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vídeo, ere, vidi, visum, v. tr. Το sce, behold, observe, look at, perceive; to understand, comprehend, learn.

vídeor, ēri, visus sum, v. pass. and dep. To be seen; to seem, appear; to seem good, seem proper or convenient, v. 36.

Vienna, ae, f. A town of the Allobroges, in Gallia Narbonensis, now Vienne, vii. 9.

vigília, ae, f. (vigil, a watch). A keeping awake, wakefulness, sleeplessness, v. 31; a watching, watch, guard; the time of keeping guard or watch. The Romans divided the night, i. e., from sunset to sunrise, into four vigiliae, which varied in length according to the season of the year; the third watch began at midnight, i. 12, 40.

viginti, num. adj. indecl. Twenty. vimen, inis, n. (vieo, to bind). A twig, a pliant branch or vine, osier. vincio, ire, nxi, nctum, v. tr. bind, i. 53.


vinco, ĕre, vici, victum, v. tr. and intr. To conquer, gain the victory, prove superior to, subdue, vanquish, overcome; to prevail, have one's will or way, v. 30.

vinctus, a, um, part. from vincio. vinculum, i, n. (vincio). A bond, fetters; in vincula conjicere, to throw into prison, iii. 9; ex vinculis, in chains, i. 4.

vindico, āre, āvi, ātum, v. tr. (vim, dico). To lay claim to; to demand, assert, maintain, vii. 76; to free, liberate, deliver, restore; Galliam in libertatem vindicare, to set Gaul free, vii. 1; to avenge, revenge, punish, take vengeance upon, in aliquem, iii. 16.

vīnea, ae, f. A kind of shed or mantlet, built like an arbor, for sheltering or protecting soldiers in their work, ii. 12, 30.

vīnum, ¿, n. Wine.

violo, āre, āvi, ātum, v. tr. (vis). To treat with violence; to injure, do violence to; to harm, vi. 23; to devastate, lay waste, vi. 32.

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Viridomărus, i, m. A chief of the Aedui, vii. 38, 39, 40, 54, 55, 63, 76. Viridŏvix, icis, m. A chief of the Unelli, iii. 17, 18.

virītim, adv. (vir).

Man by man, to each one separately, vii. 71.

virtus, ūtis, f. (vir). Manliness; strength, power; courage, valor, bravery; goodness, worth, merit; excellence; energy, vigor, fortitude.

vis, vis, f. Power, strength, force; violence, hostile strength; vigor, energy; effect, influence, iv. 17; multitude, quantity, vi. 36; plur., vires, ium, power, strength, might, force, i. 53. visus, a, um, part. from video.

vita, ae, f. (for victa, from vivo). Life.

vito, āre, āvi, ātum, v. tr. To shun, avoid, seek to escape; to escape, evade.

vítrum, i, n. A plant used for dyeing blue, woad, v. 14.

vivo, ĕre, vixi, victum, v. intr. To live; to subsist on, nourish one's self with, support life, live upon, iv. 1, 10. vīvus, a, um, adj. (vivo). Living, alive.

vix, adv. With difficulty, hardly, scarcely, barely.

Vocātes, ium, m. A people of Aquitania, south of the Garumna (Ga ronne), iii. 23, 27.

voco, āre, āvi, ātum, v. tr. (vox). To call, summon, call upon; to invite, incite, summon, demand, vii. 32; to name, denominate, v. 21.

Vocontii, ōrum, m. A people of Gallia Narbonensis, between the rivers Isăra (Isère) and Druentia (Durance), in the south-eastern part of Dauphiné, i. 10.

Voctio, onis, m. A king of No ricum, i. 53.

Lucius, a brave

Vorēnus, i, m. centurion in Caesar's army, v. 44. Võsĕgus, i, m. A chain of moun

Volcae, ārum, m. A numerous people of Gallia Narbonensis or Provincia, divided into, 1) Volcae Arecomici, from the Rhone to Narbo; chieftains in Gaul, now the Vosges, iv. 10. town Nemausus, now Nismes, vii. 7, 64; 2) Volcae Tectosăges, from Narbo to the Pyrenees; chief town Tolosa, now Toulouse, vi. 24.

Volcatius, i, m. Gaius Volcatius Tullus, a young man to whom Caesar intrusted the guard of his bridge over the Rhine, vi. 29.

vŏlo, velle, võlui, v. irreg. To wish, desire; to purpose, intend, be disposed.

võveo, ēre, vōvi, vōtum, v. tr. To vow; to promise solemnly, vi. 16. vox, vōcis, f. A voice, sound, call, cry; word, i. 32. reports, sayings, 39.

Plur., expressions, language, words, i.

Vulcānus, i, m. Vulcan, the son of Jupiter and Juno; the god of fire, vi. 21.

vulgo, adv. (vulgus). Generally, everywhere, universally, here and

võluntārius, a, um, adj. (vŏlo). | there, i. 39. Voluntary, willing. Subs., a volunteer, v. 56.

võluntas, ātis, f. (volo). Will, wish, choice, desire, inclination; consent, concurrence, approbation; good will, favor, affection.

võluptas, ātis, f. (volo). Satisfaction, pleasure, joy, delight.

Volusēnus, i. Gaius Volusēnus Quadratus, a military tribune, afterwards commander of the cavalry in Caesar's army, iii. 5; iv. 21, 23; vi. 41.

vulgus, i, n., rarely m. The great mass, the multitude, the common people; a crowd, throng.

vulnĕrātus, a, um, part. from vulněro. Wounded, v. 40.

vulnĕro, āre, āvi, ātum, v. tr. (vulnus). To wound, hurt, injure.

vulnus, ĕris, n. A wound, an injury. vultus, us, m. An expression of countenance, the looks, air, mien, aspect, features; vultum fingere, to control or command the countenance, i. 39.



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