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nūtābundus, a, um, staggering. obdormio, 4;-isco, 3, to fall asleep. nūtātio, onis, F., nodding, tottering. obdūco, xi, ct-, 3, lead towards, nūtiquam=neutiquam.

draw over, cover, fasten, shut up. nūto, i, to nod, sway, waver.

obductio, ōnis, F., veiling, covering. nutricātus, ūs, M., nursing, nurture. obdūresco, dūrui, 3, to grow hard nūtricius, a, um, suckling, cherish- or stubborn.

ing; M., tutor; N., nourishment. obdūro, i, to harden, make hard, nūtrico (-or), 1, to nourish, rear. endure, persist. nūtricula, æ, F., nurse.

obēdiens, tis, obedient. nūtrīmen, inis; -mentum, i, N., obēdienter, readily, willingly. nourishment, support.

obēdientia, æ, F., obedience. nūtrio (-or), 4, nourish, rear, cher- obēdio, 4, obey, yield, hearken. ish, preserve (as fruit).

obedo, ēdi, ēs-, 3, eat, devour. nūtrix, icis, F., nurse, rearer, fobeliscus, i, M., obelisk, rosebud.

breeder, nursery (of plants). obeo, ii, it-, 4, go towards, go down, nūtus, ūs, M., a nod, command, perish, survey, traverse, undertake,

beckoning, downward motion. enter on, meet (death), die. nux, nucis, F., nut.

obequito, 1, ride up to. #nympha, æ, F., bride, nymph (of obero, [obsum,] will be present. fountains, &c.).

oberro, 1, move about.. tnymphæa, æ, F., water-lily. obēsitas, ātis, F., grossness. #nymphæum (-Zum), i, N., fount obēsus, [edo,] lean or eaten away; of the nymphs.

fat, coarse, swollen. nymphālis, e, of the fountain. obex, icis, D., bar, bolt, barrier. nymphigena, æ, the nymph-born [obf-=off- ; obg-=ogg(Achilles).

obhæreo, 2; hæresco, hæsi, 3, to Nysæus, a, um, of Nysa, a city in

stick fast. Caria ; Bacchic, of Nysa in India, obiens, euntis, [obeo,] meeting. the birthplace of Bacchus. obirascor, irātus, I, get angry al.

obiter, on or by the way, at once.

obitus, ūs, M., an approach, going O.

down, setting, downfall, death.

objaceo, ui, 2, to lie over against. O, a common exclamation, or form objectātio (-ctio), õnis, F., a cast

of address, with voc. or acc. ing-against, accusation, reproach. | Oasis, is, F., a dist. in the Libyan objecto, 1, to throw against, oppose,

desert, an exile for criminals. expose, reproach. Oaxes, is, M., a river of Crete ? objectus, (objicio,] lying opposite, ob, towards, at, about, on account of. exposed; N. pl., accusations. [-ob, towards, on, in the way of. objectus, ūs, M., casting in the

way, obærātus (-rius), a, um, indebteil ; exposure, interposition, projection.

M., debtor, one bound for debt. objex=obex, barrier. obambulo, 1, to walk by.

objicio, jēci, ject-, 3, to cast in the obarmo, I, to arm.

way, resent, hold forth, upbraid. obaro, 1, to plough up.

objurgātio, ōnis, F., reproach. obaudio, 4, to obey.

objurgātor, oris, M., a rebuker. obaurātus, a, um, gilded, gilt. objurgātorius, a, um, reproachful. obba, æ, F., goblet, mug or bowl. objurgo (-ito), 1, to chide, dissuade, [obc=OCC

rebuke, chastise. obdo, didi, dit-, 3, put in the way, oblaqueo, 1, to trench about. envelop, close, wrap.

oblātio, ōnis, F., offering, bestowal.

oblatro, 1, rail or bark at. oblātus, [offero,] offered. oblectāmen, inis; -mentum, i, N.,

delight, joy, solace, amusement. oblecto, 1, to delight, gratify. oblido, si, sum, 3, crush together. obligātio, onis, F., binding, bond. obligo, 1, to bind, tie close, pledge. obligūrio, 4, to squander, devour. oblīmo, 1, beslime, squander. oblino, lēvi, lĩt-, 3, besmear, bedaub. obliquē, silewise, indirectly. obliquo, i, to twist, turn, warp. obliquus, a, um, sidelong, awry,

indirect. oblīsus, [-lido,] crushed. oblitesco, litui, 3, [lateo,] hide. oblītero, 1, to blot out. oblitus, [lino,] besmeared. oblitus, a, um, forgetful, forgotten. oblivio, ōnis, F., forgetfulness, ob

oborior, ortus, 4, to rise, appear. obortus, ūs, M., origin. [obp-=opp. obrēpo, psi, pt-, 3, creep up to,

