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336. [TILNAY (EDMOND, Master of the Royal Revels, 1579).] A Briefe and pleasant discourse of duties in Mariage, called the Flower of Friendship. BLACK LETTER, title within woodcut border, the Royal arms on verso. Small 8vo, polished modern calf, gilt edges (some marginal notes slightly cut into).

Imprinted at London by Henrie Denham, 1577 RARE. From the Heber collection. With bookplate of Charles Butler. 337. TOM THUMB. The Tragedy of Tragedies; or, the Life and Death of Tom Thumb the Great. ... With the Annotations of H. Scriblerus Secundus. Frontispiece by Vandergucht after Hogarth. 8vo, polished calf, gilt back, gilt edges, by Rivière.

London, 1731 FIRST EDITION. With bookplate of Sir Roger Newdigate.

338. TOPSELL (EDWARD). The Reward of Religion, de. livered in sundry lectures upon the Booke of Ruth. Small 8vo, crushed red levant morocco, gilt edges, by Rivière. (A few side notes trimmed into.) London: Printed by John Windet, 1597

From the Arbury Library, with label. 339. TOWNSEND (A.). Tempe Restord. A Masque. Small 4to, crushed red levant morocco, gilt edges, by Rivière.

London: Printed by A. M., 1631 FIRST EDITION. From the Arbury Library, with label. 340. TRIUMVIRADE (The), or, Broad-Bottomry. A PanegyriSatiri-Serio-Comi-Dramatical Poem. By Porcupinus Pelagius. Third Edition. 4to, polished mottled calf, gilt edges, by Rivière.

(London]: Printed for Mr. Cooper, n. d. From the Arbury Library, with label.

341. TUKE (SIR SAMUEL). The Adventures of Five Hours, A Tragi-Comedy. Small 4to, crushed brown levant morocco, gilt edges, by Rivière. London: Printed for Henry Herringman, 1664


342. TURNER (J. M. W.). Picturesque Views in England and Wales. Mustrated with numerous fine engraved plates. 2 vols. 4to, half red morocco, gilt tops.

London, 1838

343. USSHER (JAMES, Archbishop of Armagh). The Principles of Christian Religion, summarily set downe, according to the Word of God, etc. Engraved portrait of Ussher by Marshall. Small Svo, blue morocco, gilt edges.

London : Printed for George Badger, 1649 This volume contains many MS. notes signed “Marie Jones” (née Powell, the aunt of Milton's first wife, Mary Powell.] There are entries of her birthdays from 1650 to 1660, her age being then 77. Ten entire pages are occupied by her Pious Observations, and most of the margins have been similarly utilized. The volume passed from the libraries of Drs. Burton and Bliss into that of C. J. Wyatt, who was Vicar of Forest Hill, near Oxford, the birthplace of Mary Powell, who is responsible for the attribution of the MS. notes to Milton's aunt by marriage.

344. VALE PRESS. Coleridge (S. T.). The Rime of the Ancient Mariner. Woodcut border and initials by Charles Ricketts. 8vo, boards, paper labels, uncut.

London, 1899 One of 210 copies. 345. Rossetti (D. G.). Hand and Soul. Woodcut borders and initials. Small 4to, boards, paper labels, uncut. London, 1899

One of 210 copies. 346. -Browne (Sir Thomas). Religio Medici, Urn Burial, Christian Morals, and other Essays. Woodcut border of vine leaves designed by Charles Ricketts. Folio, half holland, paper labels, uncut.

London, 1902 One of 310 copies. 347. Meinhold (William). Mary Schweidler, the Amber Witch. Woodcut border. Folio, half holland, paper labels, uncut. One of 300 copies.

London, 1903 348. The Parables from the Gospels. With woodcuts, designed by Charles Ricketts. Small 4to, limp vellum, uncut. One of 300 copies.

London, 1903 VELLUM COPY 349. VALE PRESS. The Parables from the Gospels. With 10 original woodcuts designed and engraved on wood by Charles Ricketts. 8vo, limp vellum, uncut.

London, 1903 ONE OF TEN COPIES.



VELLUM COPY 350. VALE PRESS. Moore (T. S.). Danae: A Poem. With 3 illustrations designed and engraved on wood by Charles Ricketts. 8vo, limp vellum, uncut.

London, 1903 ONE OF TEN COPIES.

Bibliography of the Vale Press Publications. Frontispiece, border, and initial by Charles Ricketts. Printed in red and black. 8vo, half holland, paper label, uncut. London, 1904 One of 250 copies.

Ecclesiastes; or, The Preacher and The Song of Solomon. Printed in red and black. Folio, half holland, paper label, uncut and unopened.

