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VERY FINE AND LARGE COPY OF THIS RARE AND IMPORTANT WORK. "The Swedish Colony and mission on the Delaware, planted in 1638, under Oxenstiern, wrested by Stuyvesant of Manhattan and annexed to New Netherland in 1655 and swallowed up by the English in 1664, together with the other Dutch possessions in America, was never really abandoned or forgotten by the parent state till 1791, when it became permanently provided for and protected as part of the Great Republic of the United States. The best History of it is this by Acrelius born in 1714, died 1800, who wrote first hand, having been provost over its three Churches and Rector of the Old Swedish Church at Wilmington for seven years, 1749-56.


ADAMS (ESTELLE DAVENPORT, Editor). Sea Song and River Rhyme from Chaucer to Tennyson. With a new Poem by A. C. Swinburne. With VB etchings. 12mo, cloth, gilt top, London, 1887


From the estate of F. R. Halsey.

5. ADAMS (W. H. DAVENPORT). The Merry Monarch; or, England under Charles II. Its Art, Literature, and Society. Superbly EXTRA-ILLUSTRATED with a large number of Portraits of the Famous Personages of the period. 4 vols. (2 vols. extended to 4), full crimson crushed levant morocco, heavy gold line borders on sides and panelled backs, gold dentelle inside borders, gilt tops, uncut, by Riviere. London: Remington & Co., 1885

Very choice copy.


ADDISON (JOSEPH). Cato. A Tragedy. As it is acted at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane, by Her Majesty's Servants. 4to, sewed, uncut, with the half-title enclosed, in a cloth cover.

London: Printed for J. Tonson, at Shakespear's Head over-against Catherine-Street in the Strand, 1713

FIRST EDITION. Rare in this state.

7. AESOP AND GAY. Fables of Aesop, With a Life of the Author; and Embellished with 112 plates. 2 vols.-Fables by John Gay, With a Life of the Author; and Embellished with 70 plates. 2 vols. Profusely illustrated with full-page copper-plates by Blake, Stothard, and others. Together, 4 vols., large 8vo, full mottled calf, richly gilt backs and inside borders, gilt edges, by Morrell. London: John Stockdale, 1793 Fine, clean copy of the famous Stockdale edition.

8. AINSWORTH (WILLIAM HARRISON). The Spendthrift: A Tale. With illustrations by Hablot K. Browne. 8vo, original cloth, uncut. London, 1857

FIRST EDITION. From the estate of F. R. Halsey.

9. AINSWORTH (WILLIAM HARRISON). FIRST EDITIONS of the Works of. 151 Volumes. or wrappers, as issued.

Collected set of
Original cloth,

v.p., v.d.