steal upon, surprise, cheat. obreptio, ōnis, F., a stealing, sur

prise. obrētio, 4, entangle. obrigesco, gui, 3, grow hard or stiff. obrodo, 3, to gnaw. obrogo, I, to repeal (by a later

law), invalidate. obruo, rui, rut-, 3, to cover, bury,

overwhelm, overpower. tobrussa (-ryza), æ, F., test, assay. obsaturo, I, to sate, clog. obscēnē, indecently, foully. obscēnitas, ātis, F., foulness, im

purity, inauspiciousness. obscēnus, a, um, of ill omen, foul,

impure, evil, indecent. obscūrātio, ōnis, F., darkening. obscūrē, darkly, secretly. obscūritas, ātis, F., darkness, ob

scurity, meanness. obscūro, 1, to darken, hide, blind. obscūrus, a, um, dark, unknown,

obscure, secret. obsecrātio, ōnis, F., supplication,

beseeching, protestation. obsecro, I, to beseech, implore. obsecundo, 1, comply, obey, follow. obsēpio, psi, pt., 4, to fence in,

bar, close up. obsequēla (-quentia), æ, F.,

plaisance, compliance. obsequens, tis, yielding, indulgent. obsequenter, obediently. obsequiæ, ārum, F., funeral rites. obsequiosus, a, um, compliant. obsequium, i, N., yielding, compli

ance, indulgence, obedience. obsequor, cūtus, 3, yield, gratify,

indulge, obey, submit. obsero, 1, to bolt, fasten. obsero, sēvi, sit-, 3, to sow, plant,

cover, fill. observans, tis, watchful, attentive. observanter, carefully. observantia, æ, F., respect, regard. observātē, circumspectly.


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livion. oblīviõsus, a, um, forgetful. obliviscor, oblītus, 3, forget. oblivium, i, n., forgetfulness. obloco, 1, give out on contract. oblocātor, oris, M., contradicter. oblongus, a, um, rather long. obloquor, locütus, to interrupt,

contradict. obluctor, I, struggle against. oblūdo, si, sum, 3, play off jokes. obmõlior, 4, throw up in front. obmoveo, mõvi, mõt-, 2, bring

forward. obmurmuro, i, murmur against. obmūtesco, tui, 3. be speechless. obnātus, a, um, growing on or near. obnītor, sus (xus), 3, push against. obnīsus (-xus), a, um, resolute. obnixē, with might and main. obnoxiē, guiltily, submissively. obnoxius, a, um, frail, exposed,

liable, submissive, beholden. obnūbilus, a, um, beclouded. obnūbo, psi, pt-, 3, to veil, cover. obnuntiātio, ōnis, F.,

ment of evil omen. obnuntio, (-cio), 1, announce (evil). oboleo, ui, 2, to emit odor. tobolus, i, N., a small coin (3 cts.).


observātio, ōnis, F., care, observ

ance, rule, respect. observātor, āris, M.; -trix, trīcis,

F., observer. observito, I, watch carefully. observo, 1, note, regard, watch. obsės, idis, C., hostage, pledge. obsessio, ōnis, F., blockade. obsessor, õris, M., a besieger, fre

quenter. obsessus, [obsideo,] beset. obsidātus, ūs, M., condition of

hostage. obsideo, sēdi, sess-, 2, to besiege,

beset, occupy, frequent. obsidio, ōnis, F., siege, blockade. obsidior, 1, lie in wait for. obsidium, i, N., siege, Blockade. obsīdo, 3, beset, besiege, occupy. obsignātor, oris, N., sealer, witness. obsigno, i, to seal, attest, pledge. obsipo, 1, sprinkle. obsisto, stiti, stit-, 3, withstand,

resist, oppose, disapprove. obsitus, (sero,] planted. obsole-facio, 3, to wear out, spoil. obsolesco, ēvi, ēt-, fall into decay. obsolētē, shabbily, meanly. obsolētus, a, um, worn out, poor,

shabby, ruinous. obsõnātor, Õris, M., caterer. obsõnātus, ūs, M., marketing. tobsānium, i, N., viands. obsono (-or), 1, purvey, furnish. obsono, ui, it-, 1, interrupt noisily. obsopio, 4, to put to sleep. obsorbeo, bui, 2, swallow up. obzordesco, sordui, 3, get soiled,

wear out, diminish. obstantia, æ, F., hindrance. obstetrix, īcis, F., midwife. obstinātē, inflexibly. obstinātio, õnis, F., stubbornness. obstinātus, a, um, resolute. obstino, 1, stand fast or against. obstipesco=obstupesco, 3, to be

amazed. obstīpo, 1, to lean. obstīpus, a, um, bent, inclined. obstitus, [-sisto,] set in the way,

opposed, "struck by lightning.