[London, n. d.] One of 300 copies. 353. — The Early Poems of John Milton. Frontispiece, border, and woodcut initials by Charles Ricketts. 4to, buckram, uncut and unopened.

London, n. d. One of 310 copies. The first book issued by the Vale Press. 354. VILLON (FRANCOIS). Les (Euvres de Francois Villon. 8vo, old marbled calf, gilt back, gilt edges. Paris, 1723

Fine copy, in a neat contemporary binding. Bound in: Lettre a Monsieur de ; and Les Repues Franches le Franc Archier de Baig. nollet, with separate pagination.

* *

355. VIVES (JUAN LUIS). A very fruteful and pleasant booke called the Instructions of a Christen Woman .. tourned out of Latyne into Englishe by Rycharde Hyrde. BLACK LETTER, woodcut border on title. Small 4to, old calf.

Imprinted at London in Flete-strete by Henry Wykes, 1557 RARE.

356. VOLTAIRE. La Henriade. Illustrated with numerous beautiful plates by Depuis, Cochin and others. 4to, old calf (worn).

A Londres, 1728 357. VORAGINE (JACOBUS DE). The Golden Legend. Reproduced in facsimile from a copy in the Manchester Free Library. With an Introduction by Alfred Aspland. With illustrations. Folio, half brown morocco, gilt top, uncut.

London, 1878 The Holbein Society's facsimile reprint. 358. [WALKINGTON (THOMAS).] The Optick Glasse of Humors: or the touchstone of a golden temperature, or the Philosophers stone to make a golden temper by T. W., Master of Artes. Frontispiece containing views of Oxford and Cambridge Universities above a zodiacal sphere, engraved title containing fulllength figures of Oxford and Cambridge M. A's. Small 8vo, old calf.

Oxford: Printed by W. T., (1605] THE VERY RARE FIRST EDITION. Fine clean copy. Farmer refers to this book as having been used by Shakespeare in connection with Shylock. 359. WALLER (EDMUND). Poems, &c. 8vo, crushed purple levant morocco, line tooled, gilt edges.

London: Printed for Henry Herringman, 1664 FIRST AUTHORIZED EDITION, with imprimatur leaf facing title. In this edition three poems which were included in the earlier editions are omitted, and eleven new ones added.

360. [WALPOLE (HORACE).] Miscellaneous Antiquities; or, A Collection of Curious Papers either republished from scarce Tracts, or now first printed from original MSS. Nos. 1 and 2 (all published]. Small 4to, original wrappers (loose), uncut.

Strawberry Hill: Printed by Thomas Kirgate, 1772 VERY SCARCE. A fine clean copy, except for the torn wrappers. 361. - A Description of the Villa of Mr. Horace Walpole, at Strawberry Hill, near Twickenham, Middlesex. With an Inventory of the Furniture, Pictures, etc. 4to, half red morocco, gilt top.

Strawberry Hill: Printed by Thomas Kirgate, 1784 THE PROOF SHEETS OF THIS WORK (wanting pp. 25-32). WITH CORRECTIONS IN WALPOLE'S HANDWRITING, and also by Kirgate, his printer, duplicate title-page, one in red and black. 362. Essay on Modern Gardening. Vignette on title (torn). Text in English and French. Sheets roughly folded.

Imprimé à Strawberry Hill, par T. Kirgate, 1785 363. — A. L. s., 2 pp. 4to, Berkeley Square, June 13, 1789. To Mrs. Elizabeth Carter, the scholar and writer. (Mutilated.)

AN INTERESTING LETTER, severely criticising Mrs. Piozzi's travels and alluding to his gout, his fortune, and his correspondent’s virtues.

364. — His MANUSCRIPT COMMON-PLACE Book, containing Anecdotes of Art, Men, Women and Manners, 1780-83. Closely written throughout on 42 pages, the leaves measuring 434 x 234 inches, in original marbled wrappers, with his signature “Hor. Walpole' inside the front cover. Bound in olive levant morocco, title on side, and preserved in a green levant morocco case, lined and padded with velvet and silk.

A MOST INTERESTING MEMENTO OF HORACE WALPOLE, accompanied by a beautifully engrossed transcript by Sangorski and Sutcliffe. 365. WALTON AND COTTON. The Complete Angler. With Introductory Essay and Notes. Illustrated with portraits, plates, woodcuts and engraved plate of facsimile of Walton's Tomb taken by Thomas Gosden. 8vo, smooth green morocco, gold tooled, with fish and landing net, gilt edges, by Thomas Gosden. In a cloth box.

