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Grave and Gay, 1895; Parlor Table Companion, 1877; Prospectus of a "Pleasure Trip to the Mediterranian and the Black Sea." The pencilled notes on verso of the prospectus are thought to be by Mr. Clemens, 1866; Pudd 'nhead Wilson's Calendar for 1894. This is regarded as the correct first issue of the small pamphlet, 1893; Letters and Opinions upon "The Letters of a Japanese Schoolboy, by Wallace Irwin," Contains a letter in facsimile of Mark Twain, 1909; The Curious Republic of Condour. The article is anonymous but Merle Johnson unhesitatingly pronounces it to be by Twain, 1875; Roughing It. Original sheets of this work, issued some time prior to the regular first edition. It contains about 100 pages, with copyright dated 1871, although the copy filed in Washington was dated Feb., 1872. The title of this prospectus lacks the imprint of "A. Roman & Co." which is incorporated in the regular first edition, 1871; Mark Twain's Sketches. The authorized English Edition with the first printing in book form of "Author's Preface," "Author's Advertisement," etc., 1872; Lotos Leaves. This copy is printed on thick paper for the members of the Lotos Club, and contains an AUTOGRAPH LETTER from John Elderkin, and the publisher's autograph certification that this is the "Club Edition," 1875; Seventy-Second Anniversary Celebration of the New England Society. Contains letter by Twain, 1877; Dick's Recitations and Readings, No. 6, 1877-8; One Hundred Choice Selections in Poetry and Prose, 17, 1879; The American Claimant. First English Edition with illustrations from the Idler Magazine, 1892; Pudd'nhead Wilson. First English Edition without the marginal illustrations and the comedy "Those Extraordinary Twins.' This may have been issued a few days before the American Edition, 1894; More Tramps Abroad. First English Edition of "Following the Equator," 1897; How to tell a Story and Other Essays, 1900; Life on the Mississippi. According to Johnson, 1883; Life of Oliver Wendell Holmes, 1884; Phunny Phellows. Contains two pieces by Twain, 1885; A Yankee at the Court of King Arthur, 1889; Speeches at the Lotos Club. With a presentation inscription from J. Elderkin, one of the compilers, 1901; Two Hundred After Dinner Stories as told by Many American Humorists. It is certified in writing by the publishers that this is one of the copies from the first edition, 1902; Perce, mon ami, Perce. Contained in "Roman et Vie" 1908; A Scrap of Curious History, published in Harper's Magazine for October, 1914; Mark Twain on Vivisection, n. d.; How to Make History Dates Stick, 1914; Souvenir of the Towers of Talcott Mountain, n. d.; How Rev. Wiggin Re-wrote Mrs. Eddy's Book, n. d.; My Debut as a Literary Person with other essay, 1903; History of the Big Bonanza, with introduction by Twain, 1876; Prince and the Pauper, 1881; Beadle's Illustrated Book of Fun, No. 3, 1866; (This is a rare publication). The Boys' Life of Mark Twain, 1916; The Mysterious Stranger, 1916; Mark Twain's Scrap Book, 1873; That Convention, 1872; Mark Twain's letters, 2 vols., 1917; A Curious Experience, n. d.; The Art of Authorship, 1890; Queen Victoria's Jubilee, 1897.


250. CLEMENS (SAMUEL L.). ("MARK TWAIN"). The Writings of. Finely illustrated with photogravures and etchings. 25 vols., 8vo, full green levant morocco, the sides decorated with gilt corner designs, gold panelled backs, doublures of purple levant within borders of green levant and gold tooling, white watered silk flies, gilt tops, uncut. TOGETHER WITH THE ORIGINAL MANUSCRIPT OF MARK TWAIN'S STORY, "How the Chimney-Sweep got the Ear of the Emperor"; typewritten on 15 quarto pages, with numerous manuscript corrections and additions in MARK TWAIN'S HANDWRITING; mounted and bound in a royal quarto volume, uniform with the rest of the set. In all, 26 vols.

Hartford: American Publishing Co., 1899

EDITION DE LUXE, limited to 1000 numbered copies; inserted in the first volume are two pages of the Original Autograph Manuscript of "The Gilded Age,' "" one in the handwriting of Mark Twain, the other in that of his collaborator, Charles Dudley Warner. Very handsome


251. CLEVELAND (JOHN). The Works of Mr. John Cleveland containing his Poems, Orations, Epistles, collected with the Life of the Author. Portrait by White. Small 8vo, full polished calf, gilt, gilt edges, by Riviere. London: R. Holt, 1687

This is the most complete edition of Cleveland, and contains everything he wrote both in prose and verse. So anxious was the Editor that nothing should be omitted that he inserted one poem, that on Prince Rupert, twice.

