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128. FRANCIS (JOHN W.). Old New York. Extended to four vols. Royal 8vo, full dark blue crushed levant morocco, panelled, gilt tooled, gilt top, inside dentelles, by Matthews.

New York, 1865 EXTRA-ILLUSTRATED by the insertion of 522 portraits, scenes, watercolors, autograph letters, etc., with four specially designed title-pages by Hosier. This VOLUME IS REPLETE WITH RARE PLATES, among which are: Andrè by R. P.; THE RARE WHOLE LENGTH Major “ Andree”); Gen. Arnold, published June 20, 1781; Audubon, Mezzotint by Charles Turner, PROOF BEFORE TITLE, FIRST STATE; Dr. Samuel Bard, by W. Main; John Branch by Longacre, PROOF BEFORE ALL LETTERS (undescribed, Stauffer, 1944); Sir Guy Carleton, by J. Bew, 1782; De Witt Clinton by Longacre, BEFORE ALL LETTERS AND BEFORE THE FRAME (undescribed, Stauffer, 1961); Sir Henry Clinton, by Dupin; Sir Humphry Davy, Mezzotint by Charles Turner, PROOF BEFORE ALL LETTERS; Miss Decamp (Mother of Fanny Kemble) beautifully printed in colors, by Vendramini; Albert Durer by Boulonois; Franklin, Mezzotint by Haid, 1778; Gen. Gates, by Dupin; Gen. Greene, by Trenchard; Fitz-Greene Halleck, ÍNDIA PROOF LITHOGRAPH by Childs and Inman; John Hancock, LARGE PAPER PROOF by J. Pelicier, 1782; Andrew Jackson, by F. Cardon; James I., by Vaughan; Mme. Jumel, SCARCE LITHOGRAPH; J. P. Kemble as “The Stranger" by J. Coll. yer; Lafayette, a Paris, chez Mondhare; Charles Lamb, INDIA PROOF, by Henry Meyer; Brockholst Livingston, by Prud'homme, Stauffer, 2589; Rev. John M. Mason, INDIA PROOF by J. Chapman; Mrs. Mattocks, Mezzotint by R. Laurie, 1780; Richard Montgomery, by John Norman; Gouverneur Morris, by Longacre; Napoleon, by Jos. Longhi, 1806; Tom Paine, by P. Maguire; John Howard Paine, FINE INDIA PROOF LITHOGRAPH; Timothy Pickering, by Longacre; Edgar Allan Poe, by R. Anderson; Capt. James Riley, by Gimbrede; Mme. de Stael, PROOF BEFORE INSCRIPTION, by P. L. Bouvier; William L. Stone, INDIA PROOF LITHOGRAPH, by Imbert; Isaiah Thomas, lithograph by Pendleton; Charles Thomson by “B. B. E.'', ETCHED LETTER PROOF; Alexander Wilson, by J. J. Barralet, and Eleazar Williams, lithograph by Sarony.

THERE ARE FINE INDIA PROOFS OF THE BOURNE AND PEABODY SERIES, and from the New York Mazagine; The Belvedere House and St. Paul's Church by Scoles, and Columbia College and Richmond Hill House by Tiebout. A curious and interesting woodcut, at the top of a bill, of the Tontine Coffee House; The Botanic Garden, by Leney, and the Hospital, by Leney. The New York view by W. H. Toms (1733) and by Esdall, from Exshaw's Gentleman's Magazine, Dublin, 1776.

Broadside of Stewart and Jones, on Murray's Wharf, printed by Hugh Gaine, and a beautifully engraved advertisement of Wm. J. Bunker's Mansion House.

The autographs include Aaron Burr, Henry and John Cruger, Nicholas Fish, Dr. Francis, Fitz-Greene Halleck, Alexander Hamilton, Dr. David

Hosack, Alexander Robertson, and H. T. Tuckerman. 129. Old New York. Extended to three volumes, royal 8vo, full green crushed levant morocco, panelled sides, gilt top, by Pawson and Nicholson.

