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The Monroe Doctrine. The Polk Doctrine and The Doctrine of Anarchism. 8vo, original printed covers.

New York, 1903 Commencement Address at Yale University, June 23, 1903. With Mr. Winter's autograph.


How the United States faced its Educational Reform. 8vo, original wrappers. 1906

Armitstead Lecture, Dundee, Nov. 2, 1906. Printed presentation slip from Mr. Reid, and Mr. Winter's autograph on the title.



The Rise of the United States. 8vo, original printed 1906 University of Cambridge, Opening Address, with Mr. Winter's autograph on the title.


Education in England. An Address, Syracuse, N. Y., Dec. 26, 1907. 8vo, original printed wrappers.

1907 Inscribed in the author's autograph "Wm. Winter, Esq., with the cordial regards of his old friend, Whitelaw Reid, N. Y., Feb.. 10, 1908."


Thackeray in America. An Address before the Titmarsh Club, London, Oct. 24, 1907. 8vo, as issued.



Great Britain and the United States Need Each Other. 8vo, original printed covers. 1907 Nottingham Chamber of Commerce Address. With printed presentation



The "Practical Side" of American Education. John Bright and the Civil War. 8vo, original, printed covers. 1907 John Bright Memorial School, Opening Address. With printed presentation slip and Mr. Winter's Autograph on the title.

222. The Story of San Francisco for English Ears. 8vo, original printed covers. London, 1908 Luton Chamber of Commerce Address, April 10, 1908. With printed presentation slip and Mr. Winter's autograph on the title.


Addresses at London Commemorations, 1908-1909. 8vo, original printed covers. London, 1909

The Poe Centenary; The Bacon Tercentenary; The Milton Tercentenary; the Washington Anniversary. With printed presentation slip.

224. Colossal Philanthropy. An Address in opening the Public Library at Luton, Oct. 1st, 1910. 8vo, original printed


With printed presentation slip.

London, 1910

225. Byron: Address at University College, Nottingham, Nov. 29, 1910, for the Byron Chair of English Literature. 8vo, original printed covers. London, 1910

With printed presentation slip and Mr. Winter's autograph on the title.


Abraham Lincoln. 8vo, original printed covers.

London, 1910 Address in the series of "Makers of History in the Nineteenth Century" before the University of Birmingham.


With printed presentation slip and Mr. Winter's autograph.

The Scot in America and the Ulster Scot. 8vo, original printed covers. London, 1911 Address before the Edinburgh Philosophical Institution. With printed presentation slip.

228. REYNOLDS (FREDERICK). Life and Times. Written by Himself. Portrait. 2 vols. 8vo, half calf, gilt tops. London, 1827 Fine copy.

229. ROGERS (SAMUEL). Poems and Italy. Illustrated with numerous beautifully engraved vignettes by Turner and Stothard. 2 vols. 8vo, uniformly bound in half green levant morocco, floral designs in gilt on backs, gilt tops, uncut. London, 1854

Fine set of these superbly illustrated volumes.

230. ROSCIUS (THE). Original Memoirs of the Principal Actors and Actresses; Strictures on the Drama, and Its Interests; Original Essays, Green-Room Gossips, Anecdotes, etc. Portrait. 12mo, boards, uncut. London, (1825)

First Edition.

231. SCOTT (SIR WALTER). Superb Autograph Manuscript of his long Poem, "The Dance of Death." Written on 5 quarto leaves (one side only), nine stanzas of 154 lines. Finely arranged in a dark green morocco volume, lettered on the front cover, gilt laced inside borders, by Rivière.

A gift from Miss Viola Allen to Mr. Winter, with her card sending the MS., and a note in Mr. Winter's writing about it. This reads: "I have given the Edinburgh Annual Register some lines on the BATTLE or WATERLOO called 'The Dance of Death', a hurly-burly sort of performance. Sir Walter Scott's letter to Lady Louisa Stuart, 28th November, 1815. See Scott's Letters, edited by David Douglas, Vol. 11. p. 350. William Winter, 1915.

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232. Poetical Works. Complete in one volume. Introductions and Notes. With numerous plates by Turner engraved on steel. Thick 8vo, three-quarter red levant morocco, gilt top. Edinburgh: Cadell, 1841

233. SEILHAMER (GEORGE O.). History of the American Theatre Before the Revolution. 3 vols., small quarto, original cloth, uncut. Philadelphia, 1888-91

With interesting A. L. s. of the author inserted.

