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215. FIFINE AT THE FAIR (Browning), London, 1872. FIRST EDITION; Evan Harrington (Meredith). FIRST AMERICAN EDITION. N. Y., 1860; Oscar Wilde's Poems. Boston, 1881; Laus Veneris (Swinburne), N. Y., 1866; Queen Mab (Shelley), London, 1826. 5 vols. 12mo and smaller, cloth and boards.

216. FIGUIER (LOUIS). The World before the Deluge; The Vegetable World; The Ocean World; The Insect World; Reptiles and Birds; Earth and Sea. Illustrated with numerous woodcuts. 6 vols. 8vo, half green morocco. Lond. 1867-8-9

217. FINLAY (GEORGE). The History of Greece from its Conquest by the Crusaders to its Conquest by the Turks, and of the Empire of Trebizond, 1204-1461. 8vo, boards, morocco back. Edinburgh: Blackwood, 1851

Autograph presentation copy from the author to Richard Cobden, grandfather of Cobden-Sanderson. The volume is from the library of the latter, with his bookplates. The binding is also by him.

218. FIRST EDITION. True Stories from History and Biography (Hawthorne), Boston, 1851; The House of Seven Gables (Hawthorne), Boston, 1851; Doctor Grimshaw's Secret (Hawthorne), Boston, 1883; Letters by H. D. Thoreau, Boston, 1865. FIRST EDITIONS. 4 vols. 12mo, cloth and half


219. FOULIS PRESS. Pindari Opera Graece, ex editione Oxoniensis. 3 vols. tiny square 12mo, contemporary red morocco, gilt.

Glasguæ: R. and A. Foulis, 1754-57 A nice example of fine Greek printing from this famous old Scottish press.

220. FRANCE (ANATOLE). Histoire de Dona Maria d'Avalos et de don Fabricio, Duc d'Andria. Manuscrite et illuminée par Leon Lebeque. 4to, half red morocco, gilt top, uncut. Paris: Librairie des Bibliophiles, 1902 One of a very few number of copies, with a double set of the decorations and illustrations, plain and hand colored. The plain impressions are on China paper. Accompanying the above is: "The History of the Davelos Family." 8vo, full vellum. London, 1843


[FRANKLIN (BENJAMIN).] The Religion of Nature Delineated. [By William Wollaston.] 4to, old calf (hinge cracked), few margins slightly stained). Lond.: Printed by S. Palmer, 1725 Franklin was engaged as compositor on this work during his apprenticeship with Palmer in London.


222. [FRANKLIN (BENJAMIN).] Recueil des Loix Constitutives des Colonies Angloises, Confédérées sous la Denomination d'Etats-Unis de l'Amerique-Septentrionale. Dédié a M. le Docteur Franklin. Small 8vo, original marbled wrappers, uncut and unopened (piece tore from title).

A Philadelphie, et se vend a Paris, chez Cellot & Jombert, 1778 A most interesting copy, from the library of John Adams, with his autograph on the title-page. Although indicated as being printed in Philadelphia, it has been generally assumed that the work was printed at Paris.

223. FRANKLIN (BENJAMIN). Political, Miscellaneous, and Philosophical Pieces. Now first collected, with Explanatory. Plates, Notes, and an Index to the Whole. 8vo, original boards, uncut. London, 1779

FIRST EDITION, in uncut state, having the three plates and the folding table, but wanting the portrait.

224. GENEALOGY. Bridge's Index to Pedigrees of English Families London, 1867; Index to American Pedigrees (Durrie). Albany, 1886. 2 vols 8vo, cloth.



Rhymes. 8vo, boards, uncut. London, 1805 Privately printed for presentation purposes. The author was a grocer at Stamford, England. Presentation copy to John Philip Kemble, with inscription on half-title in the author's hand.

226. GONCOURT (EDMOND ET JULES DE). Sophie Arnould. D'apres sa Correspondance et ses Memoires inédits. Etched portrait and vignettes by Flameng; text printed within ornamental borders. Small 4to, half blue morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Zaehnsdorf. Paris: E. Dentu, 877 Only a small number printed. Upper margin slightly stained, and facsimile letter of Sophie Arnould is wanting.

