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547. NEW YORK LOCAL. History and Sketches of Wheatland, Monroe County, New York. Early Settlers to 1820, River Navigation, Railroads, etc. By George E. Slocum. Maps and por. traits. 8vo, tinted paper covers, 138 pages. Scottsville, 1908

Only 350 copies printed. Valuable for the genealogist. Names of the early settlers, who they married and Children, Builders of the first houses, early merchants and index of over one thousand names mentioned in the 'volume. Includes also notices of the villages of Mumford and Garbutt.

548. NEW YORK STAGE. A Narrative of (John Hodgkinson) connection with the Old American Company from the first of September, 1792, to the 31st of March, 1797. 8vo, unbound.

New York, 1797 Very scarce. The author, John Hodgkinson, was the first actor to visit the Western World with a trans-Atlantic reputation as a man of considerable ability. It deals with the condition of the New York Stage at this early date, gives details concerning William Dunlap, the drunkenness of Mrs. Hallam, etc.

549. NEW YORK STATE MAP, 1828. A fine large colored steel engraved map, with a full Stage, Canal, and Steam-boat Register, Profile of the Grand Erie Canal, etc. Folded into a 24mo, leather covers.

Utica, 1828 A very rare and valuable map, with names of the Hudson River Steamboats, Colleges, etc.

550. NEW YORK STATE SLAVERY. Narrative of Sojourner Truth, a Northern Slave, emancipated from bodily servitude by the State of New York in 1828. Portrait. 12mo, yellow paper covers.

Boston: Printed for the Author, 1850 A fine clean copy of a rare slave narrative, detailing cruelties, slavo auction, etc., in New York State.

551. NORTHWEST. Recollections of My Life, 50 years of itinerancy in the Northwest; (Early Settlers, Black Hawk War, Sioux Massacre, etc.). By Chauncey Hobart, D. D. 8vo, cloth, 409 pages.

Red Wing, 1885 Very scarce. Only a few copies printed. “The generosity of the friends of the author has made these Recollections possible. 552. OHIO BOUNDARY. Speech of William Allen of Ohio, on the Bill “to settle the Northern Boundary Line of the State of Ohio," June 11th, 1834. 8vo, unbound.

Washington, 1834 Not in Thomson's Bibliography of Ohio. 553. OHIO IMPRINT. Pilgrim Progress, by John Bunyan with notes. 12mo, old calf. Cincinnati J. W. Browne & Co., 1813

A very early Western edition of Bunyan's Pilgrim Progress. 554. OKLAKOMA AND INDIAN TERRITORY. History of Indian fights, travels over the plains, early life, etc., largely from personal experiences. By J. L. and E. Puchett. Portraits of early Scouts, Indians, etc., from rare photographs. 8vo, original tinted paper covers.

Vinita, 1906 The author came to the Indian Territory in 1881, and his account of early life in the West is authentic and valuable.

555. OREGON. Last Letter of Mr. Buchanan to Mr. Pakenham on the American Title to Oregon. 8vo, unbound, 16 pages.

Baltimore, 1845 Very rare. A very important epoch-making letter reviewing the diplomatic history of the Oregon Claim and defending the American slogan

“50° 40' or fight. 556. Letters of Albert Gallatin on the Oregon Question. 8vo, unbound.

Washington, 1846 A valuable historical work.

557. Speech of A. C. Dodge of Iowa, on the termination of the joint occupancy of Oregon. 8vo, unbound. Washington, 1846

558. Speech of Mr. Benton of Missouri, on the Bill to protect the rights of American Settlers in the Oregon Territory. 8vo, unbound.

Washington, 1846

559. The Story of the Lost Trail to Oregon. By E. Meeker. Illustrated. 24mo, paper.

Seattle, n. d. 560. The Busy Life of 85 years, 63 years of Pioneer Life in the Old Oregon Country, Account of the Author's trip across the Plains with an Ox Team in 1852, etc. By Ezra Meeker. Illustrated. 12mo, cloth, 399 pages.

Seattle: Published by the Author, n. d. 561. PAGE (THOMAS NELSON). Social Life in Old Vir. ginia before the War. Illustrated. 12mo, original cloth, uncut, with gilt designs.

New York, 1897 A fine copy of the first edition of this Southern classic.

562. PAINTED TAPESTRY and its application to Interior Decoration. Practical Lessons in Tapestry Painting with Liquid Colour. (Historical Notes on Tapestry, Remarkable Tapestries, Artistic Restoration, etc.). By Julien Godon. Translated by B. Bucknall. Fine folding colored plates. Folio, cloth. London, 1879

Valuable practical work now scarce. 563. PAPER MAKING. The Story of Paper Making, from its earliest known record, Papyrus and Parchment, Water Marks, etc. Illustrated. 12mo, cloth.

