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Biographische Skizzen des Durahlauchtigsten Generals George Washington . . . Aus dem Enlischen [sic] übersetzt. 12mo, old half binding (spotted).

Lebanon (Penn.), 1815 A rare little volume, compiled for the youth of America. Unknown to Baker.

623. Life of. By M. L. Weems. Transl. into German. Map, portrait and plates (some with defective margins and spotted). 12mo, sheep. Balt. 1817

624. Das Leben des Georg Waschington, Sonderbaren Anecdoten. Von M. L. Weems. With fine stipple portrait (brilliant impression), and with six engravings (Capture of André, Battle of Bunker's Hill, etc.), and the folding map. 12mo, original sheep. Balt. 1817


Constitution and Bye-Laws of the Washington
Association of Montgomery County. 32mo, original wrap-
pers, pp. 15.
Norristown, Penn., 1818

Rare. Contains the list of members.


The Life of George Washington, with curious Anecdotes. By M. L. Weems. 6 (should be 8) engravings of historical incidents 12mo, old calf (some margins frayed, and waterstained). Phil. 1818

627. [-] Der Neue Readinger Calendar, 1819. (With Poem, "Timoleon und Waschington.") Illusts. Small 4to, stitched. Reading [1819]


Life of. By M. L. Weems. Portrait and 6 plates (should be 8 plates in all). 12mo, sheep (some pp. stained). Phil. 1819


Life of. By M. L. Weems. Portrait, map and 6 plates (some crudely colored by an amateur). 12mo, sheep (front. torn). Phil. 1820


The Life of George Washington, with curious Anecdotes. By M. L. Weems. 26th edn. With stipple portrait (not in Hart), and engravings (differing from the other editions, and with view of the Tomb of Washington extra.) 12mo, original sheep (some pp. soiled). Rarer than many earlier editions. Phil. 1824

631. The Unique: a Series of Portraits of Eminent Persons. No. 41 General Washington. With fine portrait. 24mo, original wrappers, uncut. Lond. [1824]

Fine copy.

Rare in the original wrappers.


Ode suggested by Rembrandt Peale's National
Portrait of Washington. [By John D. Godman.] 8vo, half
morocco, uncut.
Phil. 1824

FIRST EDITION. The author, an eminent Philadelphia physician, in his youth fought as a sailor in the War of 1812.


633. A Universal Biographical Dictionary. With front. engraved by O. Pelton, containing 20 miniature portraits, including Washington, Franklin, Jefferson, Lafayette, and others. FIRST EDN. 12mo, original sheep. With booklabel of Lower Dublin Academy (early American border). N. Y. 1825

634. The Speeches, Addresses, and Messages of the several Presidents of the United States; also the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, Washington's Farewell Address, etc. With front. containing portraits of Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Monroe, etc., and facsimile autographs of the signers. 8vo, original sheep (name on title). Fine copy. Phil. 1825

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Biographical Memoirs of the Illustrious Gen. Geo. Washington. 32mo, boards (lacks last page, and some margins soiled). Rare. Wilmington, Del., 1826

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The Life of George Washington. By M. L. Weems. Portrait and 6 (should be 7) other plates. Crown 8vo, old sheep (stained).

Frankford near Phil.: Joseph Allen, 1826
Life of. By David Ramsay. Transl. into
Spanish by Eduardo Barry. Stipple portrait. 12mo, half
Filadelfia, 1826


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638. The Life of Washington. By Aaron Bancroft. With portrait by D. G. Johnson, and view of the Surrender of Cornwallis. 2 vols. 24mo, original boards, uncut.

Bost. 1826

639. [] The Unique; or, Biography of Many Distintinguished Characters. Portraits. 18mo, boards (broken).

Bost. 1829

640. A New Biographical Dictionary. Compiled by Thomas J. Rogers. With portraits of Washington, Franklin, Laurens (by Edwin), etc. 12mo, original sheep (some pp. soiled). Phil. 1829

641. [] The Unique; or, Biography of Many Distinguished Characters. Portraits. 16mo, boards, uncut. Bost. 1830 Life of. Written for the American Sunday School Union. FIRST EDN. Engraved portrait and woodcut illusts. 16mo, half roan. Phil. [1832]


643. [-] The Unique; or, Biography of Many Distinguished Characters. Portraits (some crudely colored by an amateur). 16mo, cloth. Hingham, 1834



644. A Life of George Washington in Latin Prose. By Francis Glass of Ohio. Edited by J. N. Reynolds. FIRST EDN. Post 8vo, original cloth (a little torn). N. Y. 1835

The author was in feeble health when he commenced the Life, which was finished in a year. He died before it was published.


Johnson's Pocket Almanac, 1836. With woodcut medallion portrait of Washington on title and portrait of Van Buren on reverse of cover. 64mo, original paper.

[Phil.? 1836]

Contains a list of the vessels in the U. S. Navy, lengths of the principal railroads, etc.

646. The Religious Opinions and Character of Was ington. By E. C. McGuire. FIRST EDN. Crown 8vo, original figured cloth. N. Y. 1836 Book-label of Samuel Harker, with verses on borrowing.

647. The Writings of George Washington: being his Correspondence, Addresses, Messages and other Papers, Official and Private, from the original MSS. With Life of the Author, Notes, and Illustrations. By Jared Sparks. Numerous portraits and plates. 12 vols. 8vo, calf (name on titles of Vols. 2 to 12). Bost. Russell, 1837 FIRST EDITION. "Aside from its intrinsic value and interest it is the most copious and by far the most reliable source for a history of the Revolution.