227. GOOCH (MRS.). The Life of Mrs. Gooch. Written by Herself. Dedicated to the Public. 3 vols. 8vo, half green straight-grain morocco, gilt tops, uncut, by Riviere.

London: Printed for the Authoress, 1792


228. [GOUGH (WILLIAM).] Londinum Triumphans; or, an Historical Account of the Grand Influence the Actions of the City of London have had upon the Affairs of the Nation for many Ages past. 8vo, full calf, gilt back. London, 1682 Privately printed. FIRST EDITION. With the bookplate of Henry C. Blaksley.


GREENAWAY (KATE). Queen Victoria's Jubilee Garland. 4 colored plates, pictured cover, and Music to the National Anthem on back. Oblong 12mo, silk tie. London, 1887



GREENAWAY (KATE). Almanack for 1884. Illustrations in color, printed by Edmund Evans. 18mo, white boards, gilt, gilt edges. London, n. d.


231. GUNN (THOMAS BUTLER). The Physiology of New York Boarding Houses. Illustrated. 12mo, half calf. New York, 1857 FIRST EDITION. A good copy of this scarce and curious work.


HAZLITT (WILLIAM). A Letter to William Gifford, Esq. from William Hazlitt. 8vo, half red morocco, uncut, original front wrapper bound London, 1820


A PROOF COPY of the 1819 edition, with the title of the Second Edition. On the fly-leaf is the following note, in the hand, and with the autograph of W. Carew Hazlitt: "This is, I believe, the only copy known of the so-called scarce edition of 1819, with a new title-page dated 1820. It belonged to Mr. John Hunt, brother of the author, and has few MS. memoranda by him. The tract was given to me by my Aunt, Miss Reynell."

233. HEARN (LAFCADIO). "Gombo Zhebes." Little Dictionary of Creole Proverbs, selected from six Creole Dialècts. Small 4 to, cloth.

New York, 1885


234. HENLEY (W. E.). The Song of the Sword and other Verses. 12mo, cloth, gilt top, uncut. London, 1892


235. HOLBEIN (HANS). L'Alphabet de la Mort. Entouré de bordures du XVIe siecle et suivi d'anciens poemes français sur le sujet des trois mors et des trois vis publiés d'apres les Manuscrits. Par Anatole de Montaiglon. Pages within ornamental and pictured borders. 8vo, original wrappers, uncut. Paris, 1856

236. HONE (WILLIAM). The Table Book. Illustrated with 116 wood engravings. FIRST EDITION. 2 vols. 8vo, original boards, cloth backs, uncut. London, 1827-28

237. HUNT (LEIGH). Captain Sword and Captain Pen. A Poem. Illustrations. 12mo, cloth. London, 1835



238. IMLAY (GILBERT). A Topographical Description of the Western Territory of North America, containing a succinct account of its Climate, Natural History, Population, Agriculture, Manners and Customs. With four folding maps. 8vo, half morocco, gilt edges. London, 1797

Choice copy of the Third Edition, being enlarged and considered the best. With a portrait of Daniel Boone inserted.

239. INDIANS. The New Testament, in the Cherokee Language and characters. 18mo, full roan. Park Hill: Mission Press, 1850 Scarce. Each of the separate books has separate pagination, a few with separate titles also.

240. JAMES (HENRY). Transatlantic Sketches. FIRST EDITION. 12mo, half morocco, gilt edges. Boston, 1875

241. KEITH (SIR WILLIAM). A Collection of Papers and other Tracts. 12mo, half calf. London, 1749

SECOND EDITION. Includes: A Discourse on the Present State of the British Plantations in America; A Discourse on the Medium of Commerce, etc.

