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52. BRYAN'S DICTIONARY OF PAINTERS AND ENGRAVERS. With numerous illustrations. 5 vols. 4to, cloth, gilt top, uncut. New York, 1903

New Edition, revised and enlarged.

53. BURBANK (LUTHER). His Methods and Discoveries and their Practical Application. Profusely illustrated in color. 12 vols. 8vo, full ornamented morocco, gilt tops (nail hole in one back). New York and London, 1914-15


54. BURKE (SIR BERNARD). A Genealogical History of the Dormant, Abeyant, Forfeited, and Extinct Peerages of the British Empire. Heraldic plates. Royal 8vo, cloth (a little worn). London, 1866

55. A Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Landed Gentry of Ireland. Arms. Royal 8vo, cloth. London, 1912

56. A Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Landed Gentry of Great Britain. Arms. Thick royal 8vo, cloth.

London, 1914

57. BURKE (JOHN). A Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Commoners of Great Britain and Ireland, enjoying Territorial Possessions or High Official Rank, but uninvested with Heritable Honours. Heraldic cuts. 4 vols. 8vo, half green calf, gilt tops, London: Colburn, 1833-38




The Patrician. 6 vols. 8vo, half morocco, gilt tops.

London, 1846

59. BURKE (JOHN AND JOHN BERNARD). A Genealogical and Heraldic Dictionary of the Peerages of England, Ireland and Scotland, Extinct, Dormant and in Abeyance. Second Edition. 8vo, half calf (rubbed, and writing on title). London, 1840

60. A Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Extinet and Dormant Baronetcies of England, Ireland, and Scotland. Woodcuts of arms. 8vo, cloth. London, 1841

61. BURNETT (M. A.). Plantae Utiliores; or, Illustrations of Useful Plants employed in the Arts and Medicine. Numerous fine colored plates. 4 vols. 4to, half green morocco (a little rubbed). London, 1842-49


62. BYRON'S Shorter Poems N. Y., 1903; India's Love Lyrics (Hope), N. Y., 1902; Monna Vanna (Maeterlinck), N. Y., 1903; and others. 11 vols. 16mo and 12mo, cloth and boards.

63. CALDWELL FAMILY. John Caldwell and Sarah Dillingham Caldwell, Ipswich, Mass., 1654. Genealogical Records of their Descendants. Illustrations. 4 parts, with the "Caldwell Commemoration," 1904. Together 5 vols. 8vo, paper. Ipswich, 1904

64. CANDOLLE (AUG. PYR. DE). Essai sur les Proprietes Medicales des Plantes. 8vo, boards, morocco back.

With the Sargent gift bookplate, Harvard University.

Paris, 1816

65. CARRINGTON (FITZROY, Editor). Prints and their Makers, etc. 200 illustrations. 8vo, cloth, gilt top, uncut.


New York, 1912

66. CARTER (N. F.) AND FOWLER (T. L.). History of Pembroke, N. H., 1730-1895. Map and numerous illustrations. 2 vols. in one, 8vo, cloth. Concord, 1895

67. CASANOVA. Mémoires de J. Casanova de Seingalt, écrits par lui-meme. 8 vols. 12mo, half calf.

Paris, n. d.

68. CATALOGUE des Objets d'Art et d'Ameublement Tableaux dont la vente aux enchères publiques aura lieu a Florence, au Palais de San Donato. Handsomely illustrated with etchings, woodcuts, etc. Folio, half red levant morocco, gilt top, uncut.

Paris, 1880

69. CENTRAL NEW YORK. Genealogical and Family History of Central New York. Edited by William Richard Cutter. Numerous portraits. 3 vols. royal 8vo, half morocco.

New York, 1912

70. CERVANTES. The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha. Translation, Introduction, Notes by John Ormsby. With the Cruikshank and Lalauze illustrations. 4 vols. in eight, 8vo, half red morocco, gilt tops, uncut. New York, 1901

THE SIERRA MORENA EDITION, one of 100 copies.

