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9. The Life of a Sportsman. By Nimrod [C. J. Apperley]. Illustrated with 36 beautifully colored plates by Henry Alken. Royal 8vo, original cloth, gilt edges (a trifle shaken). In a half morocco slip case. London: R. Ackermann, 1842 AN EXTREMELY BRILLIANT COPY OF THE SCARCE FIRST EDITION, in the original cloth. A few of the plates are mounted, as usual with this First Edition.

10. ALLSTON (WASHINGTON). Life and Letters. By Jared B. Flagg. Reproductions from Allston's pictures. Royal 8vo, unbound, uncut. New York, 1892 FIRST EDITION. EXTRA-ILLUSTRATED with 73 fine portraits and other illustrations, including a portrait of G. Stewart Newton from a private plate.

11. AMERICAN COACHING PHOTOGRAPHS. A Collection of over 200 Photographs of Prominent Coaching Parades, with well-known New Yorkers at the Whip. Mounted in two Albums. 1884-1890

A MOST INTERESTING COLLECTION, embracing the following notables: C. O. Iselin, H. Fritsch, Pierre Lorillard, Reginald W. Rives, J. R. Roosevelt, W. Forbes Morgan, Frederic Bronson, August Belmont, Jr., and others.

The photographs represent parades and races at Jerome Park, Cedarhurst, Newport, Morris Park, Claremont Park, etc.

12. AMERICAN STATESMEN. Edited by John T. Morse, Jr. Engraved titles and portraits. 32 vols., including Index, and 2 volumes of the Second Series. 34 vols., 12mo, half red morocco, gilt tops, uncut. Boston, n. d.


13. ANDERSON (ALEXANDER). Memorial of the First Engraver on Wood in America (Lossing). N. Y. 1872; Catalogue of Books illustrated by Anderson. N. Y. 1885; Collection of 170 engravings by Anderson. Privately printed by Charles L. Moreau, N. Y. 1872. ONE OF 12 COPIES PRINTED. 3 vols., various sizes and bindings.

Accompanying these volumes are a number of loose engravings by Anderson, including his illustrations to "Mother Goose."

14. ANNALS OF SPORTING AND FANCY GAZETTE (The), A Magazine, entirely appropriated to Sporting Subjects and Fancy Pursuits, containing everything worthy of Remark on Hunting. Shooting, Coursing, Racing, Fishing, etc., etc. Vols. I to XIII. Embellished with a large number of colored and plain plates, by Alken, Cruikshank, Herring, Thomas and Edwin Landseer, and others; and with many woodcut illustrations. 13 vols.; The Turf Herald, or Annual Racing Calendar, 1824-27. 2 vols. Together 15 vols., 8vo, full beveled red morocco, gold line borders and paneled backs, gilt edges.

London: Printed for Sherwood, Neely and Jones, 1822-28 A fine set of this exceedingly rare sporting publication. A file of 13 volumes is generally considered complete. The two additional volumes which this set contains are seldom found.

15. ANSTICE (ROBERT). Remarks on the comparative advantages of Wheel Carriages of different Structure and Draught. Illustrated with engraved diagrams. 8vo, limp boards.


Bridgewater: Printed for the Author, 1790

16. [APPERLEY (C. J.).] Memoirs of the Life of the late John Mytton. By Nimrod. With 11 brilliant colored plates by Henry Alken (should be 12). 8vo, crushed red levant morocco, gilt edges, by David, original limp cloth covers bound in.


London, 1835

17. [] Nimrod's Hunting Tours, interspersed with Characteristic Anecdotes, Sayings, and Doings of Sporting Men, including Notices of the principal Crack Riders of England. . . . To which are added Nimrod's Letters on Riding to Hounds. 8vo, boards (hinges cracked), paper label, uncut. London, 1835


18. ] The Life of a Sportsman. By Nimrod. Illustrated with 36 beautifully colored plates by Henry Alken. Royal 8vo, crushed red levant morocco, emblematic tooling on back and sides, gilt edges, by Zaehnsdorf. London, 1842

A SPLENDID COPY OF THE VERY RARE FIRST EDITION, with a few of the plates mounted as usual. These plates of Alken are reckoned among the finest of his work.

19. ARABIAN NIGHTS. Tales from the Arabic, 3 vols. gilt tops, uncut.

Translated by John Payne, 9 vols. ; Together 12 vols., 8vo, vellum, gilt, London: Printed for subscribers only, 1884

20. A Series of Seventy Original Illustrations to Sir R. F. Burton's "Arabian Nights," and a portrait of Burton, reproduced from the original pictures of Albert Letchford. 8vo, original cloth, gilt top, uncut. London, n. d.