242. KER (JOHN BELLENDEN). An Essay on the Archaeology of Popular English Phrases and Nursery Rhymes. 8vo, half red morocco, uncut. Southampton, 1834


243. KIPLING (RUDYARD). The Covenant. A Sonnet. 1p. royal 8vo, printed on thick art paper. n. p., 1914


244. KIPLING (RUDYARD). Wee Willie Winkie and other Stories. Allahabad, n. d.; Some Aspects of Travel. In "Geographical Journal' for April 1914; The Light that Failed. In "Lippincott's" for Jan. 1891; The Record of Badalia Herodsfoot. "Detroit Free Press Christmas Number." 4 vols. various sizes, paper.

245. [KNOX (HENRY).] A Plan for the General Arrangement of the Militia of the United States. Folio, wrappers (front wrapper and fly-leaf torn). New York: Printed by Francis Childs and John Swaine, 1790

Scarce. 246. LALANNE (MAXIME). A Treatise on Etching. Illustrated with etchings. 8vo, cloth, roan back, uncut. Boston, n. d.


LEE (VERNON). The Enchanted Woods. FIRST ED. London, 1905 248. LEECH ILLUSTRATIONS. Punchiana; or, Selections from the London Charivari. With 10 humorous illustrations by Leech and others, [ineluding a folding colored frontispiece.] 8vo, wrappers. Phila. 1845

Rare. Not in the Stanley Kidder Wilson collection.

249. LE SAGE (ALAIN RENE). The Adventures of Gil Blas de Santillane. Translated from the French by Tobias Smollett. Embellished with fifteen highly finished (colored) engravings, from drawings designed expressly for this edition. 3 vols. 8vo, half morocco. London, 1819

FIRST EDITION with these fine colored plates. Very scarce.

250. [LEVER (CHARLES).] Sir Jasper Carew, his Life and Experiences. 12mo, half green morocco, gilt top. London, [1855]

FIRST EDITION. With the Henry W. Poor bookplate.

251. LINCOLN (ABRAHAM). A. D. S. 1 p. folio. July term of the Circuit Court, Sangamon County, Illinois. Signed "Stuart and Lincoln." Brief in a suit for payment of a note. (Broken in fold).

Fine specimen of Lincoln's first law partnership period.

252. LOWER (MARK ANTONY). The Worthies of Essex. Colored frontispiece and numerous full page engraved and lithograph views and plans. 4to, half morocco, gilt top, uncut. Lewes: Printed for Subscribers only, 1865 253. [MACKENZIE (COLIN).] Tavern Anecdotes, and Reminiscences of the Origin of Signs, Clubs, Coffee-houses, Streets, City Companies, Wards, etc. By one of the Old School. Engraved title and folding frontispiece by Heath, and portrait of Christopher Brown. 12mo, half roan. London, n. d.

254. MANUSCRIPT POEMS. Two Volumes of Manuscript Poems: One, consisting of Poems written on a Journey from New York to Missouri; the other, Poems by Mrs. E. H. Evans of Philadelphia. 1839-1843. Many of the poems in the latter volume indicate their publication in various periodicals. There are also some "Unpublished'' Poems. 2 vols. 12mo and 4to, full roan.

255. MEREDITH (GEORGE). Poems and Lyrics of the Joy of Earth. 12mo, cloth, uncut. London, 1883



Songs of the Sun-Lands.

Autograph presentation copy from the author. of James B. Pond.

12mo, cloth. Boston, 1877 With bookplate

257. MILLER (JOAQUIN). Songs of Italy. 12mo, half calf.

Boston, 1878

With Autograph of Miller, and illustrated sentiment in symbols. 258. MILNES (RICHARD MONCKTON, Lord Houghton). Selections from the Poetical Works of Richard Monckton Milnes. 12mo, cloth, uncut. London, 1863

Presentation copy from the author, with the inscription "From the Author, 1864'' on title.