New York, 1865 LARGE PAPER COPY, EXTRA-ILLUSTRATED by the insertion of two hundred and ten prints, water-colors, PROOFS BEFORE ALL LETTERS, and three specially designed titles in water-colors by Hosier. INDIA PROOFS from the Bourne and Peabody series; A RARD PROFILE PORTRAIT, IN COLOR, of Geo. Fred. Cooke; Henry Cruger, by Wm. Hinckes, PRINTED IN COLORS; Frank. lin, Cochin-Tanner, 1828; John Hodgkinson, by Leney; Kean, as Omreah, by Cruikshank; Tom Paine, by Wright; Henry Rutger, by C. C. Wright; Bishop Samuel Seabury, by T. Gimbrede; Steuben, by_“B. B. E." ETCHED LETTER PROOF; Gilbert Stuart, Aetat 72, by D. Edwin; PROOF; St. Memin's VERY SCARCE Benjamin Rush, Gen. Edward Laight and William Bayard; Washington, Savage-O'Neill, INDIA PAPER, Hart 219c; AN EARLY INDIA PROOF of Cooke's Tomb, by Adlard; Columbia College Commencement, 1832; Botanic Garden, by Leney, AND AN UNFOLDED PROOF LITHOGRAPH of The Park, 1827.

130. FRANCIS (SAMUEL W.). Memoir of the Life and Character of Prof. Valentine Mott. Second Edition. Frontispiece portrait. Imp. 8vo, half maroon morocco, gilt top, uncut, original wrapper bound in.

New York, 1865 Autograph presentation copy from the author, with inscription laid down on an inserted leaf.

131. FRANKLIN (BENJAMIN). The Way to Wealth; or, Poor Richard Improved. Portrait. Paris, 1795; La Science du Bonhomme Richard, ou moyen facile de payer les impots. Portrait. Paris, 1795; Observations sur less Sauvages du Nord de l'Amerique. In one volume, 12mo, polished calf, gilt edges, some edges uncut. LARGE PAPER COPY.

Paris, 1795 132. —Life. Illustrated by Tales, Sketches and Anecdotes. Woodcuts. 12mo, boards, morocco back, Philadelphia, 1841

133. FULLER (DANIEL). The Diary of the Revd. Daniel Fuller, With his Account of His Family & other matters. Written at Gloucester, in Massachusetts, circa 1775, & edited by his Grandson, Daniel Fuller Appleton. Portrait. Small 4to, boards, cloth back, gilt top, uncut.


134. FURMAN (GABRIEL). Notes, Geographical and Historical, relating to the Town of Brooklyn, in Kings County on Long Island. 12mo, crushed green levant morocco, gilt back, gilt top, uncut, by Bedford.


135. [FURMAN (GARRIT).] Long Island Miscellanies. By Rusticus, Gent. Illustrated with fine lithographed plates. Square 16mo, cloth.

New York, 1847 FIRST EDITION. THIS IS ONE OF THE RAREST WORKS RELATING TO LONG ISLAND. The lithographs include: Mr. Furman's residence at Maspeth; White-Pot School-house; Bushwick Church and the Rescue of Prince William Henry, afterwards King William IV. of England, from drowning in the Collect Pond in Central Park, N. Y. 136. GEMS OF AMERICAN ART. A Collection of Engravings Collected by William L. Andrews. With a special engrossed title-page. Royal 8vo, half dark brown levant morocco, gilt top.

New York, 1866 The plates in this volume have all been mounted or inlaid, each sheet mounted on linen guard, and include Views and Fanciful subjects mainly, by American Artists or engravers. There are 64 pieces in all, many being in PROOF STATE ON INDIA PAPER.

137. GENEALOGY. The New England Historical and Genealogical Register. 1893. [October.] Royal 8vo, half red straightgrain morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Stikeman. Boston, 1893

138. GILLET (ELIPHALET). An Oration delivered January 8, 1800, before the Citizens of Hallowell and its Vicinity, in Commemoration of the much lamented Death of General George Wash


ington. Small 4to, red straight-grain morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Stikeman.

Hallowell (District of Maine): Printed by Peter Edes, 1800

On the half-title is the name of Rev. Dr. Morse. 139. [GOLDSMITH (OLIVER).] The History of Little Goody Twoshoes; otherwise called Mrs. Margery Twoshoes. Illustrated with quaint woodcuts. 24mo, original gold paper wrappers, in full green morocco solander case.