The set consists of the following:-Letters from Cockney Lands, 1826; Sir John Chiverton, 1826; May Fair. In Four Cantos. 1827; Rookwood: a Romance, 3 vols., 1834; Rookwood. (THE FOURTH EDITION, complete in one volume, with illustrations by George Cruikshank.) 1836; Crichton, 3 vols., 1837; Nick of the Woods. A Story of Kentucky, by the Author of "Spartacus," " etc. Edited by Ainsworth. 3 vols., 1837; Jack Sheppard, 3 vols., 1839; The Tower of London, 1840; Guy Fawkes; or, The Gunpowder Treason. 3 vols. (Illustrated by George Cruikshank.) 1841; Old Saint Paul's: A Tale of the Plague and the Fire. 20 etched plates by Franklin. 3 vols., 1841; The Miser's Daughter, 3 vols., Illustrated by George Cruikshank, 1842; Ainsworth's Magazine. A Monthly Miscellany of Romance, General Literature and Art. Edited by William Harrison Ainsworth. From February, 1842, to December, 1854, inclusive, complete. 1842-54; 26 vols. Windsor Castle. (First 8vo. edition with eighteen full-page illustrations, and eighty-seven woodcuts by George Cruikshank and others.) 1843; Windsor Castle. 3 vols. (With three frontispieces by Cruikshank.) 1843; Saint James': or The Court of Queen Anne. 3 vols., illustrated by George Cruikshank. 1844; Auriol: or, The Elixir of Life. (As it appeared in Colburn's New Monthly Magazine and Humorist July and August numbers, 1845. The original installments as they first appeared in a Supplement, Gratis." With the many illustrations by Phiz.) 1845; Old Saint Paul's: A Tale of the Plague and the Fire. (A new edition with illustrations by John Franklin and H. K. Browne.) 1847; James the Second: or, The Revolution of 1688. 3 vols., 1848; Crichton. (THIRD EDITION, revised, with illustrations by H. K. Browne.) 1849; The Lancashire Witches, 1849; The Lancashire Witches, 3 vols., 1849; Life and Adventures of Mervyn Clitheroe. In the original parts, with full-page plates by Phiz, and all designs and advertisements. 1851; The Flitch of Bacon: or, The Custom of Dunmow. Illustrated by John Gilbert. 1854; The Lancashire Witches. (THIRD EDITION, with illustrations by John Gilbert.) 1854; Ballads: Romantic, Fantastical and Humorous. 1855; Rookwood. With illustrations by John Gilbert. 1857; The Spendthrift. Illustrated by H. K. Browne. 1857; The Combat of The Thirty. From a Breton Lay of the 14th Century. 1859; Ovingdean Grange. Illustrated by H. K. Browne. 1860; The Lord Mayor of London: or, City Life in the Last Century. 3 vols., 1862; Cardinal Pole: or, The Days of Philip and Mary. 3 vols., 1863; John Law: The Projector. 3 vols., 1864; The Spanish Match: or, Charles Stuart at Madrid. 3 vols., 1865; The Constable de Bourbon. 3 vols., 1866; Old Court. 3 vols., 1867; Myddleton Pomfret, 3 vols., 1868; Hilary St. Ives, 3 vols., 1870; Boscobel: or, The Royal Oak, 3 vols., 1872; The Good Old Times: or, The Story of the Manchester Rebels of '45, 3 vols., 1873; Merry England: or, Nobles and Serfs, 3 vols., 1874; Preston Fight: or, The Insurrection of 1715, 3 vols., 1875; The Goldsmith's Wife, 3 vols., 1875; The Leaguer of Lathom, 3 vols., 1876; Chetwynd Calverley, 3 vols., 1876; History of the Dunmow Flitch of Bacon Custom. By William Andrews. With a Poem by Ainsworth entitled "The Custom of Dunmow," 1877; Beau Nash: or, Bath in the 18th Century, 3 vols., (1879); The Fall of Somerset, 3 vols., 1877; Banquet to W. H. Ainsworth, Esq., at the Manchester Town Hall, Sept. 15, 1881. Printed for private circulation, this being No. 17 of an edition limited to 40 copies, 1881; Brochure presented to the guests at the banquet given to Ainsworth on Sept. 15, 1881. 1881; William Harrison Ainsworth. A Memoir. By W. E. A. Axon. One of an edition limited to 100 copies. 1902; William Harrison Ainsworth and His Friends. By S. M. Ellis. (2 vols.), 1911; Stanley Brereton, 3 vols., n. d.; (1881) Talbot Harland. Dick's Sixpenny edition, generally excepted as the first edition. 1871; The Works of Cheviot Tichburn. (With the types of John Leigh.) 1825; Beatrice Tyldesley, 3 vols., 1878; The Constable of the Tower, 3 vols., 1861; The Manchester Rebels of the Fatal '45. Published by Tinsley Bros., 8 Catherine Street, Strand. This is the second edition of "The Good