Chicago, 1901 564. PATENT OFFICE, 1819. Letter of the Secretary of State, with List of Names to whom Patents have been granted from Jan'y 1st, 1818, to Jan’y 1st, 1819. 8vo, unbound.

Washington, 1819 The first published List, one year earlier than the “first Patent Report.

565. PENNA. LOCAL. Cobbs Creek, Pa., in the Days of the Old Powder Mill, by Dr. John W. Eckfeldt. 21 views of old houses. 12mo, boards.

N. P., Published by the Author, 1917 A few copies printed for interested parties. Gives the names of the old people who lived in the early houses. For 50 years the author made notes and talked with the old people of this region.

861 pages.

566. PENNSYLVANIA. First and Second Geological Reports of the State Geologist, 1836 and 1838. 2 vols in one, 8vo, unbound.

Harrisburg, 1836-38 567. PHILADELPHIA BOOKSELLER'S CATALOGUE, 1796. A valuable Collection of Books (2100 lots) in different departments of Literature and Science. 8vo, unbound.

Philadelphia, 1796 These early American Bookseller's Catalogues are very rare. 568. PIKE (ALBERT). Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, prepared for the Supreme Council of the 33rd Degree, for the Southern Jurisdiction of the U. S. and Published by Authority. 8vo, cloth (slightly rubbed),

Charleston (1871] A rare Masonic work, showing immense research. 569. POWELL FAMILY OF LOUDON CO., VA. A Biographical Sketch of Col. Leven Powell, with letters on the Revolutionary War, and eight pages of genealogies of the Virginia Powells. Portrait. 8vo, half morocco.

Alexandria, Va., 1877 Only 100 copies printed for the family and edited by Robert C. Powell, M. D. Also includes Revolutionary letters from Col. Geo. Johnston, Jr., Aide-de-Camp to Washington and his Confidential Military Secretary. No copy sold at auction as far as we can trace. 570. PRINCETON COLLEGE, 1845-48. Reminiscences of, by Edward Wall, Class of 1848. Large 8vo, boards. Princeton, 1914

Only a small number printed. 571. RHODE ISLAND COLONIAL PAPER MONEY. Some account of the Bills of Credit or Paper Money of Rhode Island from first to final issue (1710 to 1786). By Potter and Rider. 20 facsimiles of old paper money and Extra Illustrated with an original eight dollar bill printed in March, 1780, by Hall and Sellers of Philadelphia. With water-mark Confederation; and neatly inlaid. 4to, half morocco.

Providence, 1880 Very scarce, but few printed. R. I. Hist. Tracts No. 8. 572. RICE (WM.). A Digested Index of the Statute Laws of South Carolina from the earliest period to 1836. 8vo, old calf,

Charleston, 1838 A valuable work of reference, the result of years' researches. Contains a complete index to all the roads, bridges and ferries, chartered, rechar. tered, or discontinued from 1790 to 1836; an index of Public Laws, etc.

RIGGS SIOUX JOURNAL TO THE MISSOURI RIVER 1841 573. RIGGS (S. R.). Journal of a Tour from Lac Qui Parle to the Missouri River, with General Notices of the Dakota Race, Fort Pierre, the names of the Several Bands, Route, etc. Map of the Sioux Country. (Missionary Herald, April, 1841.) 8vo, original tinted paper covers.

Boston, 1841 A fine copy of a rare item. “The object of making this journey was to make ourselves acquainted with the dialect of the Titonwans, and to definitely ascertain something of the Indian Bands, in this region."

396 pages.

574. RIGGS (STEPHEN R.). Tah-Koo-Wah-Kan; or, the

) Gospel Among the Dakotas. Language, Every Day Life, Amusement, Worship, etc. Portraits of Indians. 12mo, cloth, 491 pages.

Boston, n. d.

575. ROTHENSTEINER (JOHN). Chronicles of an Old Missouri Parish. Historical Sketches of St. Michael's Church, Frederickstown, Mo., with complete record of Burials from 1829 to 1843; Names of the heads of Families, etc. Illustrated. 8vo, cloth.

St. Louis, 1917 Only a few printed for presentation and uncopyrighted.

