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S. M.

Now the Day of Grace.

1 NOW is the day of grace;
Now to the Saviour come;
The Lord is calling, "Seek my face,
And I will guide you home."


2 A Father bids you speed;

O, wherefore then delay ?
He calls in love; he sees your need;
He bids you come to-day.

3 To-day the prize is won;
The promise is to save;
Then, O, be wise; to-morrow's sun
May shine upon your grave.


L. M.

One Thing needful.

1 WHY will ye waste on trifling cares
That life which God's compassion spares,
While, in the various range of thought,
The one thing needful is forgot?


2 Shall God invite you from above?
Shall Jesus urge his dying love?
Shall troubled conscience give you pain?
And all these pleas unite in vain?
3 Not so your eyes will always view

Those objects which you now pursue;
Not so will heaven and hell appear,
When death's decisive hour is near.
4 Almighty God, thy grace impart;
Fix deep conviction on each heart;
Nor let us waste on trifling cares
That life which thy compassion spares.



11s. Delay not.

1 DELAY not, delay not; O sinner, draw near; The waters of life are now flowing for thee; No price is demanded; the Saviour is here; Redemption is purchased, salvation is free.

2 Delay not, delay not; why longer abuse

The love and compassion of Jesus, thy God? A fountain is opened; how canst thou refuse To wash and be cleansed in his pardoning blood?

3 Delay not, delay not, O sinner, to come,

For Mercy still lingers, and calls thee to-day, Her voice is not heard in the shades of the tomb; Her message, unheeded, will soon pass away.

4 Delay not, delay not; the Spirit of grace,

Long grieved and resisted, may take his sad flight, And leave thee in darkness to finish thy race, To sink in the gloom of eternity's night.

5 Delay not, delay not; the hour is at hand;

The earth shall dissolve, and the heavens shall fade; The dead, small and great, in the judgment shall stand; What helper, then, sinner, shall lend thee his aid?


8s, 7s & 4.

The Sinner invited and warned.

1 HEAR, O sinner! Mercy hails you;
Now with sweetest voice she calls;
Bids you haste to seek the Saviour,
Ere the hand of justice falls:
Trust in Jesus;

"Tis the voice of Mercy calls.
2 Haste, O sinner, to the Saviour;

Seek his mercy while you may;
Soon the day of grace is over;
Soon your life will pass away:
Haste to Jesus;
You must perish if you stay.



S. M.
Come to-day.

1 YE sinners, fear the Lord,
While yet 'tis called to-day;
Soon will the awful voice of death
Command your souls away.


2 Soon will the harvest close,
The summer soon be o'er;
O sinners, then your injured God
Will heed your cries no more.

3 Then, while 'tis called to-day,
O, hear the gospel's sound;
Come, sinner, haste, O, haste away,
While pardon may be found.



Danger of Delay.

1 HASTE, O sinner; now be wise;
Stay not for the morrow's sun:
Wisdom if you still despise,
Harder is it to be won.


2 Haste, and mercy now implore;
Stay not for the morrow's sun,
Lest thy season should be o'er,

Ere this evening's stage be run.

3 Haste, O sinner; now return;

Stay not for the morrow's sun,
Lest thy lamp should cease to burn
Ere salvation's work is done.

4 Haste, O sinner; now be blest ;-
Stay not for the morrow's sun,
Lest perdition thee arrest,
Ere the morrow is begun.


S. M.

Danger of Neglect.

1 AND canst thou, sinner, slight
The call of love divine?
Shall God with tenderness invite,
And gain no thought of thine?


2 Wilt thou not cease to grieve
The Spirit from thy breast,
Till he thy wretched soul shall leave
With all thy sins oppressed?

3 To-day, a pardoning God
Will hear the suppliant pray;
To-day, a Saviour's cleansing blood
Will wash thy guilt away.

4 But grace so dearly bought
If yet thou wilt despise,
Thy fearful doom, with sorrow fraught,
Will fill thee with surprise.


S. M.

Danger of Delay.
1 ALL yesterday is gone;
To-morrow's not our own;
O sinner, come, without delay,
To bow before the throne.

2 O, hear his voice to-day,

And harden not your heart;
To-morrow, with a frown, he may
Pronounce the word, "Depart."





1 SINNER, what has earth to show
Like the joys believers know?
Is thy path, of fading flowers,
Half so bright, so sweet, as ours?


2 Doth a skilful, healing friend
On thy daily path attend,

And, where thorns and stings abound,
Shed a balm on every wound?

3 When the tempest rolls on high,
Hast thou still a refuge nigh?
Can, O, can thy dying breath
Summon one more strong than death?

4 Canst thou, in that awful day,
Fearless tread the gloomy way,
Plead a glorious ransom given,
Burst from earth, and soar to heaven?


S. M.

Exhortation to work while it is Day.

1 THE swift-declining day,
How fast its moments fly,
While evening's broad and gloomy shade
Gains on the western sky!


2 Ye mortals, mark its pace,

And use the hours of light;
For know, its Maker can command
An instant, endless night.

3 Give glory to the Lord,

Who rules the rolling sphere;
Submissive, at his footstool bow,

And seek salvation there.

4 Then shall new lustre break
Through all the heavy gloom,
And lead you to unchanging light,
In your celestial home.


S. M.

Parental Entreaty.

1 MY son, know thou the Lord;
Thy fathers' God obey;
Seek his protecting care by night,
His guardian hand by day.


2 Call while he may be found;
O, seek him while he's near;
Serve him with all thy heart and mind,
And worship him with fear.

3 If thou wilt seek his face,

His ear will hear thy cry;
Then shalt thou find his mercy sure,
His grace forever nigh.

4 But if thou leave thy God,

Nor choose the path to heaven,
Then shalt thou perish in thy sins,
And never be forgiven.

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