Old Times," which was issued in 1873, and contains a long preface explaining the author's reason for changing the title, 1874; December Tales. Printed for G. & W. B. Whitaker, Ave-Maria Lane, 1823; Old Grindrod's Ghost. A Ballad. (A single sheet containing 17 stanzas of four lines each. Privately printed. Under the title the Author has written "By W. Harrison Ainsworth, Esq.," and at the bottom of the poem "New Monthly Mag. for May." After the footnote, which reads as follows: "Founded on an incident related to me, with admirable humour, by my old friend, Mr. Gilbert Winter. Grindrod was hanged near Manchester; and the circumstance, described in the ballad, actually occurred," Ainsworth has written; 'Alas! departed since these lines were written, (referring to Winter.) n. d.; English Ale. A Song. The words by W. H. Ainsworth, music by G. H. Rodwell. Sheet Music, coloured lithographic engraving on the front page. Folio, first printing so far as known of the verses, (1845). The Star Chamber, 2 vols., 1854.

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10. AINSWORTH (WILLIAM HARRISON). Historical Romances. Illustrated with etchings in TWO STATES on Japan vellum, in black and in bistre. 20 vols., 8vo, full green morocco gilt with small inlays on backs, gilt edges. Philadelphia: Printed only for Subscribers by George Barrie & Son, n.d. ASTRAL EDITION, printed on Japanese vellum, and limited to 250 copies.


11. ALDRICH (THOMAS BAILEY). Friar Jerome's Beautiful Book. A. D. 1200. A Poem. MANUSCRIPT ON VELLUM, designed, written out, and illuminated by Alberto Sangorski, in the XIIIth Century style. The text in red and black, set off with numerous decorative borders, initials and ornaments in brilliant colors, heightened with burnished gold, and TWO LARGE MINIATURES AND SIX SMALLER MINIATURES, exquisitely executed in gold and colors. On 24 pages of pure vellum. Quarto, sumptuously bound in full dark blue levant morocco, set with FIVE JEWELS, the sides tooled in a mediaeval design consisting of an elliptical centre-piece of intricate gold arabesque tooling upon which a conventional filigree is inlaid in rose levant, in the middle of which on the front cover is set A LARGE RUBY; and with broad borders of inlaid rose levant bearing white flowers and gold-tooled sprays; the four corners being circles of gold tooling bearing JEWELS in their centres, on the front cover, each a LARGE SAPPHIRE; back gold tooled, with small red inlays; broad inside borders of parallel gold lines, doublures and flies of dark blue moiré silk. Enclosed in case of full blue morocco, gilt, lined with white silk, and fastened with clasps. London, 1917

This Manuscript will not be duplicated. One of the latest and most beautiful of the manuscripts of this accomplished artist.

ALIEN PROPERTY. Alien Property Custodian.

The attention of bidders is called to the following special and additional conditions of sale, subject to which lots 12 to 50 inclusive in this catalogue are to be sold:

Sale of said lots will be made in accordance with the provisions of the Act of Congress known as the Trading with the Enemy Act, as Amended; and the attention of bidders is called to the provisions of said Act, and to the penalties provided for violations thereof. The property advertised will be sold only to American citizens, or to corporations incorporated within and under the Laws of any State or Territory of the United States, or of any of its insular possessions; but the Alien Property Custodian shall have the right to exclude from bidding, at any such sale, and/or from purchasing or otherwise acquiring said property, any corporation which he shall, after investigation, determine to be controlled, managed or operated wholly or mainly by or for the account or benefit of a person or persons not citizens. Any person purchasing for an undisclosed principal, or for resale to a person not a citizen of the United States, will subject himself to the penalties of the said law. All bids made shall be subject to acceptance or rejection by the Alien Property Custodian at any time within fifteen days from the date of sale.

Sold by order of Mr. A. Mitchell Palmer,
Lots 12 to 50.