140. GREENLEAF (JONATHAN). A History of the Churches of all Denominations in the City of New York, from the First Settlement to the Year 1846. 12mo, cloth. New York, 1846

FIRST EDITION. 141. GREENWOOD (F. W. P.). A History of King's Chapel, in Boston. Frontispiece. 12mo, original cloth (worn), uncut.

Boston, 1833 FIRST EDITION. An account of the First Episcopal Church in New England. 142. GROLIER CLUB. (Irving (Washington).) A History of New York, by “Diedrich Knickerbocker." Illustrations by Boughton, Drake and Pyle, and etchings by Eno and Raubicheck. Frontispieces in three states. 2 vols. 8vo, original boards, uncut (top of one back neatly repaired).

New York, 1886 One of 175 copies. 143. — A Catalogue of Plans and Views of New York City from 1651 to 1860. 16mo, red straight-grain morocco, gilt ornaments on back, gilt borders, gilt top, by Stikeman. New York, 1897

EXTRA-ILLUSTRATED BY MR. ANDREWS WITH 15 PLATES, some PROOFS. The plates include: New Dutch Church, View of New York in 1671, The First View of New Amsterdam, 1651, View of Nieuw Amsterdam in 1656, View of New York in 1733, A South West View of the City of New York, A View of the Battery and Harbour of New York. PROOF, and others. Mr. Andrews has signed the Introduction. 144. GROTZ (CHRISTOPHER). The Art of making Fireworks, Detonating Balls, &c. ... together with how to make and fill Air and Fire Balloons. Colored frontispiece. 12mo, half red straight-grain morocco, gilt top, uncut, original blue_wrappers bound in, by The Club Bindery.

New York, 1821 FINE COPY. 145. HALE (M.). Spring Water versus River Water, for supplying the City of New York. Woodcut illustrations and diagrams. 8vo, full olive straight-grain morocco, Jansen style, gilt edges.

New York, 1835 146. HALLECK (FITZ-GREENE). Poems. Imp. 8vo, full crushed crimson levant morocco, gilt back and borders, gilt top, uncut, by Matthews.

New York, Appleton, 1848 A SUPERB EXTRA-ILLUSTRATED_COPY, enhanced by the insertion of nearly 100 fine portraits and plates. Each leaf of the original volume has been

inlaid to the above size. The very fine plates which Mr. Andrews has added to this copy include: Several different portraits of the author by various engravers, together with an A. L. 8. to Mr. Andrews; several en. gravings of Alnwick Castle; portrait of Robert Burns, by Warren; PROOF portrait of Thomas Campbell on India paper, by Burnet, after Sir Thomas Lawrence; a brilliant portrait of King George the Fourth, engraved by Page; Stipple portrait of William Henry Allen, by Edwin; RARE portrait of De Witt Clinton, by Leney; A RARE PORTRAIT of Franklin, by Westermayr; AN EXTREMELY RARE VIEW of Park Row, by W. D. Smith, after Burton; Lithographed portrait of Richard Riker 1826; _engraved portrait of Philip Hone, by Durand; PROOF PORTRAIT of Lord Byron, on India paper, by Grave, besides numerous FINE NEW YORK VIEWS, MAINLY PROOFS ON INDIA PAPER.

IN A HANDSOME AMERICAN BINDING. 147. Fanny. Illustrations. Imp. 8vo, crushed red levant morocco, back richly tooled and ornamented with a small mosaic, sides with central inlaid ornament, surrounded with gilt tooling, gilt outer border; doublure of green polished calf, richly gilt ornamented, with a panel of gros grain green silk, gilt edges, by Pawson and Nicholson.

New York, 1865 A HANDSOME COPY. The printed title-page has been replaced by one in water-colors, at the foot of which is curiously painted Illustrated by Wm. L. Anndrews." [sic] These EXTRA-ILLUSTRATIONS, 57 in number, are in Mr. Andrews' usual fine selection and variety, and include an A. L. 8. of the author; ORIGINAL DRAWING of oid Wooden Shanties in Chatham Street; ORIGINAL DRAWING of Scudder's Museum; Portrait_of De Witt Clinton, by Leney; ORIGINAL DRAWING of the Veranda of the United States Hotel, Saratoga Springs, etc., etc. 148. HARDIE (JAMES). The Description of the City of New York to which is prefixed a Brief Account of its First Settlement by the Dutch, in the Year 1629, etc. Folding map in uncut State, with inset views of the Merchant's Exchange and the City Hall. 12mo, full green straight-grain morocco, Jansen style, gilt top, uncut, by The Club Bindery.

