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4 Ere yet thy heart the woes of age,

With vain regret, deplore,
And sadly muse on former joys,

That now return no more.
5 True wisdom, early sought and gained,

In age will give thee rest;
then, improve the morn of life,
To make its evening blest.

C. M.

HEBER, Early Religion. 1 BY cool Siloam's shady rill

How fair the lily grows !
How sweet the breath, beneath the hill,

Of Sharon’s dewy rose !
2 Lo! such the child whose early feet

The paths of peace have trod,
Whose secret heart, with influence sweet,

Is upward drawn to God. 3 By cool Siloam's shady rill

The lily must decay;
The rose, that blooms beneath the hill,

Must shortly fade away.
4 And soon, too soon, the wintry hour

Of man's maturer age
Will shake the soul with sorrow's power

And stormy passion's rage.
5 O Thou who givest life and breath,

We seek thy grace alone,
In childhood, manhood, age, and death,

To keep us still thine own.


C. M.

Youthful Piety.
1 BESTOW, O Lord, upon our youth

The gift of saving grace,
And let the seed of sacred truth

Fall in a fruitful place.

2 Grace is a plant, where'er it grows,

pure and heavenly root,
But fairest in the youngest shows,

And yields the sweetest fruit.
3 Ye careless ones, O, hear betimes

The voice of sovereign love;
Your youth is stained with many crimes,

But mercy reigns above.
4 For you the public prayer is made;

O, join the public prayer:
For you

the secret tear is shed;
0, shed yourselves a tear.
5 We pray that you may early prove

The Spirit's power to teach;
You cannot be too young to love

That Jesus whom we preach.


C. M.


Early Instruction.

1 HOW happy is the child who hears

Instruction's warning voice,
And who celestial Wisdom makes

His early, only choice!
2 For she has treasures greater far

Than east or west unfold,
And her rewards more precious are

Than all their stores of gold.
3 She guides the young with innocence

In pleasure's path to tread;
A crown of glory she bestows

Upon the hoary head.
4 According as her labors rise,

So her rewards increase ;
Her ways are ways of pleasantness,

And all her paths are peace.

L. M.

Watts. Religious Education. 1 CHILDREN, in years and knowledge young,

Your parents' hope, your parents' joy,
Attend the counsels of my tongue :

Let pious thoughts your minds employ. 2 If you desire a length of days,

And peace to crown your mortal state,
Restrain your feet from sinful ways,

Your lips from slander and deceit. 3 The eyes of God regard his saints ;

His ears are open to their cries;
He sets his frowning face against

The sons of violence and lies.
4 To humble souls and broken hearts,

God, with his grace, is ever nigh;
Pardon and hope his love imparts,

When men in deep contrition lie.
5 He tells their tears; he counts their groans;

His Son redeems their souls from death; His Spirit heals their broken bones;

They in his praise employ their breath.


88, 78 & 4. UNION MINSTREL.

Children exhorted.
1 CHILDREN, hear the melting story

Of the Lamb that once was slain ;
'Tis the Lord of life and glory:
Shall he plead with you in vain ?

O, receive him,
And salvation now obtain.
2 Yield no more to sin and folly,

So displeasir, in his sight:
Jesus loves the pure and holy;
They alone are his delight;

Seek his favor,
And your hearts to him unite.

3 All your sins to him confessing

Who is ready to forgive,
Seek the Saviour's richest blessing;
On his precious name believe:

He is waiting;
Will you not his grace receive ?

75 & 6s.

S. F. Smith.
Remember thy Creator.
1 “REMEMBER thy Creator"

While youth's fair spring is bright,
Before thy cares are greater,

Before comes age's night;
While yet the sun shines o'er thee,

While stars the darkness cheer,
While life is all before thee,

Thy great Creator fear.
2 “Remember thy Creator'

Ere life resigns its trust,
Ere sinks dissolving nature,

And dust returns to dust;
Before with God, who gave it,

The spirit shall appear :
He cries, who died to save it,

“Thy great Creator fear.”


L. M.

Joy in Heaven for a repenting Sinner.
1 WHO can describe the joys that rise,

Through all the courts of Paradise,
To see a penitent return,

To see an heir of glory born?
2 With joy the Father does approve

The fruit of his eternal love;
The Son with joy looks down, and sees

The purchase of his agonies.
3 The Spirit takes delight to view

The holy soul he formed anew;
And saints and angels join to sing
The growing empire of their King.


C. M.

The Lost found.
1 0, HOW divine, how sweet the joy,

When but one sinner turns,
And, with an humble, broken heart,

His sins and errors mourns!
2 Pleased with the news, the saints below

In songs their tongues employ;
Beyond the skies the tidings go,

And heaven is filled with joy.
3 Well pleased the Father sees and hears

The conscious sinner's moan;
Jesus receives him in his arms,

And claims him for his own.
4 Nor angels can their joys contain,

But kindle with new fire ;
6. The sinner lost is found,” they sing,

And strike the sounding lyre.
S. M.

Swain. Joy in the Conversion of Sinners. 1 WHO can forbear to sing,

Who can refuse to praise,
When Zion's high, celestial King

His saving power displays ? 2 When sinners at his feet,

By mercy conquered, fall ?
When grace, and truth, and justice, meet,

And peace unites them all ? 3 Who can forbear to praise

Our high, celestial King,
When sovereign, rich, redeeming grace

Invites our tongues to sing ?

C. M.

WATTS. The Change effected by Grace. 1 WHEN God revealed his gracious name,

And changed my mournful state,
My rapture seemed a pleasing dream,
The grace appeared so great.

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