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family; M. Porcius Laeca, a | latrocinium, -1, [latrocinor, senator, was an active follower plunder], n., highway-robbery, of Catiline.

brigandage. laetitia, -ae, [laetus], f., joy, latus, -eris, (Plat, fat], n., side,

rejoicing, gladness, gayety. flank. laetor, -ārī, -ātus sum, [laetus], lātus, -a, -um, [stla, spread], rejoice, be glad.

adj., broad, wide. laetus, -a, -um, adj., joyful, glad, lātus, see fero. joyous.

laudo, -āre, -āvī, -ātus, [laus), laeva, -ae, [laevus, left], (sc. praise, commend, applaud.

manus), f., left hand, left. laus, laudis, [clv, hear], f., lancea, -ae, f., a Spanish lance praise, commendation, glory.

hung with a leather thong, lectulus, -i, [dim. of lectus, bed], lance, spear.

m., couch, bed. langueo, -ēre, -, (LAG, lēctus, -a, -um, (part. of lego],

loose], be listless, be indiffer adj., picked, choice, select. ent, be irresolute.

lēgātus, -7, (part. of lēgo, comlapideus, -a, -um, [lapis, stone], mission], m.,

ambassador, adj., of stone, stone.

envoy, deputy ; lieutenant, laqueus, -ī, (LAC, entangle], m., lieutenant-general.

noose, halter ; laqueo gulam legio, -ōnis, (LEG, gather], f., frangere, strangle.

legion, a Roman regiment lār, laris, m., household god, varying from 3000 to 6000

guardian of the house; by men; army, host. metonymy,

lār familiāris, lēgitumus, -a, -um, [lēx], linhearth, home.

ited or regulated by law, lelargē, [largus, plentiful], adv., gitimate, legal.

bountifully, liberally, lavishly. lego, ere, lēgī, lēctus, (LEG, largior, -īrī, -ītus sum, [largus, gather), read.

plentiful], lavish, be lavish lēnio, -īre, -īvī, -ītus, [lēnis, with ; givé largesses, offer soft], soften, reduce; appease, bribes, bribe.

conciliate. largitio, -ōnis, [largior), f., Lentulus, -7, [lentus], m., name

largess, bounty ; bribery, cor of a Roman family in the Cor

ruption. lascīvia, -ae, [lascīvus, wanton], (1) P. Cornelius Lentulus

f., frivolity, dissipation, wan Spinther, aedile in B.C. 63, tonness.

was a firm friend of Cicero. lassitūdo, -inis, [lassus, faint], (2) P. Cornēlius Lentulus f., weariness, fatigue.

Sūra, praetor in B.C. 63, Latīnus, -a, -um, [Latium], adj., the most active among the Latin.

leaders of the conspiracy, latro, -ōnis, m., robber, highway was arrested and executed man, brigand.

by order of the senate.

nelian gens :

lentus, -a, -um, adj., (pliant), | licentia, -ae, [licēns, free], f., slow, dilutory.

freedom of action, freedom Lepidus, -i, [lepidus, pleasant], from restraint, too little re

m., name of a Roman family straint, license, freedom, leave, in the Aemilian gens; M. power. Aemilius Lepidus was consul licet, -ēre, licuit and licitum est, in B.c. 66.

[lic, let], impers., it is lawful, lepos, -āris, (LAP, shine], m., it is allowed, it is permitted,

agreeableness, charm, grace. one may. levis, -e, (LEG, run], adj., light, Licinius, -ī, m., name of a plemild.

beian gens; M. Līcinius Craslevitās, -ātis, [levis], f., light- sus, see Crassus.

ness, fickleness, want of prin- lingua, -ae, f., tongue; language. ciple.

littera, -ae, (Li, pour], f., letter levo, -āre, -āvī, -ātus, [levis], of the alphabet; pl., letter lighten, lessen, mitigate.

(epistle); literature. lēx, lēgis, (leg, be fixed], f., loco, -āre, -āvī, -ātus, [locus), law, statute.

place, post, station. liber, -era, -erum, [lib, desire], locuplēs, -ētis, [locus + PLE,

adj., free, independent, unbi- fill], adj., rich, wealthy, opuassed; safe from harm; lībera lent. cūstodia, see cūstodia ; as locus, -7, (STLA, spread], m., (pl., noun, liber, -eri, m., free locī, single places, loca, con

man; see also liberī, below. nected places, region), place, liber, librī, m., book.

spot, locality, location, region, līberālis, -e, [līber], adj., lib- district, country; quarters; eral, generous.

station, rank, family; posilīberālitās, -ātis, (līberālis], f., tion, condition, state; room, liberality, generosity.