Complete with both titles and List of Books Printed for Obadiah Blagrave.

252. [CLODORE (J.)]. Relation de ce qui s'est passé les Iles et Terre-Firme de l'Amerique, pendant la derniere Guerre avec l'Angleterre, et depuis en execution du Traitté de Breda. Avec un Journal du dernier voyage du Sr. de la Barre en la Terre-Firme, et Isle de Cayenne, etc. Par I. C. S. D. V. 2 vols. 12mo, full calf. Paris: Gervais Clouzier, 1671

FIRST EDITION. RARE. This work has been attributed to J. Clodoré, who was Governor of Martinique. He is quite conspicuous throughout the work, and may have been its author. Barbier says the initials of the author stand for "J. Clodoré, Secretaire de Vaisseau." This is one of the best accounts of the war between the French and the English, and contains in a great measure a relation of the personal career of La Barre.

253. CLUB OF ODD VOLUMES. The Last Years of Louis XV. Translated from the French of Imbert de Saint-Amand. Portraits of Madame Du Barry and Marie Antoinette, the first in colors. 4to, boards, cloth back. Boston, 1893

Edition limited to 150 copies, printed on handmade paper.

254. COIFFURES. Recueil General de Coeffures de differentes gouts, ou l'on voit la maniere dont se coeffoient les femmes sous differentes regnes. 36 engraved plates of laides' heads with different coiffures, mounted within ornamental borders, on 8vo, boards, representing 76 figures of coiffures engraved by D. Chodo wiecki, Endner, Roesmaesler and others, all brilliant impressions, probably collected from the Almanacs edited by Desnos in 177981, which are very rare. 8vo, loose in a cover of old French crimson morocco, elaborately tooled with scroll borders on panels and back in the manner of Derome, gilt inside borders, doublures of green watered silk. Paris, ca 1780 A fine and unusual collection. With the Halsey bookplate.

255. COLDEN (CADWALLADER). History of the Five Indian Nations depending on the Province of New York. With an introduction and notes by John G. Shea. Portrait. 8vo, half morocco, uncut, gilt back and top. New York, 1866.

One of 125 copies printed in octavo size. With bookplate of H. S. Van Duzer.

256. COLERIDGE (S. T.). A Moral and Political Lecture, delivered at Bristol. Handsomely bound in full dark brown levant morocco extra, top edges gilt, by Riviere. Bristol [1795]

FIRST EDITION. One of the rarest of Coleridge issues.

257. COLERIDGE (S. T.). Conciones Ad Populum, or, Addresses to the People. 16mo, newly bound in full polished calf, gilt extra, gilt edges by Riviere.

n.p., 1795


258. COLERIDGE (S. T.). Poems on Various Subjects. London, 1796; Poems, To which are now added Poems by Charles Lamb and Charles Lloyd, Bristol and London, 1797; Poems, London, 1803. 3 vols., small 8vo, uniformly bound in full blue levant morocco, richly gilt pointille and floral gilt backs and borders, doublures and flys of brown moire silk, gilt tops, uncut, in slip case, by Riviere. London, v.d.

A SUPERB COLLECTION OF THESE RARE VOLUMES, the first volume being the VERY RARE FIRST EDITION. The second volume contains many im portant additions, including several fresh poems by Coleridge, Lamb and Lloyd. The last volume is important because of the modifications and omissions. The poems of Charles Lamb and C. Lloyd were first omitted from this edition.

259. COLLIER (J. PAYNE). A Bibliographical and Critical Account of the Rarest Books in the English Language, alphabetically arranged. 4 vols., small 8vo, cloth, uncut.

New York, 1866


260. COLORED PLATES. Ireland (Samuel). Views on the River Thames, from its Source in Glocestershire to the Nore; with Observations on the Public Buildings and other Works of Art in its vicinity. Embellished with a large number of views, finely colored by hand. 2 vols., large Svo, full crimson levant morocco, gold-tooled corners, backs, and inside borders, gilt tops, uncut, by Wood. London, 1792

Very choice copy of this rare work.

261. COLORED PLATES. Robertson (David). A Tour through the Isle of Man: to which is subjoined A Review of Manks

History. Illustrated with 8 Colored Plates of Manx Scenery etc. 8vo, half morocco, gilt top, by Riviere.

