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views, etched by Bicknell, &c. 4 vols., 8vo, and 1 vol., folio (containing the facsimiles), full green levant morocco, gilt backs and inside borders, gilt tops, uncut.

Boston: Bibliophile Society, 1905 One of only 10 copies printed throughout on Japan vellum.

116. BIBLIOPHILE SOCIETY. Burns (Robert). To Mary in Heaven. With facsimile and introduction by William K. Bixby. 8vo, boards, uncut.

Boston, 1916 Privately printed for members only. From the estate of F. R. Halsey.

117. BIBLIOPHILE SOCIETY, Poems by Robert Louis Stevenson. Hitherto unpublished, with Introduction and Notes, by George S. Hellman. Portrait, engraved title, and facsimiles. 2 vols. royal 8vo, half parchment, gilt tops, uncut. Boston, 1916

One of 484 copies. From the estate of F. R. Halsey.

118. BIBLIOPHILE SOCIETY. Verse and Prose by Eugene Field. From the George H. Yenowine collection of Books and Manuscripts. Edited by Henry H. Harper, with an Introduction by William P. Trent. Facsimiles. 4to, half parchment, uncut.

Boston, 1917 From the estate of F. R. Halsey.

119. BIBLIOPHILE SOCIETY. The First, Fifteenth, and Sixteenth Year Books of the Bibliophile Society. 3 vols. 8vo, boards and parchment, uncut.

Boston, v.d. One of 500 copies. From the estate of F. R. Halsey.

120. BIBLIOGRAPHY. Joannis de Turrecremata Explanatio in Psalterium und einige Typographische Seltenheiten. Eine Litterarisch-Bibliographische Abhandlung vom G. Zapf. With sir facsimile plates. 4to full old red levant morocco.

Nurnberg, 1803 Fine copy. Very scarce.

121. [BIESTON (ROGER).] The bayte and snare of Fortune. Wherein may be seen that money is not the only cause of mischefe and vnfortunat endes; but a necessary mean to mayntayne a virtuous quiet lyfe. Treated in a Dialoge betwene man and money. Black Letter, title within a woodcut border. Folio, full red morocco. Imprinted at London, by John Wayland (abt. 1558]

A FINE, TALL COPY OF THIS EXTREMELY RARE WORK. The name of the writer is given in an acrostic on the verso of B4.

122. BINDING. Precationes Medicorum Piae as varios usum tum studiorum tum etiam operum artis, ... a Jacobo Horstio D. Medicinae. 16mo, old olive levant morocco gilt edges, bearing the arms on both covers of J. A. De Thou (Thuanus) and his initials five times repeated on the back.

Helmstadii, n.d. (1584)

Each page

A PARTICULARLY BEAUTIFUL BOOK OF ASSOCIATION INTEREST. is surrounded by_variegated wood engraved borders. The colophon gives the publisher as Jacobus Lucius, 1585.

123. BINDING. Du Bartas (G. Saluste). Du Bartas his Deuine Weeks and Works Translated: And Dedicated to the Kings most excellant Maiestie by Josuah Syvester. Engraved title by W. Hole. 4to, old calf, WITH ARMS OF JAMES I. ON SIDES (rebacked).

Lond. (1613]

Contains Thomas Hudson's translation of "The History of Judith."

124. BINDING. The New Testament and the Book of Psalms. 2 vols. in 1. 18mo, bound in ancient silk, the back and sides embroidered with decorations of flowers in various colored silks, probably by the Nuns of Little Gidding. In a red levant morocco case, in the shape of a book.

London: Robert Barker, 1630

An interesting specimen of early English embroidered binding.

125. BINDING. The Holy Bible, containing the Old Testament and the New. Elaborately engraved titles to both Books, the text ruled in red. Thick 12mo, embroidered in floral designs of colored silks, silver threads, on a white silk background (worn), in full russet levant morocco, silk-lined box.

Printed at London by Robert Barker, 1641

A FINE SPECIMEN OF EMBROIDERED BINDING. There is also bound in: The Book of Common Prayer, title within an engraved border of Seriptural emblems, London, 1642; and, The Whole Book of Psalms, title within ornamental border, London, 1642. This copy contains the Apocrypha.

126. BINDING BY SAMUEL MEARNE-Patrick (S., Dean of Peterborough). A Discourse Concerning Prayer, especially of frequenting the Dayly Publick Prayers, in Two Parts, London, J. M. for Richard Royston, 1686, sm. 8vo, beautifully bound in old Eng. lish red morocco, the sides elaborately tooled in gold to a Le Gascon Design, composed of scroll and elegant pointille work with roses, stars and large dots, within a narrow border of two lines, having an outer roll of vine pattern, inside borders, edges of binding also tooled, back full gilt in compartments with scroll, leaf and pointille ornaments, gilt edges.

