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THE text here adopted is that of H. Jordan (2nd ed., 1876), who has taken for his main authority the MS. of the National Library of Paris, which is known as Sorb. 500 or P, following it even in such occasional inconsistencies of orthography as seem due to the variations of archaic usage, and not to obvious blunders. Brevity has been studied throughout in the Notes, and no attempt has been made to deal exhaustively with the exegetical literature upon the subject, or to discuss the character and value of the MSS1. It has been thought desirable to illustrate in some detail the influence of Sallust on the language and style of Tacitus, as well as his own probable obligations to Thucydides and others; but parallel passages have been referred to sparingly in other cases, though ample stores have been collected in the Commentaries of Kortte, Kritz, Fabri, and others.

In the Introduction mention has been made of the chief authorities to be consulted, but an article of M. Renan, entitled 'La Société Berbère' (Revue des deux-mondes, 1 Sept., 1873), should have been also specified in connection with the characteristics of the native races of Northern Africa.

1 Cf. the Prefaces to the 1st and 2nd editions of Jordan, and his article in Hermes, vol. i.

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