London, Printed for the Author, 1794 A little known work on the Isle of Man.

262. COLORED PLATES. Gold (Captain Charles). Oriental Drawings: Sketched between the Years 1791 and 1798. By Captain Charles Gold, of the Detachment of Royal Artillery, serving in India at that period. 50 full page plates, brilliantly colored by hand, illustrating the strange peoples, costumes, vacations, scenery, arms etc. of India. Royal 4to, half roan gilt back and top. London, 1806

Fine copy of this rare book. The plates are accompanied by explanatory text.


263. Orme's Graphic History of the Life, Exploits, and Death of Horatio Nelson. Embellished with a Series of Engravings, Illustrative of His Heroic Achievements. The Memoirs by Francis William Blagdon. Splendidly illustrated with full and double-page brilliantly colored plates, and with engraved portrait, facsimiles, and copperplates in the text. Royal 4to, original boards, leather back, paper label, entirely uncut. London: Edward Orme, 1806

Remarkably fine copy of this rare colored plate book, which is also an important contribution to the history of England's greatest naval hero. The illustrations include portrait of Nelson from the original bust, engraved by Godby; "England expects every man to do his duty"; "Lord Nelson's Funeral Procession by water, " from Turner's famous painting; also, the Procession through the streets of London; his interment in St. Paul's Cathedral, &c.

264. COLORED PLATES. Williamson (Captain Thomas). Oriental Field Sports; Being a Complete, Detailed, and Accurate Description of the Wild Sports of the East; and exhibiting, in a novel and interesting manner, the Natural History of the Elephant, Rhinoceros, Tiger, &c., &c. . . . The Whole interspersed with a variety of Original, Authentic, and Curious Anecdotes, taken from the manuscript and designs of Captain Thomas Williamson, who served upwards of Twenty Years in Bengal. Illustrated with 40 full-page colored plates, after the drawings of the author and Samuel Howitt. 2 vols. in one, folio, full panelled straight-grained morocco, ornamental with gilt and blind tooling.

London: Edward Orme, 1807

265. COLORED PLATES. History of Westminster Abbey: Illustrated by a fine portrait, and 80 brilliant colored plates of the edifice and its famous monuments. 2 vols., large 4to, calf gilt. London: Ackermann, 1812

Practically the only book of the famous Ackermann series having an American interest, the tombs of Major Andre, Genl. Wolfe, &c., adding interest to the many architectural features of the superb illustrations.

266. COLORED COSTUME PLATES. Naples. Raccolta di 50 Costumi li piú interessanti delle Citta Terre e Paesi in Provincie Diverse del Regno di Napoli disegnati ed uncisi all' acquaforte da Bartolomeo Pinelli Romano. 50 full-page plates brilliantly colored by hand. Folio, three-quarters red morocco, entirely uncut, by Morrell. Roma, 1814

RARE. LARGE PAPER COPY, in very fine condition.

267. COLORED PLATES. Westall (R.). Victories of the Duke of Wellington. From Drawings by R. Westall, R.A. 12 brilliantly colored plates of battle scenes, each plate mounted, with accompanying text. Large folio, three-quarters crimson morocco, gilt panelled back, gilt top, uncut.

London: Rodwell & Martin, 1819

LARGE PAPER COPY, with the plates mounted. In remarkably fine clean condition.

268. COLORED PLATES. Tour of the Grand Junction, illustrated with a series of engravings. By J. Hassell. Fine colored plates of English scenery. 8vo, full crimson straight-grain morocco, gilt back and sides, gilt edges, by Riviere. London, 1819

Views of Middlesex, Herefordshire, Buckinghamshire, etc.

269. COLORED PLATES. Cruikshank, Robert. Lessons of Thrift, Published for General Benefit, by a Member of the Save-all Club. With many highly colored full-page plates by J. R. (Robert) Cruikshank. 8vo, full dark green levant, heavy gold tooling on back and on inside borders, polished gilt edges, by Riviere.

London, 1820

270. COLORED PLATES. The Life of a Soldier; A Narrative and Descriptive Poem. With 18 full-page brilliantly colored engravings by William Heath. Royal 8vo, full crimson crushed levant morocco, gold line borders on sides, gilt back and inside borders, gilt edges, by Broca.

London, 1823


271. COLORED PLATES. A Run with the Stag Hounds. A series of twelve large colored plates by "Phiz" (H. K. Browne). 4to, three-quarter red levant, gilt, with original pictorial covers bound in. London, (1863)

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