London: John Major, 1823 A FINE COPY OF MAJOR'S FIRST EDITION, in a handsome Gosden binding. Bookplate of F. A. Waite. 366. WARTON (THOMAS). Ode for Music, as performed at the Theatre in Oxford on the Second on July, 1751. Second Edition. 4to, polished mottled calf, gilt edges, by Rivière. From the Arbury Library, with label.

Oxford, n. d. 367. [WATKINS (R.).] Newes from the Dead; or, A True and Exact Narration of the miraculous deliverance of Anne Greene. Who being Executed at Oxford December 14, 1650, afterwards revived, etc. Second impression with additions. Small 4to, crushed blue levant morocco, gilt edges, by Rivière. (One catchword cut off, and wants blank leaf at the end.)

Oxford: Printed by Leonard Lichfield, 1651 Fine copy. From the Arbury Library, with label. 368. WATSON (WILLIAM). AUTOGRAPH MANUSCRIPT, SIGNED, entitled “LACHRYMÆ MUSARUM, "An Ode on the death of Alfred, Lord Tennyson, comprising some 85 lines, on 5 pp. 4to; [also] An explanatory A. L. S., from the Author to Mr. Chapman, on the subject of the Ode, 312 pp. 8vo, Leeds, 19th July, (1898). Tipped on guards in sunken mount, and bound, with transcripts and special engrossed title, in full crushed blue levant morocco, line tooled, with title on back and side, by Sangorski and Sutcliffe.

Included with the above, and bound in, is the VERY RARE printed pamphlet, one of only 100 copies issued, on JAPAN PAPER. London, 1892. 369. AUTOGRAPH MS, SIGNED, etc., of his collected pieces, entitled “Wordsworth's Grave, and other Poems,” as prepared by the author for publication, together comprising 52 pp. 1886-89. 4to, bound in crushed light brown levant morocco, lettered on side and back, by Sangorski and Sutcliffe.

These pieces are signed in three places, and comprise some 30 pp. entirely in the author's hand, including a general title, preface, and subtitles. The remainder are printed excerpts from magazines, etc., with autograph corrections and alterations.

370. WEBSTER (JOHN). The Devils Law-case, or When Women goe to Law, the Devill is full of Business. A new Trage

Comedy. Small 4to, crushed blue levant morocco, gilt edges, by Rivière.

London: Printed by A. M., 1623 FIRST EDITION. Fine copy of this Rare work. From the Arbury Library, with label.

371. WEWITZER (RALPH). The School for Wits; containing a Choice Collection of Bons-Mots, Anecdotes, Epigrams, and other Poetical Jeux d'Esprits, by the most celebrated Wits of the Age. 8vo, original pictured boards, uncut.

London, 1815 FIRST EDITION.

372. WHISTLER (J. A. MCNEILL). Eden versus Whistler. The Baronet & the Butterfly. A Valentine with a Verdict. Small 4to, boards, cloth back, uncut and mainly unopened.

One of 250 copies on LARGE PAPER. Paris: L. H. May, 1899 373. - A. L. s., 1 p. 8vo, The White House, Chelsea Embankment. Undated. To Mr. Baddeley. Signed with the Butterfly as well as his full signature. Accompanying the letter is a copy of his brochure “Etchings and Dry Points. Venice, Second Series.” Small 4to, original brown wrappers, uncut.

N. p., n. d. 374. — A. L. S., 2 pp. 12mo, Beefsteak Club, King William Street, To Mr. Baddeley. Regretting his inability to accept Mr. Baddeley's invitation. Accompanying the letter is a copy of the brochure “Venice Pastels,” by Whistler. Square 12mo, original brown wrappers.

N. p., n. d. Printed by T. Way 375. WHITEHEAD (W.). An Hymn to the Nymph of Bristol Spring. Engraved vignettes by Boitard. 4to, polished mottled calf, gilt edges, by Rivière. London : Printed for R. Dodsley, 1751

Fine copy of the First Edition, with the half-title. From the Arbury Library, with label.

376. WILDE (OSCAR). Newdigate Prize Poem. Ravenna. Recited in the Theatre, Oxford, June 26, 1878. Arms of Oxford on wrapper and title. 12mo, original wrappers.


377. [-] Waifs and Strays. Vol. 1, Nos. 1 and 2. 2 numbers. 12mo, original wrappers.

Oxford: Thos. Shrimpton & Son, 1879 In the first number appears Wilde's poem Easter Day."

378. The Happy Prince and other Tales. Illustrations by Walter Crane and Jacomb Hood. Small 4to, original pictorial boards, uncut.

London: David Nutt, 1888 FIRST EDITION.

379. A House of Pomegranates. Designs and decorations by C. Ricketts and C. H. Shannon. Small 4to, original decorated cloth, uncut.

London: James R. Osgood, etc., 1891 FIRST EDITION.

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