our Lord.. Aniend 10.29/worlout light, and neither did eat H For the Epifleor Aeş ix. I. nonordrinkt And there was ats

GOND Saulysyet breathing certain disciples at Damafcus, a A weathreatenings and named Ananiaszt aridito him flaughteflagainst

the difciplesu dlfaid the Lord ipa vifiony Anae ur of the Lord, wehe unto the finias 99rAnd he faids-Beholdy w High Priestąd and desired of dI am here, And the him letters to Damafcus tor Lord said unto him, Arife,


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