234. SHAKESPEARE (WM.). The Tragedie of Anthonie and Cleopatra. A New Variorum Edition, edited by Horace H. Furness. Large 8vo, original cloth. Phila., 1907

Inscribed-William Winter, with the affectionate regards of Horace Howard Furness, Sept. 1907," and a fine personal letter from the great Shakespeare editor is inserted. Mr. Winter's signature is below that of Dr. Furness.

235. SHAKESPEARE'S "As You Like It,' a Pastoral Performance tendered by Agnes Booth Schoeffel, in Aid of the Actor's Fund. Manchester-by-the-Sea, August 8th, 1887.

Program of this interesting performance, autographed by Rose Coghlan, Maida Craigen, Wm. H. Crane, Stuart Robson, H. C. Barnabee, Agnes Booth, Mark Price, Frazer Coulter, Frank Mayo, Minnie Conway, Geo. C. Boniface, Jr., and the others taking part in the play.

236. SHAKESPEARE (WM.). The Plays of, Accurately printed from the Text of the Corrected Copy left by the late George Steevens, with a Series of Engravings, from Original Designs by Henry Fuseli, etc., etc. Numerous fine stipple and copperplates, engraved by Wm. Blake, Neagle, and others. 10 vols. 8vo, contemporary russia leather, rebacked, marbled edges.

London, 1805

In very good condition. Celebrated for the plates engraved by Blake as well as being one of the very finest Library Editions ever issued.

237. The Poems of. With Memoir, by Rev. Alex. Dyce. Portrait. 12mo, full brown morocco, gilt, gilt edges.

Aldine Edition.

London: Pickering, 1837

238. Faucit (Helena, Lady Martin). On some of Shakespeare's Female Characters. Ophelia, Portia, Desdemona, Juliet, Imogen, Rosalind, and Beatrice. Portrait. 8vo, full brown morocco, back and sides richly gilt, inside gilt borders, gilt top, Edinburgh, 1887


Choice Copy of the First Edition.

239. Ingleby (C. Mansfield). The Shakespeare Fabrications, or, The MS. Notes of the Perkins Folio shown to be of Recent Origin. With Appendix on the Authorship of the Ireland Forgeries. Facsimile. 12mo, half brown morocco, gilt top, uncut. London, 1859

240. Pye (Henry James). Comments on the Commentators of Shakespear. With Preliminary Observations on His Genius. and Writings; and on the Labors of Those who have Endeavored to Elucidate Them. 8vo, half morocco, all edges uncut.

London, 1807

241. Thornbury (G. W.). Shakespere's England; or, Sketches of our Social History in the Reign of Elizabeth. 2 vols. 12mo, three-quarter brown morocco, gilt tops, uncut. London, 1856 Fine Copy of the First Edition. Scarce.

242. Wilkes (George). Shakespeare, From an American Point of View; including an Inquiry as to his Religious Faith, and his Knowledge of the Law: with the Baconian Theory Considered. 8vo, half brown morocco, back richly gilt, gilt top. New York, 1877

243. SHELLEY (PERCY BYSSHE). The Best Letters of. Edited, with an Introduction, by Shirley C. Hughson. 12mo, half brown morocco, gilt top. Chicago, 1892

244. SHERIDAN (RICHARD BRINSLEY). Memoirs of the Life of. By Thomas Moore. Portrait and facsimile. 2 vols. 8vo, half morocco (slightly rubbed). London, 1825

First Edition.

245. SKINNER (OTIS). Souvenir of Boker's Tragedy, "Francesca da Rimini," as presented by Mr. Skinner. Numerous fine illustrations. Small folio, original covers. Chicago, 1901

With a short autograph note from Mr. Skinner.

246. SONGS OF ENGLAND AND SCOTLAND (THE). Portraits engraved by W. C. Edwards, and vignette titles. 2 vols. 12mo, half green levant morocco, gilt tops, uncut, by Club Bindery. First Edition. Fine copy. London, 1835

247. SOTHERN (E. A., the elder). Autograph Biography written on two sheets, about 500 words, given to Mr. Winter, with a memoranda in W. W.'s handwriting on the envelope.

A fine relic of the great comedian, entirely in his autograph.

248. SOUTHERNE (THOMAS). Works. 2 vols. 12mo, half morocco, canary edges. London, 1713

First Collected Edition of Southerne's works.

