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The question.-The two theories of man's origin.—The argument purely
historical.-Means of tracing man's ancestry and history.-Classification.
-Ontogenesis and Phylogenesis.

Amoeba: Its anatomy and physiology.-Development of the cell.-

Hydra: The development of digestive and reproductive organs, and of
tissues.-Forms intermediate between amoeba and hydra: Magosphæra,
volvox.-Embryonic development.-Turbellaria: Appearance of a body
wall, of ganglion, and nerve-cords.

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The advance of vertebrates from fish through amphibia and reptiles to
mammals.—The development of skeleton, appendages, circulatory and
respiratory systems, and brain. —Mammals: The oviparous monotremata.
-Marsupials.-Placental mammals.-Development of the placenta.-Prim-
ates.-Arboreal life and the development of the hand.-Comparison of man
with the highest apes.-Recapitulation of the history of man's origin and
development. The sequence of dominant functions.

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Mode of investigation.— Intellect. — Sense-perceptions.-Association.—
Inference and understanding.-Rational intelligence.-Modes of mental or
nervous action.-Reflex action, unconscious and comparatively mechanical.
-Instinctive action: The actor is conscious, but guided by heredity.-In-
telligent action.-The actor is conscious, guided by intelligence resulting
from experience or observation.-The will stimulated by motives.—Appe-
tites.—Fear and other prudential considerations.-Care for young and love
of mates.-The dawn of unselfishness.-Motives furnished by the rational
intelligence: Truth, right, duty.—Recapitulation: The will, stimulated by
ever higher motives, is finally to be dominated by unselfishness and love
of truth and righteousness.-These rouse the only inappeasable hunger,
and are capable of indefinite development. —Strength of these motives.—
Their complete dominance the goal of human development.

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The reversal of the sequence of functions leads to extermination, degen-
eration, or, rarely, to stagnation.-Natural selection becomes more un-
sparing as we go higher.-Extinction.-Severity of the struggle for life.-
Environment one.-But lower animals come into vital relation with but a
small part of it.—It consists of a myriad of forces, which, as acting on a

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Human environment.-The development of the family as the school of
man's training.-The family as the school of unselfishness and obedience.
-The family as the basis of social life.-Society as an aid to conformity
to environment by increasing intelligence and training conscience.-Mental
and moral heredity.-Personal magnetism.—Man's search for a king.—
The essence of Christianity.-Conformity to environment gives future
supremacy, but often at the cost of present hardship.-Conformity as
obedience to the laws of our being.-Environment best understood through
the study of the human mind.-Productiveness and prospectiveness of
vital capital.—Faith.

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Subject of the Bible.-Man: Body, intellect, heart.-God: Law, sin,

and penalty.-God manifested in Christ.—Salvation, the divine life per-
meating man.—Faith.-Prayer.-Hope.-The Church.-The battle.—The
victory. The crown.

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The struggle for existence.-Natural selection.-Correlation of organs.—
Fortuitous variation.—Origin of the fittest.-Nägeli's theory: Initial ten-
dency supreme.-Weismann and the Neo-Darwinians: Natural selection
omnipotent.-The Neo-Lamarckians.-Comparison of the Neo-Darwinian
and the Neo-Lamarckian views.-"Individuality" the controlling power
throughout the life of the organism.-Transmission of special effects of use
and disuse.-Summary.

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