21. ART. The Great Masters in the Louvre Gallery. Beautiful reproductions in the colors of the originals and in photogravure. 12 sections, folio, in 2 portfolios, mottled sheep, gilt (hinge torn). New York and Paris, 1898-1900

Edition de Grand Luxe, one of 200 copies printed. Text in English.

22. How to Study Pictures (Caffin), New York, 1905; The Work of Botticelli. London, n. d.; The World's Painters and their Pictures (Hoyt), Boston, 1899; and others. Together 6 vols., royal 8vo and smaller, cloth.

The Birds of America.

23. AUDUBON (JOHN JAMES). Illustrated with 500 colored plates. 7 vols., New York, 1856; The Quadrupeds of North America. By J. J. Audubon and John Bachman. Illustrated with 155 colored plates. 3 vols., New York, 1854 and n. d. Together 10 vols., royal 8vo, original stamped morocco, gilt edges. New York, 1854-56


24. AUDUBON (JOHN J.) AND BACHMAN (JOHN). The Viviparous Quadrupeds of North America. Illustrated with 150

colored plates drawn from nature by Audubon (some plates mounted on cardboard, a few loose, and a few slightly injured). 2 vols., royal folio, with 3 vols. of text in royal 8vo, half russia (the bindings to the plates have been re-hinged and are a little weak).

New York: Text 1846-54, Plates 1845

This work is now rare, as most of them have been broken up for framing.

25. AUTOGRAPH LETTERS, etc. Jos. N. Ireland; Morgan Lewis; Anna Held (3); Jay Gould; Hall Caine; Hamilton Fish; Alan Dale; William Winter, and others. 54 pieces.

25A. AUTOGRAPH LETTERS. Sir William Napier; Prof. F. York Powell; Sir David Wilkie; Sir C. L. Eastlake; Lord Egremont; D. Maclise; Bishop Percival, and others. 24 pieces.

26. AUTOGRAPH SIGNATURES. James Buchanan; Martin Van Buren; Mayne Reid; A. J. H. Duganne; and Richard Henry Stoddard (2). 6 pieces.

27. BAGBY (GEORGE W.). The Old Virginia Gentleman and other Sketches, N. Y. 1910; History of Grace Church, Hamden, Conn. (Coley), New Haven, 1913; School Boy Life in England (Corbin), N. Y. 1898; and others. 6 vols., 12mo and 8vo, cloth.

28. BAKER (HENRY BARTON). Our Old Actors. Portraits. 2 vols., 8vo, polished calf, gilt backs, gilt tops, uncut, by Tout. London: Bentley, 1878

FIRST EDITION. EXTRA-ILLUSTRATED by the insertion of early Play Bills, 106 fine engraved plates, AND A FINE EARLY IMPRESSION OF A RARE PORTRAIT OF PEG WOFFINGTON. Bookplate of T. C. Venables.

29. BALLADS. English and Scottish Popular Ballads. Edited by Francis J. Child. Portrait. 5 vols. in ten, 4to, three-quarter red levant morocco, gilt tops, uncut.

Boston: The Riverside Press, [1882-1898]

FINE COPY. Limited Edition.

30. BARHAM (R. H.). The Ingoldsby Legends; or, Mirth and Marvels. Frontispiece by Cruikshank and numerous engraved plates by John Leech. 2 vols., 8vo, tree calf, gilt backs, gilt tops. London: Bentley, 1876

31. BARRIE (JAMES M.). A. L. s., 1 p., 8vo. Forfarshire, Feb. 4, 1889. To Mr. Dunn. Sending him a manuscript and asking for a proof.

32. BARRON (LOUIS). Les Environs de Paris. Numerous illustrations by G. Fraipont. 4to, cloth, gilt edges.

Paris, n. d.

Paradise Lost.

33. BASKERVILLE PRESS. Milton (John). A Poem in twelve Books; Paradise Regained, A Poem, in four Books. To which is added Samson Agonistes and Poems upon Several Occasions. 2 vols., 8vo, sprinkled calf.

Birmingham: Printed by John Baskerville, 1758

Nice copy, of the finest specimen of Baskerville's work. The first 69 pages of Vol. 1 are devoted to a life of Milton.

34. BEAUFORT (DUKE OF). Driving. Royal 8vo, half blue morocco, gilt top, uncut.

LARGE PAPER COPY, one of 250 copies.

