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4 Help, ye bright, angelic spirits;

Bring your sweetest, noblest lays;
Help to sing our Saviour's merits,
Help to chant Immanuel's praise.


C. M.

The Lamb of God worshipped.

1 COME, let us join our cheerful songs
With angels' round the throne;
Ten thousand thousand are their tongues,
But all their joys are one.

2 "Worthy the Lamb that died," they cry,
"To be exalted thus:"

"Worthy the Lamb," our lips reply,
"For he was slain for us."

3 Jesus is worthy to receive
Honor and power divine;

And blessings, more than we can give,
Be, Lord, forever thine.

4 Let all that dwell above the sky,
And air, and earth, and seas,
Conspire to lift thy glories high,

And speak thy endless praise.


5 The whole creation join in one
To bless the sacred name
Of Him who sits upon the throne,
And to adore the Lamb.



Praise to the Lamb.

1 COME, saints, let us join in the praise of the Lamb, The theme most sublime of the angels above; They dwell with delight on the sound of his name, And gaze on his glories with wonder and love.


2 Come, saints, and adore him; come, bow at his feet; Let grateful hosannas unceasing arise;

O, give him the glory and praise that are meet, And join the full chorus that gladdens the skies.

3 Behold to what honors the Saviour is raised; He sits on the throne, and he rules over all; By man once rejected, by seraphs now praised, While powers and dominions, him worshipping, fall. 4 They worship the Lamb who for sinners was slain; But their loftiest songs never equal his love: The claims of his mercy will ever remain,

Transcending the anthems in glory above.

5 Yet even our service he will not despise,

When we join in his worship and tell of his name; Then let us unite in the song of the skies, And, trusting his mercy, sing, "Worthy the Lamb."


C. M.

Praise to the Saviour.


1 O FOR a thousand tongues to sing
My dear Redeemer's praise,
The glories of my God and King,
The triumphs of his grace!


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2 My gracious Master and my God,
Assist me to proclaim,

To spread through all the earth abroad,
The honors of thy name:

3 Jesus! the name that calms our fears,
That bids our sorrows cease;
"Tis music in the sinner's ears;

'Tis life, and health, and peace.

4 He breaks the power of reigning sin ;
He sets the prisoner free;

His blood can make the foulest clean;
His blood availed for me.


L. M.

The Song of Heaven.

1 THE countless multitude on high,
Who tune their songs to Jesus' name,
All merit of their own deny,

And Jesus' worth alone proclaim.

2 Firm, on the ground of sovereign grace,
They stand before Jehovah's throne;
The only song in that blest place

Is, "Thou art worthy, thou alone."
3 With spotless robes of purest white,
And branches of triumphal palm,
They shout, with transports of delight,
The ceaseless, universal psalm,

4 "Salvation's glory all be paid

To Him who sits upon the throne, And to the Lamb, whose blood was shed; Thou, thou art worthy, thou alone."


C. M.

Triumph of Christ.

1 HOSANNA to our conquering King!
All hail, incarnate Love!

Ten thousand songs and glories wait
To crown thy head above.



2 Thy victories and thy deathless fame
Through all the world shall run,
And everlasting ages sing
The triumphs thou hast won.

C. M.

Praise to the Son.

1 O FOR a thousand seraph tongues
To bless th' incarnate Word!
O for a thousand thankful songs
In honor of my Lord!


2 Come, tune afresh your golden lyres, Ye angels round the throne;

Ye saints, in all your sacred choirs,
Adore th' eternal Son.




1 OUR blest Redeemer, ere he breathed
His tender, last farewell,

A Guide, a Comforter, bequeathed
With us to dwell.

8s, 6 & 4. SPIR. OF THE PSALMS. The Holy Spirit the Comforter.

2 He came in tongues of living flame,
To teach, convince, subdue;
All powerful as the wind he came,
As viewless too.

3 He came sweet influence to impart,
A gracious, willing guest,

While he can find one humble heart
Wherein to rest.

4 He breathes that gentle voice we hear,
Soft as the breeze of even,

That checks each fault, that calms each fear
And speaks of heaven.

5 And every virtue we possess,
And every victory won,
And every thought of holiness,
Are his alone.

6 Spirit of purity and grace,

Our weakness, pitying, see;
O, make our hearts thy dwelling-place,
And worthier thee.


C. M.

Breathing after the Holy Spirit.
1 COME, Holy Spirit, heavenly Dove,
With all thy quickening powers,
Come, shed abroad a Saviour's love
In these cold hearts of ours.

2 Look! how we grovel here below,
Fond of these trifling toys!
Our souls can neither fly nor go,
To reach eternal joys.


3 In vain we tune our formal songs;
In vain we strive to rise;
Hosannas languish on our tongues,
And our devotion dies.

4 Dear Lord, and shall we ever live
At this poor, dying rate,
Our love so faint, so cold to thee,
And thine to us so great?

5 Come, Holy Spirit, heavenly Dove,
With all thy quickening powers,
Come, shed abroad a Saviour's love,
And that shall kindle ours.


L. M.

The Spirit invoked.

1 COME, sacred Spirit, from above,
And fill the coldest heart with love;
O, turn to flesh the flinty stone,
And let thy sovereign power be known.



2 O, let a holy flock await,

In crowds, around thy temple gate,
Each pressing on with zeal to be
A living sacrifice to thee.

C. M.

The Spirit's Power.

1 COME, Holy Spirit, from above,
With thy celestial fire;

Come, and with flames of zeal and love
Our hearts and tongues inspire.


2 The Spirit, by his heavenly breath,
New life creates within;
He quickens sinners from the death
Of trespasses and sin.

3 The things of Christ the Spirit takes,
And to our hearts reveals;
Our bodies he his temple makes,
And our redemption seals.

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