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251. PICTURESQUE CHICAGO and Guide to the World's Fair. Numerous illusts. 8vo, cloth. 1893

252. PIERERS KONVERSATIONS-LEXIKON. Siebente Auflage von Joseph Kurschner. Colored and other illusts. 12 vols. royal 8vo, half roan. Berlin, 1888-93

253. PINK AND WHITE TYRANNY [Stowe], FIRST EDN., 1871; Diary and Correspondence of Lawrence, 1856; New Light on Mormonism [Dickinson], 1885; and others. 8 vols. 254. PRESCOTT (WM. H.) History of the Reign of Philip II., King of Spain. Engraved portraits. 3 vols. 8vo, original cloth (little stained). Bost. 1855-58


History of the Reign of Ferdinand and Isabella, the Catholic, of Spain. Portraits engraved by GREATBACH. 3 vols., 8vo, original cloth, uncut (some portraits spotted). Lond. Bentley, 1839

256. History of the Conquest of Mexico, portraits and maps, 3 vols., Lond. 1844 (foxed); History of the Conquest of Peru, illusts. (Vols. 1 and 2 only), N. Y. 1847-48, 5 vols. 8vo, cloth.

257. PROPHETIC VOICES concerning America [Sumner], 1874; Bancroft's Life of Washington [1854]; The Witches of New York ["Doesticks'], 1859; and others. 10 vols.

258. RAPHAEL. Le Raphael de M. Morris Moore. (Apollon et Marsyas.) Étude par Léon Batté, Paris, 1859; and another. 2 vols. crown 8vo.

259. REGIMENTAL HISTORY. History of the 27th. Reg., N. Y. Vols. By C. B. Fairfield. Illust.. 8vo, cloth (soiled). N. Y. 1888

260. RESOURCES OF CALIFORNIA (THE) [Hittel], 1863; The Impending Crisis in the South [Helper], 1859; Memoir of the Life and Services of C. Fremont [Bigelow], 1856; and others. 10 vols.

261. RETROSPECTIONS IN AMERICA [Bernard], illust., 1887; Resources and Prospects of America [Peto], 1866; Chicago and its Suburbs [Chamberlain], 1874; and others. 10 vols.

262. RICHFIELD SPRINGS AND VICINITY [Bailey], 1874; The Schuylkill, a poem, by M. K. C., 1876; Hand-Book of Newport and R. I., 1852; and others. 10 vols.

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263. ROLLINS (CHAS.) Ancient History, including a History of the Arts and Sciences of the Ancients. and engraved titles. 2 vols. royal 8vo, cloth.

264. ROMAN ANTIQUITIES. Osservazioni di Fran. de Ficoroni sopra l'Antichita di Roma; descritte nel Diario Italico dal BERN DE MONTFAUCON. Plates of ancient inscriptions, etc. Small 4to, unbound. In Roma, 1709

Portrait N. Y. 1867

265. ROME, N. Y. Our City and Its People. A Descriptive Work on the City of Rome, N. Y Edited by D. E. Wager. Royal 8vo, half calf, gilt edges. Bost. 1896

266. RUDDER GRANGE [Stockton], FIRST EDN. (poor copy), N. Y., 1879; Life and Character of Patrick Henry [Wirt], 1836; and others. 10 vols.


AND (GEORGE). Francis the Waif (François le
Champi). Full-page illusts. and vignettes. 8vo,
half bound (rubbed), uncut.
Lond. 1889


268. SHAKESPEARE as Put Forth 1623. A Reprint of Mr. William Shakespeare's Comedies, Histories and Tragedies. (An imperfect copy containing only the Tragedies.) Small 4to, half bound (portrait missing). Lond. 1623-1864


Story of the Memorial Fountain to Shakespeare at Stratford-on-Avon. Edited by L. Clarke Davis. Portrait. Post 8vc, cloth, uncut.

Cambridge: Privately printed at the Riverside Press, 1890 270. SHAKESPEARIANA. Four Chapters of North's Plutarch, containing the Lives of Coriolanus, Cæsar, Mark Anthony, and Brutus. Facsimile reproduction of the original of 1595. Edited by F. A. Leo. Folio, cloth. Lond. 1878

Treats the Lives as sources to Coriolanus, Julius Cæsar, Anthony and Cleopatra, and partly to Hamlet and Timon of Athens.

