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divers peuples Sauvages, et de plusieurs choses Remarquables qui luy sont arrivees audit pais, avec une description de la Beaute, Fertilite et Temperature d'iceluy. Very fine engraved title, folding plate of the French attacking the Iroquois Fort, folding plate of an Indian Deer Hunt and 4 full page plates depicting the Costumes and Ceremonies of the Indians. Small 8vo, crimson levant extra, gilt edges, by Lortic.

Paris : Claude Collet, 1619 Champlain's third Work, in which he describes the events from 1615 to 1619. It describes his Introduction of the Recollet Fathers as Missionaries to the Indians, his Exploration of the Ottawa, Lakes Nipissing, Huron and Ontario, the Attack on the Iroquois Fort in New York; his Winter among the Hurons; with his incomparable Essay on the Hurons and other neighbouring Tribes. It also has Brule's Narrative of his experiences among the Savages on the Southern Borders of New York near the Pennsylvania line, and that of the events which occurred in the settlement at Quebec and much other Historical matter. With the E. N. Crane bookplate.


GUIANA, 1596 232. CHAPMAN (GEORGE). A Relation of the Second Voyage to Guiana. Performed and written in the yeare 1596. By LAWRENCE KEYMIS, Gent. Device on title and large Woodcut of Raleigh's Arms on back of it. Small 4to, old brown morocco, gilt edges.

Imprinted at London by Thomas Dawson, 1596 A BOOK OF EXCESSIVE RARITY, not more than four copies of which have occurred for sale during the last twenty years. The Author of this Relation was a Sea-Captain who accompanied Sir Walter Raleigh in his Voyage up the Orinoco in 1595. Raleigh being unable to go himself the next year, sent Keymis to continue the Explorations. He was imprisoned with Raleigh in the Tower in 1603, and was frequently examined in hopes of convicting his Leader. It is called the "SECOND VOYAGE"' because Raleigh's the actual First VOYAGE, made in 1595, was not published until this same year.

On the back of G2 Keymis gives a long list of the Names of those worthie Spaniardes that have fought to discover and conquere Guiana: Extracted out of the Writings of Juan de Castellanos who compiled the Booke intituled 'Primera Parte de las Elegias de Varones Illustres de Indias.'' Amongst these are the names of many well known Spanish Adventurers. Each is accompanied by a brief but most interesting Biographical Notice.

MORE THAN ANY OTHER VOLUME OF VALUE AND IMPORTANCE, AMONGST THE EARLIEST ENGLISH BOOKS RELATING TO AMERICA, THIS BOOK IS OF THE VERY GREATEST LITERARY INTEREST ON ACCOUNT OF ITS CONTAINING AN ELIZABETHAN POEM, AND OTHER VERSES, OF SOMEWHAT EXTRAORDINARY MERIT. Facing the Commencement of the Narration is a one-page Latin Poem written by Lawrence Keymis in honor of THOMAS HARIOT, Raleigh's Surveyor of Virginia and Author of the Brief and True Report." Preceding this is a very spirited six-page poem by GEORGE CHAPMAN WHICH IS HIS THIRD PRINTED PRODUCTION. Some of the lines read

Riches, and Conquest, and Renowne I sing,
Riches with honour, Conquest without bloud,
Enough to seat the Monarchie of Earth

Like to Jove's Eagle, on Eliza's hand,etc., etc.
The closing lines of this “Carmen Epicum de Guiana” are

Where New Britania, humblie kneeles to heaven
The World to her, and both at her blest feete,
In whom the Circles of all Empire meet.'

G. C.

233. CHAPMAN (GEORGE). The Conspiracie and Tragedy of Charles, Dyke of Byron, Marshall of France. Acted lately in two Playes, at the Blacke-Friers, and other publique Stages. Ornament at top of first title. 2 vols. in one. Small 4to, full red levant morocco, gilt back, gilt fillets on sides, gilt edges, by Riviere.

London : Printed by N. 0. for Thomas Thorpe, 1625 SECOND EDITION, with title-page to each part. These pieces are both founded on history and their plots may be seen in Mezeray, D'Avila, and other historians on the reign of Henry IV. of France. As originally written, they were objected to by the French Ambassadors, and certain inci. dents were consequently omitted.

234. [CHAPMAN (GEORGE)). Bussy D'Amboise: A Trag. edie: As it hath been often Acted with great Applause. Being much corrected and amended by the Author before his death. Ornament on title. Small 4to, full red levant morocco, gilt back, gilt edges, by Riviere.

