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Forsaking all to follow Christ.

1 JESUS, I my cross have taken,
All to leave, and follow thee;
Naked, poor, despised, forsaken,
Thou, from hence, my all shalt be:
And whilst thou shalt smile upon me,
God of wisdom, love, and might,
Foes may hate and friends disown me;
Show thy face, and all is bright.

2 Man may trouble and distress me;
"Twill but drive me to thy breast:
Life with trials hard may press me;
Heaven will bring me sweeter rest:
O, 'tis not in grief to harm me,
While thy love is left to me;
O, 'twere not in joy to charm me,
Were that joy unmixed with thee.


L. M.

Security in the Cross.

1 HERE at thy cross, incarnate God,
I lay my soul beneath thy love,—
Beneath the droppings of thy blood, –
Nor shall it, Jesus, e'er remove.


2 Should worlds conspire to drive me thence,
Unmoved and firm this heart should lie;
Resolved, for that's my last defence, –
If I must perish, there to die.

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3 But speak, my Lord, and calm my fear;
Am I not safe beneath thy shade?
Thy justice will not strike me here,
Nor Satan dare my soul invade.

4 Yes, I'm secure beneath thy blood,
And all my foes shall lose their aim;
Hosanna to my Saviour God,

And my best honors to his name.


L. M.


Desiring Assurance of the divine Favor. 1 IN vain the world's alluring smile Would my unwary heart beguile; Deluding world! its brightest day Dream of a moment-flits away. 2 To nobler bliss my soul aspires; Come, Lord, and fill these large desires With power, and light, and love divine; O, speak, and tell me thou art mine. 3 The blissful word, with joy replete, Shall bid my gloomy fears retreat; And heavenly hope, serenely bright, Illume and cheer my darkest night.

4 So shall my joyful spirit rise,

On wings of faith, above the skies,
Then dwell forever near thy throne,
In joys to mortal thought unknown.

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Renunciation of the World for Christ.

1 YE earthly vanities, depart;
Forever hence remove;


For Christ alone deserves my heart,
And every thought of love.

2 His heart, where love and pity dwelt
In all their softest forms,
Sustained the heavy load of guilt
For lost, rebellious worms.

3 Can I my bleeding Saviour view,
And yet ungrateful prove?

And pierce his wounded heart anew,
And grieve his injured love?

4 Great God, forbid: O, bind this heart,
This roving heart, of mine,

So firm, that it may ne'er depart,
In chains of love divine.


C. M.


Parting with All for Christ.

1 YE glittering toys of earth, adieu;
A nobler choice be mine;

A heavenly prize attracts my view,
A treasure all divine.

2 Jesus, to multitudes unknown, -
O name divinely sweet!-
Jesus, in thee, in thee alone,

True wealth and honor meet.


3 Should earth's vain treasures all depart,
Of this dear gift possessed,

I'd clasp it to my joyful heart,
And be forever blest.

4 Dear portion of my soul's desires,
Thy love is bliss divine;

Accept the wish that love inspires,
And let me call thee mine.


C. M.


Security and Comfort in God.

1 THIS world would be a wilderness,
If banished, Lord, from thee;
And heaven, without thy smiling face,
Would be no heaven to me.

2 My Friend art thou where'er I go,
The object of my love,

My kind Protector here below,
And my reward above.

3 When foes intrude or tyrants frown,
Thou art my sure relief;

To thee I make my sorrows known,
And tell thee all my grief.

4 'Midst rising winds and beating storms,
Reclining on thy breast,

I find in thee a hiding-place,
And there securely rest.


C. M.


Living by Faith on the Son of God.

1 BLEST Jesus, while in mortal flesh
I hold my frail abode,

Still would my spirit rest on thee,
My Saviour and my God.

2 On thy dear cross I fix my eyes,
Then raise them to thy seat;
Till love dissolves my inmost soul,
At my Redeemer's feet.

3 Be dead, my heart, to worldly charms;
Be dead to every sin;

And tell the boldest foe without,
That Jesus reigns within.

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1 O LORD, thou art my Lord,
My portion and delight;
All other lords I now reject,
And cast them from my sight.

2 Thy sovereign right I own,
Thy glorious power confess;
Thy law shall ever rule my heart,
While I adore thy grace.

3 Too long my feet have strayed
In sin's forbidden way;


But since thou hast my soul reclaimed,
To thee my vows Pil pay.

4 My soul, to Jesus joined

By faith, and hope, and love,

Now seeks to dwell among thy saints,

And rest with them above.

5 Accept, O Lord, my heart;
To thee myself I give ;

Nor suffer me from hence to stray,
Or cause thy saints to grieve.


C. M.


Delight in God.

1 O LORD, I would delight in thee,
And on thy care depend;
To thee in every trouble flee,
My best, my only Friend.

2 When all created streams are dried,
Thy fulness is the same;
May I with this be satisfied,
And glory in thy name.

3 No good in creatures can be found,
But may be found in thee;

I must have all things, and abound,
While God is God to me.

4 O Lord, I cast my care on thee;
I triumph and adore;

My great concern shall ever be
To love and please thee more.


L. M.


Parting with carnal Joys.

1 I SEND the joys of earth away;
Away, ye tempters of the mind,
False as the smooth, deceitful sea,
And empty as the whistling wind.

2 Your streams were floating me along
Down to the gulf of dark despair;
And while I listened to your song,
Your streams had e'en conveyed me there.

3 Lord, I adore thy matchless grace,
That warned me of that dark abyss,
That drew me from those treacherous seas,
And bade me seek superior bliss.

4 Now to the shining realms above

I stretch my hands and glance my eyes; O for the pinions of a dove,

To bear me to the upper skies!

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