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SUPERB COPY OF CHAMPLAIN'S VOYAGES 27. CHAMPLAIN (SAMUEL DE). Les Voyages. 3 folding plates, 8 folding maps, 13 other small maps and plates and a woodcut in the text. 4to, full citron crushed levant morocco, sides and back richly gilt tooled, with scroll and foliage design and other artistic ornaments; doublure of blue morocco with broad gilt-tooled scroll and foliage borders, blue silk ends, gilt edges, by Lortic (in brown morocco case).

Paris : Jean Berjon, 1613 FIRST EDITION, with 52 additional pages containing a fourth voyage (1613) not mentioned in the Index. The large folding-map, loose and mounted on linen, gives the coast line of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and New England, with approximate correct ness, while the map facing page 160 is the first of that coast in which any attempt was made to lay down astronomical positions, and is rarely found with the work. 28. Voyages et Descouvertes faites en la Nouvelle France, depuis l'année, 1615, jusques à la fin de l'année 1618. Par le Sieur de Champlain, Cappitaine ordinaire pour le Roy en la Mer du Ponant. Engraved title, two folding plates, and four full-page plates. Small 8vo, red crushed levant morocco, gilt back, and sides in nine compartments, with elaborate tooling, doublure of green crushed levant with dentelles, gilt edges, enclosed in a dark green levant morocco box, with clasps, by Lortic Frères.

A Paris, chez Claude Collet, 1619 THE ORIGINAL EDITION OF CHAMPLAIN'S THIRD WORK, giving the events from 1615 to the date of writing.

A fine copy, with brilliant impressions of the plates, and in a most elaborate binding. 29. — Voyages et Descouvertes faites en la Nouvelle France depuis l'année 1615, jusques à la fin de l'année 1618. . . . Où sont descrits les moeurs, coustumes, habits façons de guerroyer, chasses, dances, festins, & enterrements de divers peuples sauvauges, & de plusieurs choses remarquables qui luy sont arrivées au dit pais, etc. With engraved title, dated 1619, 2 folding and 4 full-page copperplates. 8vo, full old sprinkled calf, blind and gold tooled.

A Paris : Chez Claude Collet, au Palais en la gallerie des Prisonniers, M. D. C. XX.

A VERY FINE CRISP COPY OF THE EXTREMLY RARE FIRST EDITION, with the folding and full-page plates in brilliant state, and the twO BLANK LEAVES at the end (v. 7 and 8).

A stain in the centre of leaves 96 and 98 is the only defect. The work is sometimes found with the date 1619 on the printed title, which is the only difference between the two issues. 30. Voyages et Descovvertvres faites en la Novvelle France, depuis l'année 1615, jusques à la fin de l'année 1618. Par le Sieur de Champlain, Cappitaine ordinaire pour le Roy en la Mer du Ponant. où sont descrits les meurs, coustumes, habits façons de guerroyer, chasses, dances, festins, & enterrements de divers peuples Sauuages, & de plusieurs choses remarquables qui luy sont arrivés au dit pais, avec une description de la beauté, fertilité, & temperature d'iceluy. Second Edition. Engraved title, 2 folding plates and 4 full-page plates. 12mo, full blue crushed levant morocco, gilt back, leather bands, sides beautifully decorated with an interlaced panel and wreath design inlaid in gold, gilt inside borders,

silk doublé and end papers, gilt edges, by Pratt (few of the outer edges cut close to marginal notes).

Paris : Chez Claude Collet, 1627 THE VERY RARE SECOND EDITION OF CHAMPLAIN, in which he describes the events from 1615 to 1619. It describes his Introduction of the Recollect Fathers as Missionaries to the Indians, his Exploration of the Ottawa, Lakes Nipissing, Huron and Ontario, the Attack on the Iroquois Fort in New York, his Winter among the Hurons, with his incomparable Essay on the Hurons and other neighboring Tribes. It also has Brulé's Narrative of his experiences among the Savages on the Southern Borders of New York, near the Pennsylvania line, and that of the erents which occurred in the settlement at Quebec and much other Historical matter. The plates are beautiful specimens of French engraving.