71. CHAMPLIN (JOHN D., JR.). Cyclopedia of Painters and Painting. With more than 2000 illustrations. 4 vols. royal 8vo, cloth, paper labels. New York, 1913

72. CHAPLINE FAMILY. Chaplines from Maryland and Virginia. By Maria J. Liggett Dare. Arms. 8vo, cloth. N. p., n. d.

73. CHAPMAN (A. W.). Flora of the Southern United States. Svo, half roan (hinges weak). New York, 1860

74. CHESTER (JOSEPH LEMUEL). The Marriage, Baptis mal, and Burial Registers of the Collegiate Church or Abbey of St. Peter, Westminster. Royal 8vo, cloth, uncut. London, 1876


75. CLAPIN (SYLVA). A New Dictionary of Americanisms. 8vo, buckram, leather back, gilt top. New York, n. d.

76. CLARK (ARTHUR H.). The History of Yachting, 16001815. Numerous fine illustrations. Royal 8vo, buckram, gilt top, uncut. New York, 1904


77. CLASSIC TALES by Famous Authors. Numerous illustrations. 20 vols. 8vo, half red leather (a few bindings rubbed), gilt tops, uncut. New York: The Bodleian Society, [1905]


78. CLIFFORD (CHANDLER R.). Period Decoration, N. Y., 1901; How to Judge Architecture (Sturgis), N. Y., n. d. Illustrations. 2 vols. 8vo, cloth.

79. COFFIN (A. I.). Medical Botany, London, n. d.; The English Physician, enlarged (Culpepper), Taunton, 1826; The Complete Herbalist (Brown), Jersey City, 1868; and others. 9 vols. various sizes and bindings.

80. COMMELIN (CASPAR). Praeludia Botanica ad Publicas Plantarum exoticarum demonstrationes dicta in Horto Medico. Fine copper plates. 4to, new mottled sheep.

Fine copy. Scarce.

Lugduni Batavorum, 1703

81. COMSTOCK (JOHN HENRY). How to know the Butterflies, New York, 1904; Musk-Ox, Sheep and Goat (Whitney), New York, 1904; Our Feathered Game (Huntington), 1903; and others. Together 5 vols. 8vo and 12mo, cloth.

82. CONNECTICUT. Genealogical and Family History of the State of Connecticut. Edited by William Richard Cutter and others. Numerous portraits. 4 vols. royal 8vo, half morocco.

New York, 1911

83. COOLEY (ARNOLD J.). Hand-Book of Perfumes, Cosmetics, and other Toilet Articles, Phila., 1873; Vegetable Fats and Oils (Andés), London, 1902; Animal Fats and Oils (Andés), London, 1904; and others. 5 vols. 12mo and 8vo, colth.

84. COURTIERS AND FAVOURITES OF ROYALTY. Memoirs of the Court of France, with Contemporary and modern illustrations Collected from the French National Archives. By Leon Vallee. Frontispieces on Japan paper, and other illustrations. 10 vols. 8vo, half red morocco, gilt tops, uncut.

Paris and New York, n. d. Edition de Grand Trianon, limited. Comprises: Memoirs of Marshal Duke de Richelieu, by M. F. Barriere, 3 vols.; Memoirs of Joseph Fouche, 2 vols.; Memoirs of Marmontel, 2 vols.; Memoirs of Madame d'Epinay, 3 vols.

85. COURT MEMOIRS. Memoirs and Secret Chronicles of the Courts of Europe. Portraits and illustrations on Japan paper. 11 vols. 8vo, morocco, gilt, gilt tops, uncut. New York, n. d.

Limited Edition. Comprises: Memoirs of Louis XIV and the Regency, by the Duke Saint-Simon, 3 vols.; Memoirs of the Emperor Napoleon, by Madame Junot, 3 vols.; Secret Memoirs of the Court of Berlin; Memoirs of the Comtesse Du Barry; Secret Memoirs of Princess Lamballe; The Diary of John Evelyn, 2 vols.

86. CULBRETH (DAVID M. R.). A Manual of Materia Medica and Pharmacology. Numerous illustrations. 8vo, cloth. Philadelphia, 1917

87. CULPEPER (NICHOLAS). The Complete Herbal, etc. Portrait and colored plates. 4to, half calf. London, 1835

88. CURTIS (FRANCIS). The Republican Party. A History of its 50 years' existence. Frontispieces. 2 vols. 8vo, cloth, gilt tops, uncut. New York, 1904

89. CYCLOPEDIA OF TELEPHONY OF TELEPHONY AND TELEGRAPHY. Illustrated. 4 vols. royal 8vo, cloth, morocco back.

Chicago, 1918 90. DAME (L. L.) AND COLLINS (F. S.). Flora of Middlesex County, Mass. 8vo, cloth. Malden, 1888

91. DANIEL (W. M.). The Elements of Public Finance, N. Y. 1899; The Science of Political Economy (George), N. Y., 1898; Celebrated Trials (Clinton), N. Y., 1897; and others. Illustrations. 7 vols. 12mo and 8vo, cloth.