opportunity; ad id locī, to līberāliter, (līberālis], adv., lib- this very place. erally, generously.

longē, [longus], adv., at a disliberī, -õrum, [liber], m. pl., tance, far off, far; very; for a children.

long time, long. lībero, -āre, -āvī, -ātus, [līber], Longinus, -i, m., name of a Ro

with abl., free, liberate, re- man family ; L. Cassius Lonlease, deliver.

gīnus, a senator, was one of lībertās, -ātis, [līber], f., free- Catiline's chief conspirators.

dom, liberty; political inde- longus, -a, -um, adj., long. pendence.

loquor, -ī, locütus sum, speak, lībertinus, -a, -um, [lībertus],

say, utter. adj., of a freedman ; lībertīnus lõrica, -ae, [lōrum, thong], f., homo, freedman.

cuirass, coat of mail (orig. of lībertus, -7, [līber), m., freedman. leather thongs). libido, see lubīdo.

lubet, -ēre, lubuit and lubitum



est, impers., it pleases, one vise, scheme, plot; māchināpleases, one desires.

tum, in a passive sense, 38, lubīdināsē, [lubīdināsus, arbi- 28.

trary], adv., at one's pleasure, maeror, -õris, (mis, wretched], according to one's whim or sadness, sorrow, caprice.

ing. lubido, -inis, (LVB, desire), f., magis, (mag, big], comp. adv.,

pleasure, desire, passion, ca- more, rather; superl., māxuprice, whim; wantonness, lust, mē, especially, particularly ; dissipation.

exceedingly, very, most, best; Lūcius, -i, m., Lūcius, a Roman quam māxumē, as ... as posforename.

sible. lūctuosus, -a, -um, [lūctus], magistrātus, -ūs, [magister,

adj., sorrowful, mournful. master], m., magistracy; maglūctus, -ūs, [lvg, distress], m., istrate, officer.

grief, mourning, sorrow. māgnificē, [māgnificus], adv., lūculentus, -a, -um, [lūx], adj., magnificently, sumptuously, in bright, brilliant.

grandeur; grandiloquently, in lūdibrium, -], [unused lūdiber lofty style.

from lūdus, play], n., mock- māgnificus, -a, -um, [māgnus +

ery, derision, butt, sport. FAC, make), adj., splendid, lūx, lūcis, (Lvc, shine], f., light, rich, magnificent ; glorious, daylight, daybreak.

grand. lūxuria, -ae, [lūxus], f., extrav- māgnitūdo, -inis, (māgnus], f.,

agance, luxury, luxuriousness, greatness, magnitude, vastness,

wantonness, riotous living. extent; enormity; importance; lūxuriösē, [lūxuriosus, luxuri- aggrandizement.

ous], adv., luxuriously, wan- māgno opere, adv., greatly, hearttonly.

ily. lūxus, -ūs, m., excess, indul- māgnus, -a, -um, [MAG, big), gence, luxury, debauchery. adj., great, large, important;

abundant; māgnīs itineribus,

by forced marches ; comp., M.

māior, greater, stronger; pl., M., abbreviation for Mārcus, a as noun, māiūrēs, -um, m., Roman forename.

fathers, ancestors ; superl., M'., abbreviation for Mānius, a māxumus (māximus), greatRoman forename.

est, largest, very large, vast, Macedonicus, -a, -um, [Makedo- enormous; very loud ; magnifi

vekós], adj., Macedonian. cent; most remarkable ; highmāchinātor, -āris, (māchinor], est, best, utmost, supreme, most m., contriver, deviser.

pressing, most urgent. māchinor, -ārī, -ātus sum, [mā māior, see magnus.

china, machine], contrive, de- male, [malus], adv., badly, ill, mis-, unsuccessfully, unfortu- (1) A. Mānlius Torquātus, nately.

dictator and consul, was male dictum, -7, n., foul charge, famous for causing his son slander, invective, abuse.

to be executed for disobeymale factum, -1, n., misdeed. ing orders in the Latin war, maleficium, -], [maleficus, evil- B.c. 310.

doing], n., evil deed, crime. (2) L. Mānlius Torquātus was malivolentia, -ae, [male + vo- consul B.c. 65.

lēns], f., ill will, malice, ma- (3) C. Mānlius, Catiline's levolence.

trusted lieutenant, was killed mālā, mālle, māluī, -, [magis in the battle of Pistoria.