259. MOORE (GEORGE). Spring Days. A Realistic Novel. 12mo, cloth, uncut. London, 1888


260. MOORE (GEORGE). Celibates. 12mo, cloth, uncut. London, 1895 FIRST EDITION.

261. MORIN (LOUIS). French Illustrators. Preface by Jules Claretie. Beautifully illustrated with photogravures, plates in colors, heliotypes, and proofs on India paper. In the 5 parts as issued, original wrappers, uncut. New York, 1893

262. NATIONAL WORTHIES: Being a Selection from the National Portrait Gallery. Numerous portraits. 4to, full green calf, tooled after the manner of Roger Payne, gilt edges. Westminster, 1899

263. NEAL (DANIEL). The History of New England, Containing an Impartial Account of the Civil and Ecclesiastical Affairs of the Country to the year of our Lord, 1700. Folding map. 2 vols. 8vo, calf, canary edges, (joints cracked). London, 1720

First Edition: Scarce.

264. NODIER (CHARLES). Description Raisonnée d'une Jolie Collection de Livres. 8vo, half olive levant morocco, gilt top, uncut. Paris, 1844 265. NORDAU (MAX). Morganatic, Philadelphia, 1905; On Art and Artists. Philadelphia, n. d. 2 vols. 12mo, cloth.

The first volume contains an autograph presentation inscription from the author to Mrs. Alfred Austin, with her bookplate.

266. NORTH AMERICAN LAND COMPANY. Plan of Association of the North American Land Company. Established February, 1795. 25pp. 8vo, half morocco. Philadelphia: R. Aitken and Son, 1795 ORIGINAL EDITION. Contains besides the "Plan," a schedule of the Lands, over 6,000,000 acres, in Pennsylvania, Virginia, North and South Carolina, Georgia, and Kentucky. This is the company in which Robert Morris, the Signer and financier, invested his fortune, which he lost, and in consequence was in prison for debt for some time.

267. O'CONNOR (EVANGELINE M.). An Index to the Works of Shakespere. 8vo, half morocco, gilt top, uncut. New York, 1887


268. ORATION on the Life and Character of Lafayette (Adams), Wash. 1835; Memorial Address on Abraham Lincoln (Bancroft), Wash., 1866; Pennsylvania Dutch (Haldeman), London, 1872; Compend of the U. S. System of Infantry Exercise and Manoeuvres (Gardner), N. Y., 1819. 4 vols. 12mo and 8vo, calf and cloth.

269. OUTCAULT (R. F.). Original Drawing, in color, of Brown' holding a large Capital "O."' 8vo.

270. PAYN (JAMES). Stories from Boccaccio and other Poems. 12mo, original blue cloth, gilt edges (cover spotted). London: W. N. Wright, 1852 FIRST AND ONLY EDITION of Payn's FIRST BOOK.


271. PEACHAM (HENRY). The Gentleman's Exercise. or, An exquisite practise, as well for drawing all manner of Beasts in their true Portraitures: as also the making of all kinds of colours, to be used in Limming, Painting, Tricking, and Blazon of Coates, and Armes, etc. Woodcuts in text. Small 4to, boards (hole in last leaf). London, 1634

FIRST EDITION. This work was annexed to the later editions of "The Complete Gentleman.''

272. PENN (RICHARD). Maxims and Hints on Angling, Chess, Shooting, and other Matters; also, Miseries of Fishing. With woodcuts. New edition, enlarged. 12mo, cloth, uncut. London, 1841

Autograph presentation copy from the author to J. G. Lockhart: "J. G. Lockhart, Esq., with R. P.'s kind regards.''

273. PERKINS (HENRY). Catalogue of the Library of Henry Perkins, at Hanworth Park. Illustrations. Royal 8vo, half morocco. [London, 1873] Comprises splendid illuminated MSS., the First Four Folios of Shakespeare, Ancient Bibles, etc., etc. Priced in ink.

274. PINERO (ARTHUR W.). Robert Louis Stevenson: The Dramatist. A Lecture delivered to the Members of the Philosophical Institution of Edinburgh at the Music Hall in Edinburgh, Feb. 24, 1903. 4to, original wrappers, uncut. London: Printed at the Chiswick Press, 1903 FIRST EDITION. Scarce. Inscribed on front wrapper: "With Mr. Pinero's Compliments.''

275. RALSTON (W. R. S.).


Russian Folk-Tales.

8vo, cloth, uncut. London, 1873

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