With bookplates of M. Adr. Fr. Langlois, dated 1731, and C. L. F. Robinson.

31. COLONIAL TAXATION. Considerations upon the Rights of the Colonists to the Privileges of British Subjects, Introduc'd by a brief Review of the Rise and Progress of English Liberty, and concluded with some Remarks upon our present Alarming Situation. 8vo, full blue morocco, Jansen style, some edges uncut.

New York: Printed and Sold by John Holt, 1766 VERY RARE. This tract, an answer by an American ("seiz'd with a rage of Patriotism''), to the Stamp Act lately passed by Parliament, is dedicated to T-H , possibly Gov. Hutchinson.


32. CONFESSION OF FAITH, Owned and Consented unto by the Elders and Messengers of the Churches Assembled at Boston in New England, May 12, 1680. Being the Second Session of the Synod. 12mo, full dark blue crushed levant morocco, gilt edges, by The French Binders.

Boston: Printed by B. Eliot and D. Henchman, 1725 AN EXCEEDINGLY RARE EDITION. Contains the “Order to Print” approved by the General Court at Boston, signed by Edward Rawson, the 32 Chapters, and a four-page Preface. The contemporary signature of Marian Chandler appears in two places.

RARE VERMONT ISSUE 33. CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES. The Constitution of the United States of America, as Agreed Upon by Their Delegates in Convention, September 17th, 1787: Together with the Articles of Amendment, as Adopted by the Congress of the said States, in the Year 1789. 23 pp., small 4to, full crushed blue levant morocco, gilt top, uncut.

Windsor: Reprinted by Alden Spooner, 1790 THE EXTREMELY RARE VERMONT ISSUE, IN SPLENDID CONDITION. 34. CONTINENTAL CONGRESS. A Declaration by the Representatives of the United Colonies of North America, now met in General Congress at Phila., setting forth the Causes of Necessity of them taking up Arms, pp. 5-12. Also an Answer to the Declaration of the General Congress, pp. 13-92 and Appendix (folding sheet) and A few more Words, on the Freedom of the Press Ad. dressed by the Printer, etc. 4 pp., 8vo, full blue levant morocco.

Philadelphia, 1776

35. COSMOGRAPHIAE INTRODUCTIO cum quibusdam Geometriæ ac Astronomiæ principiis ad eam rem necessariis. Diagram of the World on title and numerous Globes, Tables and Diagrams in the text. Printed in Italic type. Small 8vo, leather wrapper.

Ingolstadt, 1529 RARE EDITION of this Famous Geographical Work, the first Edition of which inscribed the name “ America” and stamped it on the New World for all time. Chapter 28 contains the Description of America and its adjacent Island,being the fourth part of the World and so called after its Discover, Americus Vespucius.

In the present copy the headline to the last leaf but one is printed upside down. The date is given in the colophon as 'An M. D. XXXIII, Mense Ianuario.'

36. COTTON (JOHN). The Powring Out of the Seven Vials, preached in sundry Sermons at Boston in New England. Quarto, half wine colored morocco, gilt tops.

London: Printed for R. S., 1645 One of the sermons is on the “House of Austria and Pope's Supremacy,” the others are mainly against the Catholics. 37.

The Grounds and Ends of the Baptisme of the Children of the Faithfull opened in a familiar Discourse by way of a Dialogue, on Brotherly Conference. Quarto, old calf.

London: Printed by R. C. for Andrew Crooke, 1647 Bound up with three other pieces on the same subject, with list in 17th century hand on flyleaf. Not in the Brinley or Church collections. 38. Singing of Psalmes A Gospel Ordinance, Or, A Treatise Wherein are handled these foure Particulars. 1. Touching the Duty itselfe. 2. Touching the Matter to be Sung. 3. Touching the Singers.