New York, 1827 A SUPERB UNCUT COPY OF THE RARE FIRST EDITION. 149. HARDY (CHARLES). A Register of Ships, Employed in the Service of the Honorable The United East India Company, From the Year 1760 to 1812. With an Appendix. 12mo, old red morocco, gilt back, gilt and blind-tooled borders on sides, with small full-rigged ships stamped in gold on corners, and in two compartments on the back, gilt edges.

London, 1813 FIRST EDITION. This is a most important and valuable work, containing a vast amount of shipping information in connection with the East India Company, which is not to be found elsewhere in so compact a form. 150. HART (NATHANIEL C.). Documents relative to the House of Refuge, instituted by the Society for the Reformation of Juvenile Delinquents in the City of New York, in 1824. Illustrated with engraved portrait, and lithographed view of the Houses of Refuge. 8vo, original boards, cloth back, uncut, paper label.

New York: Printed by Mahlon Day, 1832 151. HARVARD UNIVERSITY. Pietas et Gratulatio Col. legii Cantabrigiensis apud Novanglos. Small 4to, crushed dark brown levant morocco, gilt edges, by Chambolle-Duru. Bostoni-Massachusettensium: Typis J. Green & J. Russell, 1761

THE EXCESSIVELY RARE FIRST EDITION, AND A MAGNIFICENT COPY. A collection of Odes to George III by members of the Harvard University,

in English, Latin and Greek. With a long Dedication to the King by the President and Fellows of Harvard College upon the King's accession to the Throne. A former owner has written some lines, translations, etc., on title and some margins.

152. [HAWKS (FRANCIS L.).] Memorial Volume. A Sketch of the Life and Character of Rev. Francis L. Hawks. By Rev. N. S. Richardson. II. An Address Commemorative of Rev. Francis L. Hawks. By Rev. William F. Morgan. III. Resolutions. In one volume. 8vo, cloth.

New York, 1867

153. HEDGES (HENRY P.). An Address delivered on the 26th of December, 1849, on the Occasion of the Celebration of the Two Hundredth Anniversary of the Settlement of the Town of East-Hampton, together with an Appendix, containing a General History of the Town from its First Settlement to the Year 1800. 8vo, crushed olive straight-grain morocco, gilt top, by Stikeman.



154. [HINMAN (ROYAL R.).] The Blue Laws of New Haven Colony, usually called Blue Laws of Connecticut; Quaker Laws of Plymouth and Massachusetts; Blue Laws of New York, Maryland, Virginia, and South Carolina, etc. 12mo, cloth.

Hartford, 1838 FIR EI ION. Scarce. Contains interesting extracts from Connecti. cut records; cases of Salem Witchcraft; Charges and banishment of Roger Williams, and other interesting data.

155. A Catalogue of the Names of the Early Puritan Settlers of the Colony of Connecticut, with the time of their Arrival in the Country and Colony. Frontispiece portrait. Royal 8vo, half green morocco, uncut.

Hartford, 1852 FIRST EDITION. Ends with the name Carter. Some copies terminate with “Danielson”. The work was never completed.

156. HOLDEN (E. B.). A. L. s., 1 p. 4to, New York, Feb. 26, 1906. To Mr. Andrews. Asking him to “pack his pack” and go with the writer South.

Written on an EARLY LITHOGRAPHED LETTER SHEET by Ch. Magnus. The illustrated view, IN COLOR, is of Bowling Green.

157. HOLLEY (O. L.). The Picturesque Tourist, being a Guide through the Northern and Eastern States and Canada. Engraved title, plates and map. 16mo, cloth.

New York, 1844 FIRST EDITION.

158. HOLMES (ABIEL). The History of Cambridge. 8vo, red straight-grain morocco, gilt top, uncut (one cover loose, and a few margins repaired), by Stikeman.

Boston: Printed by Samuel Hall, 1801 FIRST EDITION. Very scarce.

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