obsto, stiti, stāt-, I, stand against,

oppose, check, be hateful to. obstrepo, ui, it-, 3, to clamor at or

against, drown with noise. obstrictus, [stringo,] bound. obstrigillo, 1, hinder, impede. obstringo, strinxi, strict-, 3, bind

close, fasten, pledge. obstructio, onis, F., barrier, hin

drance. obstruo, xi, ctum, 3, build against,

barricade, obstruct. obstrūdo=obtrūdo, thrust upon. obstupefacio, feci, fact-, 3, amaze. obstupesco, stupui, 3, be amazed. obstupidus, a, um, stupefied. obsum, esse, fui, be harmful. obsuo, ui, ūt-, 3, sew up, stop close. obsurdesco, dui, 3, grow deaf. obtego, xi, ct-, 3, to cover, hide,

veil, keep secret. obtemperātio, onis, F., compliance. obtempero, i, comply, conform. obtendo, di, tum, 3, draw or spread

over, hide, pretend, allege. obtentus, a, um, [-tendo,] drawn,

[tineo,] held. obtentus, ūs, M., drawing-over. obtero, trivi, trīt-, 3, bruise, wear,

crush, degrade, destroy obtestātio, ōnis, F., adjuring, en

treaty, adjuration. obtestor, i, call as witness, adjure. obtexo, xui, st., 3, weave or

spread over. obticeo, 2; (-cesco, 3), cui, to be

or grow silent. obtigo=obtego, cover. obtineo, tinui, tent-, 2, hold, get,

maintain, prove, continue. obtingo, tigi, 3, touch, strike, hap

pen to, befall. obtorpesco, torpúi, 3, grow numb. obtorqueo, si, tum, 2, to turn,

twist, wrench. obtrectātio, ōnis, F., disparaging. obtrectātor, āris, M., traducer. obtrecto, 1, detract, oppose, injure. obtrītus, [tero,] bruised. obtrūdo, si, sum, 3, to thrust upon,

gulp, stop close.

obtrunco, 1; to cut away, mangle,

kill, trim, prune. obtueor, 2, gaze up on, perceive. obtundo, tudi, tūs- (tuns-), 3, to

thump, blunt, din. obtūrāmentum, i, N., stopper, bung. obtūrbo, I, disturb, confuse. obturgesco, tursi, 3, to swell. obtūro, I, stop up, allay. obtūsē, dully, dimly. obtūsio, onis, F., blunting, bruise. obtūsus, (tundo,] blunted, dull. obtūtus, ūs, M., a gazing. obumbro, 1, overshadow, obscure. obuncus, a, um, bent, hooked. obustus, [ūro,] charred, scorched. obvāgulo, I, demand loudly. obvallo, 1, to fortify, surround. obvenio, vēni, vent-, 4, come in

the way, befall. obventio, ōnis, F., income, revenue. obversor, i, to go or hover about,

appear, oppose. obverto, ti, sum, 3, turn towards. obviam (w. dat.), in the way, at hand. obvigilo, I, to be watchful. obvio, 1, to meet, prevent. obvius, a, um, meeting, in the way,

at hand, opposed, adverse, exposed. obvolvo, vi, üt-, 3, to wrap, cover. occa, æ, F.,

harrow. occæco, 1, make blind, darken. occædes, is, F., slaughter. occallesco, lui, 3, get hardened. occano, ui, 3, to sound, blow. occāsio, onis, F., occasion, means,

opportunity, supply. occāsiuncula, æ, F., occasion. occāsus, ūs, M., [cado,] fall, down

fall, destruction, setting, the west. occātio, onis, F., harrowing. occēdo, cessi, cess-, 3, go towards. occento, 1, sing in presence of. occepso=occēpero [occipio]. occepto, 1, begin. occidens, tis, M., the west. occidio, onis, F., [cædo,] mas

sacre, destruction. occido, cīdi, cīs, 3, kill, cut down. occido, cido, cās, 3, fall, set, per

ish, be ruined.

occiduus, a, um, setting, failing,

perishing, western. occillo, i, to smash. occino, ui, cent-, 3, chirp, croak,

sing (inauspiciously). occipio, cēpi, cept-, 3, begin, enter. occiput, itis, [-itium, i,] N., back

of the head. occīsio, ōnis, F., slaughter, murder. occisor, Õris, M., slayer, murderer. occīsus, [cædo,] slain. occlūdo, si, sum, 3, to shut, stop. occo, i, to harrow. occubo, ui, i, to rest, repose. occulco, 1, trample upon. occulo, ui, cult-, 3, cover, hide. occultātio, ōnis, F., hiding. occultātor, õris, M., hider. occultē (-tim, -to), secretly. occulto, i, to hide, secrete. occultus, a, um, hidden, secret. occumbo, cubui, cubit-, 3, to fall,

sink, lie, yield, perish. occupātio, ōnis, F., seizing, hold

ing, employment. occupātus, a, um, busy, employed. occupo, 1, seize, occupy, anticipate,

attack, surprise, outstrip. occurro, 3, run to meet, oppose,

attack, happen, appear, reply. occursātio, ōnis, F., officiousness. occurso, i, meet, attack, appear. occursus, ūs, M., meeting, opposing. Oceanus, i, m. (ocean), Father of

