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1795. 8vo, half red straight-grain morocco, gilt top, by The Club
Printed at Stockbridge by Loring Andrews, 1795
FIRST EDITION, with the half-title.

282. [WHARTON (CHARLES HENRY).] A Poetical Epistle to his Excellency George Washington, Esq.; Commander in Chief of the Armies of the United States of America. From an Inhabitants of the State of Maryland. To which is annexed, a Short Sketch of General Washington's Life and Character. With the excessively rare portrait of Washington by Brunton. Small 4to, crushed red levant morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Allo, in case.

London, Printed: Providence, reprinted and sold by Bennett Wheeler, 1781.

A SPLENDID COPY, WITH A BRILLIANT IMPRESSION OF THE RARE PORTRAIT, which is the American copy of the Sharp (H. 93), no copy of which was in Carson, Mitchell, or Whelen collections. Laid in, is a copy of the portrait engraved by Sharp (H. 92), dated Feb. 22, 1783.

283. WHITEFIELD (GEORGE). An Elegiac Poem; Sacred to the Memory of the Rev. George Whitefield, Who departed this Life September 30, 1770, at Newbury-Port in America, Aetatis 56. Heavy black rules on title, with Skull and Cross Bones. Small 4to, half wine straight-grain morocco, gilt top, by The Club Bindery. Boston: Printed and Sold by Isaiah Thomas, 1770

EXTREMELY RARE. The only copy cited by Evans is that in the Mass.

Hist. Soc.

TWO EXCESSIVELY RARE BOSTON SERMONS BY SAMUEL WILLARD 284. WILLARD (SAMUEL). The Duty of a People that have Renewed their Covenant with God. Opened and Urged in a Sermon Preached to the second Church in Boston in New-England, March 17, 1679-80, after that Church had explicitly and most solemnly renewed the Ingagement of themselves to God, and one to another. Small 4to, crushed olive levant morocco, fillet border on sides, gilt top, by Stikeman. Boston: Printed by John Foster, 1680 FINE COPY OF THIS EXCESSIVELY RARE SERMON, NO COPY OF WHICH HAS OCCURRED SINCE 1885.


285. The Fiery Tryal no strange thing; delivered in a Sermon Preached at Charlestown, February 15, 1681. Being a Day of Humiliation. Small 4to, crushed red levant morocco, gilt back, gilt edges, by Stikeman.

Boston in New-England: Printed for Samuel Sewall, 1682 EXCESSIVELY RARE, no copy having occurred in about a quarter century. IN CHOICE CONDITION.

286. WINTHROP (BENJAMIN R.). Old New York: Read before the New York Historical Society, February 4th, 1862. Royal 8vo, half maroon morocco, gilt top. New York, 1862

EXTRA-ILLUSTRATED with an engraved View of New York in 1776; Portraits of John W. Francis; D. T. Valentine; a Water-color drawing of Peter Stuyvesant, after an old print; View of St. Mark's Church; The Old Pear Tree planted by Gov. Stuyvesant; Folding Map of Old New York-The Bowery, and others, eight added pieces in all.


MAGAZINE AND HISTORICAL JOURNAL, containing Articles Original and Selected. Vols. 1 and 2, from October, 1825, to October, 1826 [all published.] 2 vols. 8vo, half olive levant morocco, gilt backs, gilt tops, uncut, original wrappers to the monthly numbers bound in at the end, by StikeWorcester, 1826


FINE COPY OF THIS EXTREMELY SCARCE HISTORICAL MAGAZINE, which was edited by William Lincoln and C. C. Baldwin. It is replete with historical matter relating to the eastern part of the United States, Indian wars, History of the County of Worcester; Destruction of Wyoming; History of Lancaster; History of Shrewsbury; Biographical sketches, etc., etc. In the second volume is a portrait by I. R. Smith, of Theodore Sedgwick.

288. WRIGHT (J.). A Compleat History of the Late War; or, Annual Register of its Rise, Progress and Events in Europe, Asia, Africa and America. Illustrated with a variety of Heads, Plans, Maps and Charts. 2 vols. in one, 8vo, half calf (cover loose).

London, 1765

A FINE COPY OF THIS SCARCE WORK, much sought-for on account of the portraits, which include Major General Amherst, Admiral Boscawen, the Marquis of Granby, Maj. Gen. James Wolfe, Secretary Pitt, Robert Monckton, etc.