4. Touching the Manner of Singing. Small 4to, new half mottled calf, gilt top, by Rivière. London: Printed by M. S., 1647

FINE COPY OF A RARE AND SINGULAR TRACT. 39. The Bloudy Tenent, Washed, and made white in the bloud of the Lambe. Whereunto is added a Reply to Mr. (Roger] Williams Answer to Mr. Cotton's Letter. Small 4to, full stamped calf (corner of title repaired and some margins stained).

London, 1647 GOOD COPY of this VERY RARE AND IMPORTANT WORK, with all the errors in pagination. The Barlow-Havemeyer-Robinson copy, with bookplates. 40. [COWELL (EBENEZER).] A Concise View of the Controversy between the Proprietors of East and West-Jersey. 12mo, crushed green levant morocco, inside dentelles, uncut.

Philadelphia : Hall and Sellers, 1785 A TRACT OF MUCH RARITY RELATING TO THE JERSEY BOUNDARY LINE. This is a reply to “The Petitions and Memorials,'' etc., published in 1784, only very much rarer. E. N. Crane, the late energetic New Jersey collector, did not have a copy.

41. CRASHAW (WILLIAM). A Sermon Preached in London before the right honorable the Lord Lavvarre, Lord Gouernour and Captaine Generall of Virginea, and others of his Maiesties Counsell for that Kingdome, and the rest of the Aduenturers in that Plan

tation. At the Said Lord Generall his Leaue taking of England his Natiue Countrey, and departure for Virginea, Febr. 21, 1609. Small 4to, full crimson levant morocco, gilt edges, by Rivière.

London: Printed for William Welby, 1610 FINE COPY OF THIS EARLY AND EXTREMELY RARE VOLUME of which it has been said, “there is no nobler sermon than this of the period.” The running headline “Neewe Yeeres Gift to Virginea" appears throughout the volume. Contains the rare leaf at the end of scriptural quotations aptly arranged. The Halsey copy.

42. CREUXIUS (P. FRANCISCO). Historiae Canadensis sev Novæ-Franciæ libri decem, ad annum usque Christi 1656. Large folding map and 13 full-page plates, including the large folding plate of the tortures inflicted on the Jesuit Missionaries by the Indians. 4to, full olive levant morocco, gilt edges, by Bradstreet.

Parisiis. 1664 A FINE LARGE COPY OF THE FIRST EDITION. The two leaves of dedication, which are often wanting, are present in this copy, which is perfect in every respect.

This was formerly owned by Henry Ternaux, with the Merino ram's head on each cover, but the binding was too much worn to repair, and Mr. DePuy had the volume rebound and preserved the ram's heads on inside covers.

43. DAUNCE (EDWARD). A Brief Discourse of the Spanish State, with a Dialogue annexed initialed Philobasilis by Edward Daunce. The printer's large device on title with motto “Anchora Spei," quarto, full red crushed levant morocco, gilt edges by The French Binders.

At London: Imprinted by Richard Field dwelling in the BlackeFriers neere Ludgate, 1590

Choice copy. The work is dedicated to Queen Elizabeth. The cruelty of the Spaniards to the Indians is referred to, one passage stating that on their arrival in the West Indies, they “exercised all tyranny on that people, who having till then, enjoyed a long libertie, esteemed the Spaniards more dangerous than wilde beasts.' Cruelties to the Indians are narrated in detail in various passages.

44. DE BRY'S FLORIDA. Le Moyne and Laudonnière. Brevis Narratio eorvm que in Florida . . . acciderunt, secunda in illam Nauigatione, duce Renato de Laudoniere, Anno M D LXIIII. Additæ figuræ & Incolarum eicones ibidem ad vivu expresse Auctore Iacobo le Moyne, cui cognomen de Morgues, Laudonierem in ea Navigatione sequuto. Two engraved frontispiece-titles of architectural design, map of Florida and 42 plates. Folio, red straight-grain morocco, rough edges, by Stikeman.