Illustrations. London, 1889

35. BEEKMAN (JAMES W.). Address delivered before the Saint Nicholas Society of the City of New York (on the Founders of New York), Dec. 4, 1869. Royal 8vo, original wrappers (a little worn), uncut. Published by the Society, 1870

36. BEHN (MRS. APHRA). Works. Edited by Montague Summers. Portrait. 6 vols., 8vo, boards, cloth backs, uncut and London: Heinemann, 1915



37. BELLONI (LUIGI). Usi di Piazza. Consuetudini nella Compera-vendita di Carrozze. Milan, 1902; [also] La Carrozza, nella Storia della Locomozione. Colored frontispiece and numerous very fine half-tones. In one volume, 4to, crushed red levant morocco, handsomely gold tooled back and sides, emblematically ornamented, doublures of olive levant morocco, tooled with small gilt Coaches, moire silk flys, by David. In slip case. Milan, 1901-2



38. BEWICK (THOMAS). Engraving of the "Chillingham Bull." Small 4to.



After a few copies on parchment and paper had been struck off, the block was thoughtlessly laid in the sun, with the result that it split beyond repair.

The present copy bears the presentation inscription from Wm. A. Chatto, and is accompanied by two A. L's. s. from J. W. Bell to W. A. Chatto, regarding the print and relating the facts of the printing of the limited number of copies and the destruction of the block. EXTREMELY


39. BIBLIOGRAPHY. Catalogue d'une Collection d'Elzevirs, etc., composant le Cabinet de feu M. de Montaran. 12mo, half morocco, uncut. Paris, 1849

40. Ludewig (Hermann E.). The Literature of American Aboriginal Languages. With additions and corrections by Wm. W. Turner. 8vo, half blue morocco (rubbed).


London, 1858

Bibliotheca Mejicana [Ramirez]. Priced in ink. 8vo, half russia (covers loose). London, 1869


Bibliotheca Piscatoria. With Bibliographical Notes and an Appendix. By T. Westwood and T. Satchell. 8vo, cloth, uncut.


London, 1883

Index to the English Catalogue of Books, Jan. 1881
London, 1893

to Dec. 1889. 8vo, half morocco.


Bibliography of Tennyson (1827-1894 inclusive). Imp. 8vo, cloth, uncut.

One of 35 copies on Large Paper.

London, 1896

45. Forman (H. Buxton). The Books of William Morris described with some account of his doings in Literature and in the allied Crafts. Portrait and facsimiles. 8vo, buckram, gilt top, unLondon, 1897



Bibliography of the Works of William Morris. By Temple Scott. 12mo, cloth, uncut. London, 1897

47. 12mo, cloth.


Illustrated Sporting Books. By J. Herbert Slater.
London, 1899

Winship (George Parker). Cabot Bibliography. With an Introductory Essay on the Careers of the Cabots. 8vo, cloth, uncut. New York, 1900

49. Auction Prices of American Book-Club Publications, 1857-1901. Small 4to, boards, morocco back, uncut.

One of 125 copies.


Cleveland: Rowfant Club, 1904

Rutherford (Livingston). John Peter Zenger, His Press, His Trial, and a Bibliography of Zenger's Imprints. Portraits and facsimiles. 8vo, buckram, uncut.

One of 325 copies.

New York, 1904

51. Illustrated Catalogue De Luxe of the Very Valuable Art Property collected by the late Robert Hoe. Numerous reproductions. Thick 4to, parchment wrappers, uncut.


SCARCE. One of 275 copies.

New York, 1911

Colored Plate Books and their Values. Edited by Francis P. Harper. 12mo, cloth. Princeton, 1913


Catalogue of the American Library of the late George Brinley. 5 Parts, with printed prices. 5 vols., 8vo, wrappers,



Fine copy. Scarce.

Boston, v. d.

The Bibliography of Ruskin (1834-1881). 12mo, cloth.
London, n. d.

55. BIBLIOPHILE SOCIETY. Horace. The Odes and Epodes of Horace. Latin text edited by Clement L. Smith. With versions, Paraphrases, and explanatory notes, by eminent scholars, statesmen and poets, Introduction by Archbishop Ireland. 7 vols. in 9 vols. (Also) A Thousand Horatian Quotations. With appreciations (Testimonia) of Horace in Ancient Writers. Selected and Classified by Henry A. Metcalf. One vol. Portrait and plates in two states, one on Japanese paper, and one on plate paper, numerous vignettes, facsimiles of title-pages, etc. Together, 10 vols. Square 8vo, full brown levant morocco, gilt and inlaid leaf sprays, gilt tops, uncut. Boston, 1901-1904

One of 467 copies.

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