271. SHERMAN (GEN. W. T.) A. L. S., 3 pp. 8vo, St. Louis, 1875, to Gen. J. M. Brannan, offering sympathy for his experiences during Reconstruction; mentions Grant and his Secretary of War. (Reverse of fourth page shows letter has been taken from a scrapbook; no writing injured.)

272. A. L. S., 1 p. 4to, Wash. 1869, from Senator Fenton to President Grant, recommending Gen. P. H. Jones. Endorsed by Gen. W. T. Sherman (12 lines and signature).

273. SHERMAN AND HIS CAMPAIGNS [Bowman] 1865; The Life and Services of James Buchanan [Horton], 1856; Reminiscences of Winfield Scott Hancock, 1887; and others. 10 vols.

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274. SLAVERY. Bills of sale (2) of slaves in Mobile, Alabama, in 1845 and 1847 1 p. each, folio, signed and witnessed. (As 2 pieces.)

It is interesting to note that the value of the man Reuben had increased in two years from $200 to about $500.

275. Certificate of sale of slave in Tennessee in 1846, 1 p. 8vo; Document of Taxable Property of Oliver Cromwell in Charleston, S. C., for 1819, including seven negroes at 75c. each, 1 p. folio; D. S., manumission of slave from the estate of Rob't Carter of Virginia in 1792, 1 p. 8vo. (3)

276. SLAVE TRADE (THE), Domestic and Foreign [Carey], 1859; The Two Republics, or Rome and the U. S. [Jones], illust., 1891; Our First Century, a History of America [Devens], illust., 1880; and others. 10 vols.

277. SMOLLETT (T.) Complete History of England from the Descent of Julius Cæsar to the Treaty of Aix la Chapelle, with continuation to 1760. Maps, portraits, etc. Together 15 (should be 16) vols. 8vo, old calf (bindings worn).

Lond. 1763-65

278. SOUTHERN LIFE. The Sunny South; or, the Southerner at Home. By Prof. J. H. Ingraham. Post 8vo, cloth. Phil. 1860

279. Squier (Louise S.) Sketches of Southern Scenes.
Illusts. Post 8vo, cloth.
N. Y. 1885
The Great South: A Record
Numerous illusts. from orig-
Royal 8vo, original cloth.
Hartford, Conn., 1875

of Journeys. By Edward King.
inal sketches by J. W, CHAMPNEY.

281. SPENCER (J. A.) History of the United States from the Earliest Period to the Administration of James Buchanan. Numerous plates. 3 vols. 4to, half morocco, gilt edges (binding rubbed). N. Y. 1858

282. SPORT. Herbert (H. W.) Frank Forester's Field Sports of the United States and British Provinces of North America. Vol. 1 only. Numerous illusts. 8vo, original cloth. N. Y. 1864

283. A Year of Sport and Natural History: Shooting, Hunting, Coursing, Falconry, and Fishing. Edited by Oswald Crawford. Numerous illusts by CECIL ALDIN, FRANK FELLER, G. E. LODGE, etc. 4to, original cloth, gilt top edge. Lond. 1895

284. Autumns in Argyleshire with Rod and Gun. By A. E. Gathorne-Hardy. Choicely illust. by Thorburn. 8vo, buckram, uncut. Lond. 1900

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285. SPRINGFIELD MEMORIES. Odds and Ends of
Anecdote and Early Doings, gathered from Manuscripts,
Pamphlets, and Aged Residents. By Mason A. Green. Illusts.
Svo, original cloth.
Springfield, Mass., 1876

286. STORIES TOLD FOR REVENUE ONLY by the St. Paul Press Club. Contributions demanded by necessity, exacted by a Committee, published by the Club. Portraits. ÉDITION DE LUXE limited to 500 copies. 8vo, cloth, gilt top edge. St. Paul, 1893 287. STUDIES IN DIPLOMACY [Benedetti], 1896; Modern (Political) Battles of Trenton [Sackett], 1895; The Blue Coats [Truesdale], illust., 1867; and others. 10 vols.