249. STAGG (J.). The Minstrel of the North; or Cumbrian Legends. A Poetical Miscellany of Legendary, Gothic, and Romantic Tales. 8vo, half green calf. London, 1810

250. STEDMAN (EDMUND CLARENCE). A Victorian Anthology, 1837-1895. Frontispieces and vignette titles on Japan paper. 2 vols. 8vo, cloth, paper labels, uncut.


Cambridge Riverside Press, 1895 Large Paper Copy, edition limited to 250 numbered copies.

Victorian Poets. Many portraits on India paper.

2 vols. 8vo, cloth, paper labels, uncut.

Cambridge: Riverside Press, 1887

Large Paper Copy, edition limited to 250 copies.

Laid in is a portrait of Stedman, autographed: "Regards of Edmund Clarence Stedman."'


Svo, cloth.

The Nature and Elements of Poetry. Frontispiece.
Boston, 1893

253. [STEELE (SIR RICHARD).] The Tatler, by Isaac Bickerstaff, Esq., 33 odd numbers of the ORIGINAL ISSUES of this celebrated publication. Each a separate sheet, as issued. Folio. London, 1709-1710

Even a few numbers of this publication are seldom met with. Mr. Winter has made a tabulation of the 33 numbers which occupy a folio sheet.

254. STODDARD (RICHD. H.). A. L. s. (initials), in pencil, 1 page, 8vo. New York, Oct. 11, 1880

Relating to Fitz-James O'Brien.

255. STRICKLAND (AGNES). Letters of Mary, Queen of Scots. Now First Published from the Originals, with an Historical Introduction and Notes. Portrait, engraved titles and facsimiles. 2 vols. 8vo, half blue calf, backs richly gilt, gilt tops, by Root & Son. First Edition. Fine copy. London, 1843

Shakspere's Pre

256. SYMONDS (JOHN ADDINGTON). decessors in the English Drama. 8vo, half green levant morocco, polished, gilt top. London, 1884

First Edition. Fine copy.

257. TERRY (ELLEN), and Her Impersonations. An Appreciation, by Charles Hiatt. With over 30 illustrations. 8vo, original cloth, uncut. London, 1898

258. TRAGICUM THEATRUM Actorum et Casuum Tragicorum Londini publice celebratorum, quibus Hiberniæ Proregi, Episcopo Cantuariensi, ac tandem Regi ipsi, aliisque Vita adempta, & ad Anglicanam Metamorphosin Via est aperta. With brilliant impressions of the numerous portraits and plates. 16mo, half Amstelodami, 1649


This work is attributed to Molinaeus. Contains the portrait of Henry, Earl of Holland, which is frequently wanting, and the two extra leaves at p. 85 beginning "Benevole Lector."

259. [WALLACK (LESTER).] Souvenir program of the special performance of "Hamlet" tendered to Lester Wallack, Metropolitan Opera House, N. Y., May 21, 1888.

Includes the correspondence of Mr. Daly and Mr. Palmer, Edwin Booth, Lawrence Barrett, Joseph Jefferson, etc., for the arrangements of the play. No more notable cast has ever been assembled for a play. It included Booth and Barrett, John Gilbert, Joseph Jefferson, W. J. Florence, Helene Modjeska, Rose Coghlan, etc., etc.

260. Menu card of, Complimentary Dinner to, Lotos Club, Sept. 17, 1887. Signed by Mr. Wallack and Mr. Winter.

During the dinner Wallack related some anecdotes about his father, Byron's comment on Dunlap's Life of Cook, the parts Cook played and the pints he swalloweed, how Wallack's father was the first actor to wear a grey wig as Shylock, Lester Wallack's liking for the part of Harry Denton in "The Road to Ruin." Mr. Winter made some notes of all this and Mr. Jefferson Winter has filled in the details.


Autograph note card, 2 pages, N. Y., March 27, 1881, with full signature.

A fine note, thanking Mr. Winter for sending a copy of Fitz-James O'Brien's "Poems and Stories," mentioning his father. A fine example.

262. WATSON (JOHN, "IAN MACLAREN"). Beside the Bonnie Brier Bush. With fine etched portrait autographed by John Watson numerous plates on Japan paper, and a large number of illustrations in the text. 8vo, three-quarter green levant morocco, gilt top, uncut. New York, 1896

Illustrated Edition, limited to 306 copies.

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