289. ADAMS (JOHN). Bust portrait engraved by Scoles. Octavo. Stipple. Stauffer, 2768.

290. ADAMS, (JOHN QUINCY). Engraved portrait, in cir cle. OPEN LETTER PROOF by W. Harrison. Very scarce. Fine impression.

291. ALLEGORIE SUR L'AMERIQUE. An Original India Ink Drawing, signed by the artist, Berghem. Upright folio.


292. AMERICAE RETECTIO. With portraits of Vesputius and Columbus, (two copies). Astrolabum, with portraits of Vesputius and Dante, and an emblematic print of America. Adrian Collaert, sculp. Oblong small folios. (4)

292-A. AMERICAN ENGRAVERS. Engraved Portraits of John Winthrop, Mr. Cooper, Samuel Adams, Gen. Wayne, by S. Harris; Portrait of Gen. Wayne, by Tanner; Joseph Warren, by Gimbrede; Archibald Robertson, engraver unknown, and George Clinton, also an unsigned plate. Together 8 pieces.

293. AMERICAN REVOLUTION. A View of the Green in Lexington where the British Troops first fired on the Americans in 1775. Engraved by S. Hill. Stained, and small tear on margin. From the Mass. Magazine, 1794. Stauffer, 1407.


293-A. AMERICAN VIEWS. Tableau des principaux Peuples de l'Amerique. J. G. St. Sauveur, Fecit-Mixelle Je Sculp. AQUATINT IN COLORS. Oblong folio. Habitants de la Californie,

Mexique, Acadie, Etats-Unis, Canada, Florida, Panama, Louisiane, Nouveau Mexique, etc.



294. BOSTON. A View of Castle William by Boston in New England. This Castle was built by Collonell Romer A. D. 1724 by Order of the General Assembley. Line. Rectangle, size 118x 12 9/16 inches. Backed with linen and bound in royal 8vo, full


IN IMPORTANCE, INTEREST AND RARITY THIS IS SECOND ONLY TO THE BRADFORD MAP. Mr. Andrews rightly believed it to be unique, AS_THERE IS NO OTHER COPY KNOWN. Stauffer ascribes the print to PAUL REVERE (No. 2680) but it is evidently before his time, and probably contemporary. The work strongly resembles the few known prints published by Wm. Burgis about 1730 and is probably by Thomas Johnston.


295. A North View of Castle William in the Harbour of Boston. From the Mass. Magazine for 1789. A little spotted. [By S. Hill]. Stauffer, 1397.



Prospect von Boston gegen der Bucht am Hafen. Gravé par F. X. Habermann. Se vend a Augsbourg. Line. Oblong folio.

297. View of the Seat of his Excellency John Hancock, Esqr. Boston. 8vo. Signed: Hill, del et Sculpt. From the Mass. Magazine for July, 1789.


View of the Old Brick Meeting House in Boston, 1808. Engraved by J. Kidder, after I. R. Smith. Tipped at corners. Stauffer 1643.


299. BUNKER'S HILL BATTLE. Aquatint, small circle, snuff-box size, beautifully colored.


300. CARICATURE, American Colonies Lost. Britannia, on rock in sea, with upraised battle-ax and knife about to dismember herself. At her feet, spear and liberty-cap; in left background, naval battle; to right, on eminence, Gallic Cock. Mezzotint. Small folio.

A BRILLIANT AND PERFECT UNLETTERED PROOF. Reproduced in R. T. H. Halsey's "Boston Port Bill.''


301. The Repeal; or, the Funeral of Miss Americ-Stamp. Etching. Oblong folio.


302. The Royal Hunt; or, a Prospect of the Year 1782. Line. Oblong folio.


303. The Tea-Tax-Tempest; or, the Anglo-American Revolution, 1778. Line. Folio.


304. CHARLESTON, S. C. View of Charles Town from on board the Bristol. Comm. Sir Peter Parker, Knt. &c. taken after the attack on Fort Sulivan. June 29, 1776. Etching. Small folio.


305. CONSTITUTION AND GUERRIERE. The English frigate Warrior Captur'd by the American frigate Constitution. Baujean sculp. A Paris, chez Jean. Etching. Folio. Slight repair at top.