288. SULLY (THOS.-Artist). A. L. S., 1 p. 8vo, 1868, to Franklin Peale, arranging a sitting for the latter.

289. THACKERAY. Notes of a Journey from Cornhill to Grand Cairo. Colored fronts. and other illusts. by the author. 12mo, half blue morocco, gilt (little foxed and "second edition" erased from title). Lond. 1846

290. Sultan Stork and Other Sketches; with a Bibliography of Thackeray. 8vo, cloth. Lond. 1887

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291. THOMSON (JAS.) The Seasons, and Castle of Indolence; with Life by Geo. Gilfillan. Vignette woodcuts. 8vo, original red cloth extra, gilt edges. FINE COPY. Lond. 1857

292. TYNDALL (PROF. J.) Contributions to Molecular Physics in the Domain of Radiant Heat. Illusts. 8vo, cloth. N. Y. 1888

293. VERMONT REGIMENT. History of the Tenth
Regiment, Vermont Volunteers, with Biographical
Sketches. By Chaplain E. M. Haynes. 8vo, cloth. 1870
Historical Fragments, Son-
Engraved titles. 2 vols.

nets, etc., etc. [By Jos. Denison.]
8vo, cloth, uncut.

Lond. Ridgway, n. d.


295. VICTORIAN COURT. An Embassy to the Court of St. James's in 1840. By M. Guizot, Ambassador for His Majesty Louis-Philippe. 8vo, half calf (few pages trifle soiled and binding chafed). Lond. Bentley, 1862

296. VILLAS AND COTTAGES [C. Vaux]; Physical Geography of the Sea [Maury]; Harry Miner's American Dramatic Directory; and seven others. Together 10 vols. 8vo, etc., cloth.

297. VIRGINIA. Official Letters of Alexander Spotswood, Lieut.-Gov. of the Colony, 1710-22. Now first printed from the original MS. (Vol. II., Va. Hist. Soc. Pub's). Introduction and Notes by R. A. Brock. 8vo, paper. Richmond, 1885

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298. WALLACE (LEW). The Wooing of Malkatoon. Commodus. Choice full-page illusts. 8vo, decorated cloth, uncut. N. Y. 1898

299. WALPOLE (LORD HORATIO-English Diplomatist and Writer). D. S., 2 pp. folio, 1734, with other signatures.

300. WASHINGTON AND HIS GENERALS. By J. T. Headley. 16 engraved portraits. 2 vols. crown 8vo, original cloth (some corners oil-stained). N. Y. 1847

301. WATSON (WILLIAM). The Eloping Angels. A Caprice. Square post 8vo, buckram, uncut. LARGE PAPER; 250 printed. Lond. 1893

302. WEBSTER: An Ode. By Wm. Cleaver Wilkinson. FIRST EDN. 4to, original cloth. N. Y. 1882

303. WEST INDIES. Familiar Letters to Henry Clay, describing a Winter in the West Indies. By J. J. Gurney, 8vo, cloth. N. Y. 1840

304. WEST INDIES AND FLORIDA, A Winter in. By An Invalid. Post 8vo, cloth. N. Y. 1839

305. WILBERFORCE (WM.) Private Papers Collected and Edited, with a Preface by A. M. Wilberforce. Portraits and Views. 8vo, cloth, gilt top edges. Lond. 1897

306. WINTER (WM.) Poems. Complete edn. 12mo, cloth. Bost. 1881

307. English Rambles and Other Fugitive Pieces. 12mo, cloth. Bost. 1884

308. WISCONSIN AND ITS RESOURCES; a Trip up the Mississippi, etc., etc. By J. S. Ritchie. Illust. Post 8vo, cloth (poor copy). Phil. 1857

309. WOLSEY (CARDINAL). Life of. By Geo. Cavendish, his gentleman usher. From the original Autograph Manuscript. With notes, and other illusts. by S. W. Singer. Facsimiles, fine portraits of Tudor Court Celebrities by SCRIVEN after HOLBEIN. 8vo, half calf, gilt. Lond. 1827 Hunter's treatise on the authorship of the book is prefixed.

310. YELLOW BOOK (THE). An Illustrated Quarterly.

Vols. VI. (July, 1895) and XII. (Jan., 1897). Numerous illusts. 2 vols. small 4to, original pictorial cloth.

311. Z OLA. Colored Caricatures of Émile Zola, in each of which the novelist appears under certain more or less degrading circumstances, happily described by the title of one of his novels. By L. Hebourgeois. Royal 8vo, 24 pieces, some in duplicate. [Paris, 189-]

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