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3 Part in peace! such are the praises

God, our Maker, loveth best; Such the worship that upraises

Human hearts to heavenly rest.

C. P. M.



True Wisdom.

i Be it my only wisdom here,
To serve the Lord with filial fear,

With loving gratitude ;
Superior sense may I display,
By shunning every evil way,
And walking in the good.

2 O may I still from sin depart!
A wise and understanding heart,

Father, to me be given!
And let me through thy Spirit know
To glorify my God below,

And find my way to heaven.


S. M. 751.

Ark of Safety.
O CEASE, my wandering soul,

On restless wing to roam ;
All this wide world, to either pole,

Has not for thee a home.

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Behold the ark of God;

Behold the open door;
O haste to gain that dear abode,

And rove, my soul, no more.


There, safe thou shalt abide,

There, sweet shall be thy rest,
And every longing satisfied,

With full salvation blest.

L. M. 752. Watts.

Devout Aspiration. 1 How blest are they, O gracious Lord,

Who fear thy name, and keep thy word; Thy wisdomn guides, thy power defends

Their life, till life its journey ends. 2 O that my soul, with awful sense

Of thy transcendent excellence,
May close the day, the day begin,

Watchful against each darling sin. 3 Never, O never from my heart

May this great principle depart,
But act, with unabating power,
Within me to my latest hour!

7 & 6s. M.



Praise for Salvation.

1 To Thee be praise for ever,

Thou glorious King of kings!
Thy wondrous love and favor

Éach ransomed spirit sings. 2 We'll celebrate thy glory,

With all thy saints above,
And shout the joyful story

Of thy redeeming love.

75. M. 754. ANONYMOUS

A Blessing implored.
1 THANKS for mercies past receive;

Pardon of our sins renew;
Teach us, henceforth, how to live

With eternity in view.
2 Bless thy word to young and old;

Grant us, Lord, thy peace and love;
And, when life's short tale is told,
Take us to thy house above.

C. H. M.



Peace with God.

To all thy faithful people, Lord,

Pardon and peace impart; And be thy Spirit shed abroad,

Thy love in every heart; That they, from conscious guilt made clean, May serve thee with a mind serene.

8 & 7s. M.



Co in Peace.

1 Go in peace!

serene dismission To the loving heart made known, When it pours, in deep contrition,

Prayer before the eternal throne. 2 Go in peace, thy sins forgiven!

Christ hath healed thee, set thee free: Every spirit-fetter riven,

Go in peace and liberty!

3 Saviour! breathe this benediction

O’er our spirits while we pray;
Let us part in sweet conviction

Thou hast blessed our souls to-day.

C. M.



God's Guidance.

i In paths unknown God leads us on

To his divine abode,
And shows new miracles of grace

Through all the heavenly road.

2 The ways, all rugged and perplexed,

He renders smooth and straight, And strengthens every feeble knee

To march to Zion's gate.

3 Through all the paths I 'll sing his name,

Till I the mount ascend, Where toils and storms are known no more,

And anthems never end.

78. M. 758.

IIymn at Parting.
1 As the sun's enlivening eye

Shines on every place the same,
So the Lord is always nigh
To the souls that love his name.

2. When they move at duty's call,

He is with them by the way;
He is ever with them all,
Those who go and those who stay.

3 From his holy mercy-seat

Nothing can their souls confine;
Still in spirit may they meet,
And in sweet communion join.

8 & 78. M. 759, C. ROBBINS.

Close of Worship. Evening.
i Lo! the day of rest declineth;

Gather fast the shades of night;
May the Sun that ever shineth,

Fill our souls with heavenly light.

2 Softly now the dew is falling;

Peace o'er all the scene is spread ;On his children, meekly calling,

Purer influence God will shed.

3 While, thine ear of love addressing,

Thus our parting hymn we sing, Father, give thine evening blessing;

Fold us safe beneath thy wing.

L M.



Close of Worship. Erening.

While now, upon this Sabbath eve, Thy house, Almighty God, we leave, 'T is sweet, as sinks the setting sun, To think on all our duties done.

2 O evermore may all our bliss

Be peaceful, pure, divine, like this;
And may each Sabbath, as it flies,
Fit us for joy beyond the skies.

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