92. DAUGHTERS OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION. Lineage Book of the Charter Members. Illustrations. Vols. 1-18, 18 vols. 8vo, half straight-grain morocco.

Harrisburg and Washington, 1895-1904

93. DAVIS (C. H. S.). History of Wallingford, Conn., including Meriden and Cheshire. Illustrated. Thick 8vo, cloth.

Meriden: Published by the Author, 1870

94. DAY (CLIVE). The Policy and Administration of the Dutch in Java, N. Y., 1904; History of the Ancient World (Goodspeed), N. Y., 1904; The Gems of the East (Landor), N. Y., 1904; and others. Illustrations. 5 vols. 12mo and 8vo, cloth.

95. DE FONTENELLE (J. and others). Noveau Manuel Complet du Fabricant et de l'Epurateur d'Huiles Vegetales & Animales. Woodcut illustrations. 2 vols. 16mo, boards, morocco backs, uncut. Paris, 1902

96. [DE VILLE (J. B.).] Histoire des Plantes de l'Europe, et de plus usitees qui viennent d'Asie, d'Afrique, & d'Amerique. Illustrated with numerous woodcuts of plants. 2 vols. in one. Thick small 8vo, old calf. Lyon, 1689


97. DEWING FAMILY. Descendants of Andrew Dewing, of Dedham, Mass., with Notes on some English Families of the Name. By Benj. F. Dewing. Portrait. 8vo, buckram, gilt top, uncut.

Boston Privately printed, 1904

98. DOTY-DOTEN FAMILY. Doty (Ethan Allen). The Doty-Doten Family in America. Descendants of Edward Doty, an Emigrant by the Mayflower, 1620. 8vo, cloth.

Brooklyn: Published for the Author, 1897

99. DOYLE (JAMES E.). The Official Baronage of England, showing the Succession, Dignities and Offices of every Peer from 1066 to 1885. With 1600 illustrations, portraits and facsimile signatures. 3 vols. 4to, half morocco, gilt tops, uncut. London, 1886 Fine copy. Scarce and valuable.

100. DRURY (COL. HEBER). The Useful Plants of India, with Notices of their Chief Value in Commerce, Medicine and the Arts. 2 vols. 8vo, half morocco. London, 1873

101. DUYCKINCK (EVERT A.). National Portrait Gallery. Numerous fine portraits by Chappell. 2 vols. 4to, full stamped morocco, gilt edges. New York, n. d.

The plates are in fine unspotted condition.

102. EARLE (ALICE MORSE). Two Centuries of Costume in America. Illustrated. 2 vols. 8vo, cloth, sheep back, gilt tops, unNew York, 1903



103. EARLY MASSACHUSETTS MARRIAGES prior to 1800, as found in the Official Records of Worcester County and Plymouth County. Compiled by Frederic W. Bailey. 2 vols. 8vo, cloth. New Haven, [1897-1900]

104. EASTMAN FAMILY. History and Genealogy of Deacon Joseph Eastman of Hadley, Mass. By Guy S. Rox. With Preface and Introduction by M. Emily Eastman, who has re-compiled it. Frontispiece. 8vo, cloth. Westfield, Mass., n. d.

With pp. of corrections loosely laid in.

105. EGYPT. History of Egypt, Chaldea, Syria, Babylonia, and Assyria. By G. Maspero, continued by S. Rappoport, L. W. King, and H. R. Hall. Over 1200 plates and illustrations, some of which are in color. 13 vols, royal 8vo, half morocco, gilt tops, uncut. London: The Grolier Society, n. d.

Fine set.

106. ELGOOD (GEORGE S.). Italian Gardens. With Notes by the Artist. Illustrated with numerous beautiful colored plates. Folio, cloth, gilt top, uncut. London, 1907

Fine copy.

107. Some English Gardens. With Notes by Gertrude Jekyll. Beautifully illustrated in color. Folio, cloth, gilt top, unLondon, 1910


108. ELIAS (JOHAN E.). De Vroedschap van Amsterdam, 1578-1795. 2 vols. Imp. 8vo, original wrappers, uncut and unopened. Haarlem, 1803-5

109. ELSON (LOUIS C.). The History of American Music. Numerous illustrations. Royal 8vo, cloth, gilt top, uncut.


New York, 1904

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