576. SABINE (LORENZO). Report of the Principal Fisheries of the American Seas, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Labrador, Plymouth Colony 1620 to 1692, Mackerel Fishery from the settlement of New England to 1852, etc. 8vo, cloth. Washington, 1853

A rare historical work of great value for reference. The result of 20 years' researches by this well-known author. Pages 215 to 317 contains an historical view of the controversy between England and the U. S. on the first article of the 1818 Convention,

577. ST. LOUIS, MO. Life in the Far West; or, Adventures of a Hoosier in the Mound City. By Adolphus M. Hart, author of the Valley of the Mississippi. 8vo, unbound. St. Louis, 1853

Very scarce.

578. SANDWICH ISLANDS. History and General Views of the Sandwich Islands Mission, Early History of the Island, Introduction of the Printing Press, etc. By Rev. Sheldon Dibble. 12mo, cloth.

New York, 1839 The author was a missionary at those Islands for seven years, and his minute description of the natives, their manners, etc., are from personal observation, authentic and valuable.

579. SARATOGA, N. Y. The Little Frenchman and his Water Lots, including Sketches from (Saratoga) Springs in 1833. By George P. Morris. Etchings by Johnson. 12mo, original cloth (broken).

Phila., 1839 First Edition. Contains a chapter on The Monopoly of the People's Line to Albany."

580. SAYBROOK PLATFORM. Confession of Faith, by the Elders and Messengers of the Churches in the Colony of Connecticut assembled at Say Brook, Sept. 9th, 1708. 16mo, original sheep.

New London: Timothy Green, 1760 Lacks leaf after title page. Rare.

581. SHUBERT (A. B.). The Art of Trapping. A complete description of the North American Fur Bearers, their Habits, Range, How to make a success of Trapping, and other information of value to the Trapper and Fur Collector. Numerous illustrations. 8vo, pictorial paper cover

Chicago (1917] A valuable work by an expert, finely illustrated and printed for the author. Includes illustrations of the footprints.

582. SMET (P. J. DE). Missions de l'Oregon aux montagnes Rocheuses sur sources Columbia, de Athabasca et on Sascatchawin en 1845-46. Maps and full-page lithographic plates. 12mo, half leather.

Gand [1849] A very rare Flemish edition.

583. SMITH (J. CALVIN). New Guide for Travellers through the United States, Railroad, Stage and Steamboat Routes with distances. Fine large steel engraved map, showing Oregon and California. 24mo, cloth.

New York, 1846 Very scarce. Gives the Stage and Steamboat Routes through the Western States, on the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers, Canals, etc.

584. SMITH (WILLIAM LOUGHTON). Journal of his Tour through New England, Newport, Albany, and Philadelphia, to Charleston, S. C., in 1790 and 1791, with extensive bibliography. Edited by Albert Matthews. Portrait and Coat-of-Arms. 8vo, tinted paper covers, uncut, 88 pages.

Cambridge, 1917 Only a few copies reprinted by the author, from the Mass. Historical Society Proceedings, to which added

historical foot notes, etc.



585. SOME HINTS to prevent the Choice of Improper Members to Serve in Parliament. By a Nobleman. Third Edition. 8vo, unbound.

London, n. d.

586. SOUTH. Romance of Lower Carolina (in) Colonial and Revolutionary Eras. (Art in the Early Days, Translation of De Brahm Revolutionary Journal, Earliest Inhabitants, etc.). By C. I. Walker. Illustrations of old houses, forts, etc. 12mo, cloth.

Charleston, 1918

587. SOUTH WEST 1850 TO 1879. Pioneer Days in the Southwest from 1850 to 1879. Thrilling Descriptions of Buffalo Hunting, Cowboy Life, Indian Fighting and Massacres, etc., from actual experiences of Chas. Goodright, Emanuel Dubbs, John A. Hart and others. Illustrations from old views. Thick 12mo, cloth.

Guthrie, 1909 This work “gives you not fiction or idle tales, but unadorned truths and conditions of the early days in the Southwest."

588. STEUBEN COUNTY, N. Y. Centennial History of the Steuben Baptist Association, and its original Churches and Pioneer Pastors. By Thomas W. Carter. Numerous portraits and views of old churches. 8vo, cloth.

Bath, 1917 Only 200 copies printed by the Author. Takes in all this part of Cen. tral New York, and is invaluable for the genealogy as it contains an index of hundreds of old names.

589. STEVENSON (ROBERT LOUIS). Macaire. A Melodramatic Farce in three Acts (Chap-Book June 1st & 15th, 1895). 2 numbers, 12mo, uncut, some leaves unopened. Chicago, 1895

Has the title-pages and book advertisements.

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