12. ALMANAC. Calender oder Jahrbuch der merkwurdigsten neuen Welt-Begebenheiten fur 1784. Engraved title, 12 engraved plates of incidents of the American Revolution; Map of the United States, in color; engraved plate with portraits of Washington, Franklin, Paul Jones, etc.; the American Flag and burgee, in colors; 2 plates of American uniforms in colors; 2 plates of medals. 24mo, original boards, gilt edges. Leipzig, 1784

AN ALMANAC OF DISTINCTLY AMERICAN INTEREST, the larger half being occupied entirely with accounts of the American Revolution, and the plates being totally of American scenes, incidents, etc.

13. CALIFORNIA. Relacion del sitio, toma y desalojo de la Colonia, nombrada el Sacramento, en que se hallavan los Portugueses desde el ano 1680 en el Rio de la Plata in vista de las Islas de S. Gabriel. Four leaves, without pagination. Small 4to, sewn. En Madrid: Por Antonio Bizarron, [1705]

AN EXCESSIVELY RARE AND IMPORTANT CALIFORNIA ITEM, apparently not in any of the large collections of Americana recently dispersed, and no copy offered for sale at auction in many years. Not in Brinley, Church or Sabin.

14. CASTANHEDA (FERNAO LOPES de). Warhasstige Historia von ersindung Calecut und anderer Konigreich, Landen.


in Indien und dem Indianischen Meer. Thick 12mo, vellum sides, old calf back (one leaf damaged).

N.p., 1565 Has the large

This translation is from the French edition. Scarce. armorial bookplate of C. W. G. V. N.

15. CEPEDA (FERNANDO DE) and CARRILLO (F. A.). Relacion universal legitima y verdadera del sitio en que esta fundada la muy noble, insigne, y muy leal Ciudad de Mexico, cabeca de las provincias de toda la Nueva Espana. Lagunas, rios y montes que la cinen y rodean. Folio, original limp vellum.

Mexico: Francisco Salbago, 1637

FIRST EDITION, containing 102 leaves, which does not include the end of the third part, nor the entire fourth yart. This very rare book contains an official account of the celebrated Desaque, or canal of Gueguetoca, called by Humboldt, Huehuetoca, which was constructed to carry off the superabundant waters of the lake of Mexico. Humboldt gives a full account of this stupendous undertaking.

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16. DE BRY (THEODOR). Newe Schiffahrt Einer Dreyjahrigen Reyse, so durch Georgen von Spielbergen von Anno 1601, bisz in 1604 . . . mit wahren Contraseyturen gemelten Konigs in Candy. Vignette on title and only 9 maps and plates (more or less imperfect and worn). Small 4to, paper covers. Gedrucht zu Franckfort am Mann durch Matthias Beckern, 1605

This was issued at the same time that Becker published the Seventh part of the small Voyages to German India.

17. DE BRY (THEODOR). Americae Pars Undecima: Seu Descriptio Admirandi itineris a Guillielmo Schouten Hollando peracti: qua ratione in meridionali plaga freti Magellanici novum hactenusque incognitum in mare Australe transitum patefecerit. Plates 3-9 only. Folio, sewn.

Oppenheimii: Typis Hieronymi Galleri, 1619

THE ONLY EDITION OF THIS PART, which contains accounts of two voy. ages around the world. This piece wants many of the plates, the maps, and the appendix.

18. DE FONTRANES (Director of the French Mission of Colonization). ORIGINAL SKETCH BOOK, containing finished drawings of New York views, Maps, Buildings, etc. Oblong 8vo, full sheep, with clasp. 1795

A HIGHLY INTERESTING AND IMPORTANT COLLECTION OF SKETCHES, containing a number of NEW YORK CITY VIEWS. These sketches were made by the artist when he was making a tour of the State of New York in 1795 for the purpose of establishing a settlement of French emigrants at the mouth of the Black River on Lake Ontario.

The contents include: Plans of the house of Mr. Joseph Quesnal, corner of Market and State Streets, New York; Plans of a garden, PROBABLY ON THE RIVER SIDE OF THE EAST RIVER, with two round corner pavilions; Map of Esperanza Town on the North River; Details, general

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