+ volő], choose rather, prefer. mānsuētūdō, -inis, [mānsuētus, malum, -1, [malus], n., evil, mis- mild], f., gentleness, mildness,

fortune; calamity, ill, woe, clemency.

trouble, disorder, danger. manufēstus, -a, -um, [manus + malus, -a, -um, comp. pēior, FEND, strike], adj., caught in

superl. pessumus, adj., bad, the act, convicted; clear, manievil, wicked, criminal, depraved, fest, exposed. dissolute; pernicious, danger- manus, -ūs, f., hand; in manū, ous, destructive, deadly, disaf. at his command ; promptus fected, disloyal.

manū, prompt in action; aemandātum, -7, (part. of mando), quā manā discēdere, come off

n., commission, message, in- with a drawn battle, result instructions, directions.

decisively; band, force. mando, -āre, -āvī, -ātus, [manus Mārcius, -a, name of a Roman

+ DA, put], intrust, direct, in- gens; Q. Mārcius Rēx, being struct; confer.

refused a triumph after his māne, [māne, morning], adv., proconsulship in Cilicia in B.c.

in the morning, early in the 67, remained outside of Rome morning.

till the conspiracy broke out maneo, -ēre, mānsī, mānsus, in B.C. 63, when he was sent [MAN, stay], remain.

to the neighborhood of Faesumanicātus, -a, -um, [manicae, lae to watch the movements of tunic sleeve, from manus],

Catiline's army. adj., long-sleeved.

Mārcus, -ī, m., Mārcus, a Roman manifesto, [manifēstus, clear], forename.

adv., clearly, openly, obvi- mare, -is, n., sea. ously; in the act.

maritumus, -a, -um, [mare), Mānius, -7, [māne], m., Mānius, adj., maritime, navai. a Roman forename.

Marius, -a, name of a plebeian Mānliānus, -a, -um, [Mānlius), gens; C. Marius, born B.c. 157,

adj., of Mānlius, Mānlian. conquered Jugurtha in 106, Mānlius, -a, name of a patrician saved Rome from an invasion gens :

of the Cimbri and Teutones by


utterly defeating them in 102 memoria, -ae, [memor], f., memand 101, engaged in a frightful ory, recollection, remembrance; civil war with Sulla, and died record. in his seventh consulship, B.c. memorō, -āre, -āvi, -ātus, [me

mor], mention, make mention Massilia, -ae, f., Massilia, now of, recount, relate, say, tell, Marseilles.

call to mind, remind. māter, -tris, [MĀ, produce], f., mēns, mentis, [MEN, mind],

mother, matron; see familia. f., mind, feeling, sentiment; māteriēs, -ēī, [māter], f., mate change of mind.

rial, substance, source. mentior, -īrī, -ītus sum, [MEN, mātūrē, [mātūrus, ripe], adv., mind], lie; fabricate.

seasonably, opportunely, at the mercēs, -ēdis, f., wages, reward, proper time.

remuneration, prize. mātūrā, -āre, -āvi, -ātus, [mātā- mercor, -ārī, -ātus sum, (merx,

rus, ripe], make haste, hasten, merchandise], deal in, buy. hurry forward ; mātūrāre sīg- merito, [abl. of meritum, ser. num dare, give the signal pre vice], adv., deservedly, justly. maturely.

-met, enclitic suffix with inMaurētānia, -ae, f., Maureta tensive force added to pro

nia, the westernmost country nouns. of northern Africa, now Mo- Metellus, -i, m., name of a ple

beian family in the Caecilian māxumē or māximē, see magis. gens: māxumus or māximus, see māg (1) Q. Caecilius Metellus, sur

named Crēticus for conquermedius, -a, -um, [MED, middle], ing Crete in B.c. 67, being

adj., middle of, midst of, centre refused a triumph, remained of; in medio relinquere, leave outside of Rome until the undecided.

Catilinarian conspiracy broke mehercule, [mē Herculēs (iu out in b.c. 63, when he was

vet)], So help me Hercules ! sent to Apulia by order of By Hercules ! Upon my word! the Senate. Assuredly!

(2) Q. Caecilius Metellus Cemelior, see bonus.

ler, praetor in B.C. 63, was meminī, -isse, —, [men, mind], sent into Picenum, where he

def., with acc. and inf. pres., raised three legions, and sucremember, recollect, bear in cessfully blocked Catiline's mind.

attempt to march into Gaul. memor, -oris, (MAR, think], adj., mētior, -īrī, mēnsus sum, [ma,

with gen., mindful of, remem measure], measure, estimate.

bering, recollecting, recalling. metuo, -ere, -uī, - [metus], memorābilis, -e, [memorā], adj., fear, dread, apprehend.

memorable, noteworthy. metus, -ūs, m., fear, dread, ap



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