Seas and Rivers. oceanītis, idis, F., d. of Oceanus ;

sea-nymph. ocellātus, a, um, spotted. ocellus, i, M., little eye, eyelet. ācior, us, Occissimus, suifter. Öciter, öcius, Ēcissimē, swifily. ocrea, æ, F., greave (leg-armor). ocreātus, a, um, greaved. Octāvius (-ānus), i, family name

of Augustus. octāvus, a, um, eighth ; F., the

eighth hour (4 P.M.); one-eighth. octiēs (ens), eight times. octingentēsimus, a, um, 8ooth. octingēni (-gentēni), 800 each. octingenti, æ, a, eight hundred.

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ith eyes.

octipes, edis, eight-footed. octo, eight. October, bris, M., October (8th

month). octodecim, eighteen. octogēnārius, a, um, of 80 years. octogēni, a, um, eighty each. octogēsimus, a, um, eightieth. octogiēs, cighty times. octogintā, eighty. octojugis, e, eight together. octoni, a, um, eight each. octuplus, a, um, eight-fold. octussis, eight asses. oculārius, a, um, of the eyes. oculātus, a, um, furnished with

eyes, visible, conspicuous. oculeus, a, um, sharp-sighted. oculissimus, a, um, dearest. oculitus, most dearly. oculo, 1, furnish oculus, i, m., eye, vision, darling,

bud (of plants). ocyor=ocior, swifter. tõda, æ; ādē, ēs, F., song. tādēum, i, m, music-hall. ādi, õsus ($ 38, i.), hate, dislike. õdiõsē, hatefully. õdiosus, a, um, vexatious, hateful. õdium, i, N., hatred, offence, aver

sion, disgust, insolence. odor, õris, M., odor, fragrance. odörātio, onis, F.; -tus, Ūs, M.,

sense of smell, odor. odūrātus, a, um, fragrant. odorifer, era, um, fragrant, spicy. odoro, I, to emit perfume. odoror, i, examine by scent, snuff,

search, smell at. odārus, a, um, fragrant. odās=odor, smell. Odrysius, a, um, of the Odrysce, a

Thracian people. Odyssēa, æ, the story of Ulysses. Ea, æ, F., a town of N. Africa,

in the territory of Tripoli. Eagrus, i, myth. k. of Thrace,

father of Orpheus. ebalus, i, myth. k. of Sparta,

founder of Tarentum. teconomia, æ, F., economy.

fæcus, i, m, hall, saloon. dipus, podis, myth. king of

Thebes, son and slayer of Laius. @neus, ei (eos), k. of Ætolia,

father of Meleager and Tydeus. Enotria, æ, F., an ancient name

of S. E. Italy. toestrus, i, m., gadfly, frenzy. ta, æ (-ē, ēs), a mt. of Thessaly. offa (ofella), æ, F., bit, morsel. offātim, in bits. offectus, [officio,] hindered. offendo, di, sum, 3, strike, offend,

hit, fail, stumble, blunder. offensa, æ, F., collision, affront. offensātio, onis, F., hitting, stum

bling, blunder. offensio, onis, F., stumbling, vexa

tion, offence, aversion, mishap. offensiuncula, æ, F., slight offence. offenso, I, dash against, stumble. offensus, [-fendo), offensive. offero, obtuli, oblāt-, offer, show,

adduce, occasion, inflict. offerūmenta, õrum, N., gift. officiālis, e, of duties or service. officīna, æ, F., workshop, factory. officīnātor, āris, M., a master-work

man, artist. officio, feci, fect-, 3, hinder, ob

struct, injure, hurt. officiosē, courteously. officiosus, a, um, obliging, dutiful. officium, i, N., service, duty, favor. offigo, xi, ct-, 3, fix, fusten. offirmātus, a, um, resolute, stub

born, obstinate. offirmo, 1, make fast, persevere. offla=offula, little bit. offoco, 1, choke with water. offrēnātus, a, um, curbed. offringo, ēgi, act-, 3, to cross-plough. offūcia, æ, F., cosmetic, trick. offula, æ, F., bit fragment. offulcio, (si), tum, 3, stop up. offulgeo, si, 2, shine upon. offundo, ūdi, üs-, 3, pour upon or

forth ; P., spread, extend. offusco, 1, obscure, vilify. offūsus, (offundo,] poured. ogganio, 4, snarl, yelp, growl.

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