Francoforti ad Moenum: Joannes Wechel, 1591 Part II of De Bry's Great Voyages containing the Account of the unfortunate Expeditions of the French Huguenots to Florida under Jean Ribaut in 1562, Réné de Laudonnière in 1564, and Dominique de Gourgues in 1567. This is the First Edition, with the Priviligium from the Second Edition. The Historia Expeditionis, belonging to the Second Edition and title-page to the Second Edition of plates are inserted. Likewise, plates 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 26 and 27 are from the Second Edition. Some of the plates are colored.

45. DENYS (NICOLAS). Description Geographique et Historique des costes de l'Amerique Septentrionale. Avec l'Histoire naturelle du Pais. 2 vols, small 8vo, calf (hinges weak).

Paris : Chez Louis Billaine, 1672 A WORK OF EXCESSIVE RARITY. The two plates and map called for on p. 4 of the Advertisement, are lacking as usual. They were not known to Sabin or Stevens, and were not seen by Harrisse, who states that he examined 8 copies in search of them. Stevens says, “This book is among the best and most authentic material we have relating to those provinces.

Some copies have the imprint “ Claude Barbin," but are otherwise similar. The Crane copy with book-plate.

46. DRAKE (SIR FRANCIS). Expeditio Francisco Draki Eqvitis Angli in Indias Occidentales A.M.D.LXXXV. Vignette of ship on title. Small 4to, full calf (lacks plates).

Leydæ: Apud Fr. Raphelengium, 1588 The scarce original Latin account of Drake's expedition, upon which he plundered Cartagena, afterwards visiting Roanoke Island. Fine copy

with unusually large margins, measuring 8% by 634 inches. 47. — Sir Francis Drake Reuiued: Calling vpon this Dull or Effeminate Age to folowe his Noble Steps for Golde & Siluer, By this Memorable Relation, of the Rare Occurrences (neuer yet declared to the World) in a Third Voyage, made by him into the WestIndes, in the Yeares, [15]72 & [15]73, etc. Engraved portrait on title-page. Small 4to, full light green crushed levant, gilt extra, inside dentelle borders, gilt edges by Pratt for Henry Stevens.

London: Printed by E. A. for Nicholas Bourne, 1626 THE VERY RARE FIRST EDITION. HENRY STEVENS' COPY WITH BOOKPLATE. The title-page of this work being much larger than the other pages, is almost always found cut into. In this case the last two lines of imprint have been restored and the paper folded up.

A work of the highest importance and the only one owing its authorship to the great navigator. 48. — The World Encompassed By Sir Francis Drake, Being his next voyage to that to Nombre de Dios formerly imprinted; Carefully collected out of the notes of Master Francis Fletcher, etc. (Map and portrait wanting.) Small 4to, full green morocco, gilt edges.

London: Printed for Nicholas Bourne, 1628 THE VERY SCARCE FIRST EDITION. Written by Sir Francis Drake, Baronet, a nephew of the Admiral. In his dedication to the Earl of Warwick the author says, Columbus did neatly check his emulators by rearing an

egg without assistance." With the Church bookplate. 49. Sir Francis Drake Revived. Who is or may be a Pattern to stirre up all Heroicke and active Spirits of these Times, to benefit their Countrey and eternize their Names by like Noble Attempts. Being a Summary and true Relation of foure severall Voyages made by the said Sir Francis Drake to the West Indies. Portrait (damaged and mounted). Small 4to, full brown morocco, gilt, gilt edges, by Fleming of Glasgow.

Printed at London for Nicholas Bourne, 1653 THE FIRST COLLECTED EDITION OF DRAKE'S VOYAGES, comprising “Sir Francis Drake Revived,” (the Voyage of 1572-73); “The World Encom. passed” (the Voyage of 1577-80); “A Summarie and True Discourse of (his) West Indian Voyage (1585-86); and “A Full Relation of Another

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