The Early Life of Washington, designed. for the Young. By A Friend of Youth. FIRST EDN. Front. 16mo, cloth. Providence, 1838


Monuments of Washington's Patriotism, containing a facsimile of his Publick Accounts kept during the Revolutionary War; together with an Eulogium on the Character of Washington, by Major W. Jackson. With portrait, view of Mt. Vernon and Tomb on India paper, and with other facsimiles. Small folio, original cloth. Wash. 1838

First edition.


650. A Life of Washington. By James K. Paulding. Portraits and views. 2 vols. 24mo, cloth (some pp. soiled). N. Y. 1839


Facsimiles of Letters from Washington to Sir
John Sinclair on Agricultural and other interesting Topics.
4to, original half roan. Scarce.
Phil. 1839


The Life of George Washington. By S. G. Arnold. With portrait (nice impression; Hart, 531) and illusts. 32mo, cloth (soiled in places).

N. Y. 1840


Life of.

By Jared Sparks.
2 vols. 12mo (foxed).

Abridged by the
Bost. 1840




The Life of George Washington, with Curious Anecdotes. By M. L. Weems. With woodcut portrait and illusts. (different from the illusts. in the former editions). 12mo, sheep. Phil. 1840


Life of, illustrated by Tales, Sketches, and
Anecdotes. Numerous illusts. (some crudely colored). 12mo,
half roan (writing on title).
Phil. 1840

656. Essay on the Character and Influence of Washington in the Revolution. By M. Guizot. Transl. 12mo, cloth. Fine copy. Bost. 1840

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657. The True Republican, containing the Inaugural Addresses, together with the First Annual Addresses and Messages, etc. By Jonathan French. FIRST EDN. With view of the Capitol and litho. portraits of the Presidents. 12mo, original roan. Phil. 1841

658. Monuments to Washington's Patriotism, containing a facsimile of his Public Acconnts kept during the Revolutionary War. Fine portraits and facsimiles of handwriting. Small folio, full roan.

Wash. 1841

659. A Life of George Washington, in Latin Prose. By Francis Glass, A. M., of Ohio. Edited by J. N. Reynolds. Medallion portrait by W. L. ORMSBY. Crown 8vo, original cloth (foxed). N. Y. 1842 The Life of George Washington. Portrait and 4 views. 24mo, old boards (soiled copy). (Baker's bibliotheca, No. 252.) Phil. [1842]



The Life of George Washington. Arnold. With portrait (Hart, 531) and illust. roan (one page torn and some pages soiled).

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662. Facsimiles of Letters from Washington to Sir
John Sinclair on Agricultural and other Interesting Topics.
Portrait, view of Mt. Vernon and view of the tomb. 4to,
original cloth.
Wash. 1844
Life of, illustrated by Tales, Sketches, and
Illusts. 12mo, half roan (foxed and rubbed).
Phil. 1844
Pictorial Life of. With Anecdotes, etc. [By
FIRST EDN. Full-page litho. portraits and
Small 4to, cloth, gilt edges.

Phil. 1845

663. Anecdotes.

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H H. Weld.]
illusts. in tint.

By S. G. 16mo, half

N. Y. 1842

665. The Life of George Washington. Sparks. Illust. Royal 8vo, original cloth.

666. Life of. By M. L. Weems. Portrait and views. 12mo, sheep. Phil. 1847

By Jared Bost. 1846




Eminent Americans and Patriots of the Revolution. With front. portrait (woodcut) of Washington. 24mo, cloth. N. Y. 1848

668. - George Washington, crowned by "Equality, Fraternity, and Liberty": a Democratic Poem. By George Rogers. FIRST EDN. Portrait (woodcut by Roberts). 12mo, cloth. Scarce.

N. Y. 1849

669. serted).

Washington's Farewell Address. Portrait (in8vo, full roan. Harrisburg, 1850

670. Life of General Washington. Written by Himself. With several Letters now first published. Edited by Rev. C. W. Upham. Portraits and engraved titles. 2 vols. post 8vo, cloth, uncut. Lond. 1851 This work was to have been published in America, but was suppressed.

671. Life of. By M. L. Weems. Portrait and illusts. Post 8vo, cloth. Phil. [circa 1851]


An Address delivered at Castle Garden Feb. 22,
1854, before the United Order of Americans on the 122nd
Anniversary of the Birthday of Washington.
Broom. 8vo, paper, pp. 19 (stained).


Maxims of Washington: Political, Social, Moral, and Religious. By J. F. Schroeder. Post 8vo, cloth. N. Y. 1855

By Jacob
N. Y. 1854


Life of. With Curious Anecdotes, etc. By
M. L. Weems. Portrait and illusts. 12mo, cloth (some pp.
spotted and slightly rubbed).
Phil. 1856

675. Washington and his Generals of the American Revolution. [By Rufus W. Griswold.] Illust. 8vo, roan (lacks back, poor copy).

Phil. 1856

676. The Life of George Washington. With curious Anecdotes. By M. L. Weems. Woodcut portraits and woodcuts of historical incidents. Crown 8vo, original cloth.

Phil. 1857

677. -Memoirs of Washington. By Mrs. land. FIRST EDN. Illust. Post 8vo, cloth.

C. M. Kirk-
N. Y. 1857

678. Washington's Account with the United States from 1775 to 1783. As written by Himself. Portrait. Small folio, half roan. [N. Y. 1857]

£679. Washington's Farewell Address. Each page
within a decorated border, and with miniature portraits, and
a view of Mt. Vernon in colors. 4to, paper (lower margins
of a few pp. stained).
Phil. 1858

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