London: Printed by A. N. for Robert Lunne, 1641 FOURTH Edition, with the final leaf of Epilogue.

235. CHARLES II. His Highness' Speech to the Parliament in the Painted Chamber, at their Dissolution, Upon Monday, the 22d of January, 1654. Published to prevent Mistakes, and false Copies. Small 4to, full sprinkled calf, gilt top.

London: Printed by Henry Hills, 1654 FIRST EDITION. Very scarce. The Halsey copy.

236. CHARLES II. Court Beauties of the Reign of Charles II. With Memoirs by Mrs. Jameson. Splendidly illustrated from the Originals in the Royal Gallery at Windsor, by Sir Peter Lely and others, engraved in the highest style of art by Thompson, Wright, Scriven, B. Holl, Wagstaff, and T. A. Deane. At the plates being proofs before letters. Imperial 4to, finely bound in full purple levant morocco, the sides and back ornamented with gold tooling and red floral inlays; doublures of green levant within purple levant borders bearing gold lines and circular corner inlays of green morocco, flies of green watered silk, solid gold edges.

London: John Camden Hotten, n.d.

237. [CHATTO (W. A.)). The Angler's Souvenir. By P. Fisher, assisted by several eminent piscatory characters. With illustrations by Beckwith and Topham. 12mo, cloth, uncut.

London, 1835 The present copy is printed on thick paper, and has the illustrations on India paper. Scarce in this state. From the estate of F. R. Halsey.

238. CHAUCER (GEOFFREY). The Workes of Geffray Chaucer newly Printed, with dyvers workes whiche were neuer in print before; as in the table more playnly dothe appere. Cum Privilegio. BLACK LETTER, double columns. Title within woodcut border, woodcuts and ornamental initials. Folio, full brown morocco, gilt fleurons on back, and centre ornaments, gilt edges, by Riviere.

London: Imprinted by Rycharde Kele dwellynge in
Lombard Strete nere unto the Stockes at the Syne

of the Egle, n.d. [circa 1538]

The EXCESSIVELY RARE SECOND FOLIO EDITION of Chaucer, and the first complete, as in this edition the “Plowman's Tale'' appeared for the first time. It precedes the “Rarson's Tale," and differs in other respects from the dated editions of 1542. In this volume some plain margins are repaired; otherwise it is a fine and clean copy.

239. CHAUCER (GEOFFREY). The Workes of Geffrey Chaucer, newlie printed, with diuers addicions, whiche were neuer in print before: With the siege and destruccion of the worthy Citee of Thebes, compiled by Jhon Lidgate, Monke of Berie. As in the table more plainly doeth appere. Title within woodcut border; separate woodcut titles for The Caunterburie Talesand The Romaunt of the Rose; numerous other woodcuts and ornamental initials throughout the volume. Folio, full Russia, gilt and blind tooling on sides and back and inside borders, gilt edges, by ROGER PAYNE.

Imprinted at London, by Jhon Kyngston, for Jhon

Wight, dwellyng in Poules Churchyarde, 1561 THE RARE EARLIEST ISSUE OF THE 1561 EDITION, with title containing woodcut of the King in Parliament, and with the woodcuts in the Prologue. The volume is a choice specimen of Roger Payne's binding and except that the joints have been repaired, it is in a fine state of preservation.

240. CHAUCER (GEOFFREY). The Workes of Ovr Ancient and learned English Poet, Geffrey Chavcer, newly Printed. BLACK LETTER, double columns. Title page within woodcut border; engraved plate, the Progenie of Geffrey Chaucer, and woodcut initials, etc., throughout the volume. Folio, full old mottled calf (rebacked).

London: Printed by Adam Islip, 1602 Remarkably clean and fine copy. This edition contains in addition to the previous folios, the treatise called, Jacke Upland, against Friars: and Chaucers A. B. C. called La Priere de nostre Dame.

241. CHAUCER (GEOFFREY). The Workes of our Ancient, Learned & Excellent English Poet, Jeffrey Chaucer: As they have lately been compar'd with the best Manuscripts; and several things added, never before in Print. To which is adjoyn'd, The

Story of the Siege of Thebes, by John Lidgate, Monk of Bury. Together with The Life of Chaucer, etc., etc., Black Letter. Engraved frontispiece, the Progenie of Geffrey Chaucer, and woodcut half-title. Folio, full mottled calf, gilt back, and inside borders, gilt edges.

London, 1687 Except that the title, frontispiece, and last leaf are repaired, not affecting the text, this is a very good copy.