306. COOKE (GEORGE FREDERICK). Mr. Cooke. Engraved by I. Whessell, from a Drawing by I. Corbett. London, June 4, 1804, by John R. Thompson. With it is a small view of Cooke's Tomb in St. Paul's, by H. Adlard.


307. COOPER, (THOMAS). Thos. Cooper, Esqr. Wood Pinxt-D. Edwin, sct. Printed by C. P. Harrison. (In the character of Hamlet). Oval, in rectangle. Stipple. Small 4to. Fielding 45. FIRST STATE.


308. CUNNINGHAM (CAPT.). Engraved from the Original Sketch... stuck up in the English Coffee House at Dunkirk. Etching. Octavo.

This portrait of Capt. Gustavus Cunningham, Naval Officer in the Revolutionary War, is EXCESSIVELY SCARCE.


309. ENGRAVINGS BY S. HILL. View of the Court House in Salem, Mass.; View of the Colleges at Cambridge, Mass.; S. W. View of the State-House in Boston; View of Faneuil Hall; View of Christ's Church, Cambridge, Mass. 5 pieces. 8vo. VERY SCARCE. From the Massachusetts Magazine.

310. ENGRAVINGS BY TIEBOUT. An E. View of Trinity Church, N. York. Engraved after I. Anderson. From the New York Magazine for Jan. 1790; A View of the present Seat of his Excel. the Vice President of the United States. From the New York Magazine for June, 1790; View of Columbia College. Engraved after Anderson. From the New York Magazine for May, 1790. Tipped on mounts.

311. INDIAN KING. Tee Yee Neen Ho Ga Row. Keyser vande ses Nation. One of the four Kings of India, who on ye 2 May, 1710, were admitted by her Majesty ye Queen, etc. P. Schenck exc. Amst. C. P. Mezzotint. Quarto.



312. JONES (JOHN PAUL). Dessiné par C. J. Notté-Gravé par Carl Guttenberg. Commodore au Service des Etats-Unis de Î'Amerique, tel qu'il était dans le combat. . . . Contre le Capt. Pearson le bon home Richard . . . le Serapis, etc. A Paris, chez Guttenberg. Line. Folio.


313. LAFAYETTE. Peint par L le Paon-Gravé par N. le Mire. Conclusion De La Compagne De 1781 en Virginie. Line. Folio. Rubbed in lower margin.

314. LEE (CHARLES). General Major beij der Provincial Armee in America. Crude etching. Octavo.


315. DEATH OF MONTCALM. Mort Du Marquis De Montcalm Gozon. Vateau delineavit-Gravé par G. Chevillet. A Paris chez Le Noir, etc. Line. Oblong. Large folio.


316. BATTLE OF NEW ORLEANS. Dessiné par Hthe. Laclotte-Gravé par P. L. Debucourt. Defeat of the British Army, 12000 strong, under the command of Sir Edward Packenham by Major General Andrew Jackson, January 8th, 1815. Aquatint. Large folio. Very slight injury in upper right margin.



317. VIEW ON THE NORTH RIVER. Painted by J. Shaw -Engraved by J. Hill. Published by M. Carey & Son, Philadelphia. Aquatint. THE FIRST ISSUE, 1820. Upright folio. Stauffer,



318. PENN'S TREATY WITH THE INDIANS. When he founded the Province of Pennsylvania. Benj. West Pinxit—J. Boydell excudit, 1775. John Hall sculp. Line. Folio.


Guillaume Penn Traite Avec Les Indiens Etablissant 1680. Bent. West Pinxit.-D. Sculp. A Paris

319. la ProvinceChez Le Rouge. Line. Upright folio.

320. PUTNAM (ISRAEL). General Major beij den Provincialen in America. Crude etching. Octavo.


A RARE REVOLUTIONARY CARICATURE BY PAUL REVERE 321. REVERE (PAUL). A Picturesque View of the State of Great Britain for 1780. 4to, with text of 8 explanations beneath.

THIS EXCESSIVELY RARE CARICATURE IS ATTRIBUTED TO PAUL REVERE and represents I. The Commerce of Great Britain in the figure of a Milch Cow; II. The American Congress sawing off her horns, which are her natural strength and defence; . . VI. A distant view of Clinton and Arnold in New York, concerting measures for the fruitless scheme of en

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