242. CHETTLE (HENRY). The Tragedy of Hoffman: or, A Reuenge for a Father. As it hath bin diuers times acted with great applause, at the Phenix in Drtiry-Lane. Small 4to, half brown morocco, some of the edges untrimmed. Printed by I. N. for Hugh Perry, and are to be sold at his shop, at the signe of the Harrow in

Brittainesburse, 1631 First Edition. Fine copy. Extremely rare.

Of the greatest interest to the Shakespearian student, for its remarkable similarity to the plot of Hamlet; and the fact that according to Henslowe's Diary it was written in 1602 by Henry Chettle, two years before the first edition of Shakespeare's Hamlet.

Chettle was the friend of Shakespears, Greene, and other dramatists of the time, and edited Greene's "Groats worth of Wit," in which occurs the notorious attack on Shakespeare describing him as having a Tyger's heart wrapt in a players hide.”

243. CHOLMONDELEY-PENNELL (H.). The Modern Practical Angler. A complete guide to Fly Fishing, Bottom-Fishing, & Trolling. Illustrated by 50 engravings of fish and tackle, frontispiece in color. 12mo, cloth.

London, 1870 FIRST EDITION. From the estate of F. R. Halsey.

244, CHOLMONDELEY-PENNELL (H.). The Sporting Fish of Great Britain, with Notes on Ichthyology. Illustrated with 16 lithographs of fish in gold, silver, and colors. 8vo, cloth, parchment back, gilt top, uncut.

London, 1886 FIRST EDITION. From the estate of F. R. Halsey.

245. CHURCHYARD (THOMAS). A generall rehearsall of warres called Churchyards Choise: Wherein is fiue hundred seuerall seruices of land and sea, as Sieges, Battailes, Skirmiches, and Encounters. A thousand Gentle mennes names, of the best sorte of warriours. A praise and true honour of Soldiours. A proofe of perfite Nobilitie. A triall and first erection of Heraldes. A discourse of calamitie. And ioyned to the same some Tragedies & Epitaphes, as many as was necessarie for this firste booke. All which workes are dedicated to the honourable sir Christopher Hatton Knight. Ornament on title. Printed in Gothic letter. Small

4to, full blue-gray levant morocco, gilt back, inside dentelles, gilt edges, by Riviere.

Imprinted at London by Edward White, n.d. (1579) FIRST EDITION. Extremely Rare. This, like the “Chippes,” purports to be a First Book, but no more was printed. It is, like that, a collection of short detached pieces in prose and verse. An enumeration of them is given in “Bibl. Anglo-Poetica.” A note in the Bibl. Heber, part iv., no. 390, says: This is, in fact, the second part of Churchyard's * Chippes,' which he promised to publish when he printed that work,” but no evidence in support of this statement is given. With bookplate of Edwin B. Holden.

246. CHURCHYARD (THOMAS). The Miserie of Flaunders, Calamitie of Fraunce, Misfortune of Portugall, Unquietnes of Irelande, Troubles of Scotlande: And the blessed State of Englande. Written by Tho. Churchyarde Gent. 1579. 4to, full blue crushed levant morocco, broad inside borders, gilt edges, by the French Binders.

Imprinted at London for Andrewe Maunsell, dwellyng

in Paules Church-yard at the Signe of the Parrot, n.d. First Edition. Very Rare. A remarkably sound and clean copy. The first four parts printed in Gothic type and the “Blessed State of England” in italics. In comparing England with other countries the author writes:

For rounde about us every where

the worlde so runs on wheels:
That we are blest that here no parte,

of their affliction feels
Here haue wee scope to skippe or walke,

to ronne and plaie at base.etc.

247. CLARKE (MARY ANNE). Scrap Book containing 37 portraits and caricatures of Mrs. Clarke, mistress of Frederick, Duke of York, his Highness the Duke, and others of the period. Folio, boards, leather back.

A Fine and Very Interesting Collection, including a pencil drawing of Mrs. Clarke, a fine colored print, 23 very scarce colored caricatures by Cruikshank and other artists, and contemporary portraits, some in colors.

248. CLEMENS (S. L.) and WARNER (CHARLES D.). The Gilded Age. A Tale of To-day. Illustrated. 8vo, sheep.

Hartford, 1874 FIRST EDITION. From the estate of F. R. Halsey.


249. CLEMENS (SAMUEL L.). ("MARK TWAIN”). Collected set of FIRST EDITIONS of the Works of. 190 Items, comprising a much larger number of volumes. THIS IS BELIEVED TO BE THE MOST EXTENSIVE COLLECTION OF MARK TWAIN'S FIRST EDITIONS EVER

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