An exquisite example of Samuel Mearne's finest work in the Le Gascon style, wonderfully fresh and well preserved.

127. BINDING. Begerus (Laurentius). Regum et Imperatorum Romanorum Numismata. Illustrated with numerous fine numismatic plates, and portrait. Folio, full contemporary calf, richly gilt back and sides, wide gilt border, central panel with corner floral ornaments, and crown on back in compartments; crown and mace on sides.

Coloniae Brandenburgicae: Typis Ulrici Liebperti, 1700 Fine copy, in a handsome specimen of contemporary binding.

128. BINDING. [De Souvenal.] Lettres Critiques et Historiques, touchant l'idée que les Anciens avoient de la Poësie, & celle qu'en ont les Modernes. Ecrites par un Provincial [De Souvenal] à une Dame de Paris. 12mo, contemporary mottled calf, with the arms of Madame de Pompadour stamped in gold in the centre of both covers, red edges. Paris: François Le Breton, 1712

Books from "the" Pompadour's Library will ever retain their sentimental interest and charm.

129. BINDING. Opera Latine Scripta ex Secundis Curis Jani Broukhusii, etc. By Actius Syncerus Sannazarius. Frontispiece by Houbraken, and plate. 8vo, old French red morocco, full gilt floreated back, with love birds, line sides, inside dentelles, blue end papers, gilt edges, [by Derome.

Amstelaedami: Apud Viduam Gerardi Onder de Linden, 1728
A handsome specimen. With bookplate of Robert Clutterbuck.

130. BINDING. Lettres du Marquis de Roselle. Par Madame E. D. B. Nouvelle Edition. Two parts in one volume. 12mo, beautifully bound in contemporary French red morocco, handsomely tooled on the back and sides, gilt end papers, gilt edges, (by Derome).

Londres, et se trouve a Paris, 1764 A splendid specimen of Derome's work.

131. BINDING. Goldsmith. An Almanack for the Year of our Lord God 1821. Calculated by John Goldsmith. Printed in red and black. Narrow 24mo, full old red morocco, lavishly gilt tooled on back and sides, silver clasps, with chasing of tulips, pin grooves and silver pin for fastening the covers, flys and pockets of gold and flowered boards.

London, [1820] A fine specimen of the binding of the period. The almanac portion of the volume is interleaved.

132. BINDING. Ancient Spanish Ballads; Historical and Romantic. Translated by J. G. Lockhart. Illustrations after Roberts, Harvey, and others, and borders and ornamental vignettes by Owen Jones, in colors. 4to, full lilac levant morocco, the back and sides beautifully and elaborately decorated in a Moorish design

in gilt, with numerous inlays in red, blue, green leathers, silk ends and flys, gilt top, uncut, by Riviere.

London, John Murray, 1841 A beautiful book in an appropriate binding.

133. BINDING with miniatures. Clayton (Ellen C.). Queens of Song: Being Memoirs of Some of the Most Celebrated Female Vocalists who have appeared on the Lyric Stage. Engraved Por. traits. 2 volumes, full blue levant morocco, the sides of each volume adorned with FOUR LOVELY MINIATURE PORTRAITS, painted by Miss E. B. Currie, making a total of SIXTEEN MINIATURES ON IVORY, each surrounded by a border of gold tooling, gilt corners, richly gilt backs, doublures and flies of flowered brocade, gilt tops, uncut; by Riviere. Each volume in a brown levant morocco pull-off case.

London: Smith, Elder & Co., 1863 The Miniature Portraits comprise: Mrs. Billington, Mme. Viardot Garcia, Mrs. Anastasia Robinson, Mme. Catalani, Mme. Pasta, Mme. Grisi, Miss Paton, Miss Stephens, Mlle. Falcon, Mme. Fodor, Mrs. Cronch, Signora Storace, Mme. Malibran, Mme. Clara Vovello, Fanny Parsiani, Henrietta Sontag.

134. BIOGRAPHY of the BRITISH STAGE: correct narratives of the Lives of all the principal Actors and Actresses at Drury Lane, &c. Illustrated by the insertion of 84 scarce portraits, some coloured, and autograph letters. 8vo, green levant morocco, gilt back and sides, gilt top, uncut edges, by Riviere.

London, 1824 Unique copy, with the bookplate of Wm. Crampton. The inserted por traits are generally rare, and the autograph letters very interesting. The

binder has preserved the original covers. 135. BIÖRCK (TOBIAS E.). Dissertatio Gradualis de Plantatione Ecclesiæ Svencana in America. Folding Map. Brilliant Impression, containing portions of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland and New York, including Staten Island, Manhattan Island, etc. With curious woodcut at page 27 inscribed “MANETTO INDIANORUM.” Small 4to, half green levant, rough edges.

Upsala: Literis Wernerianis, [1731] The author was a native-born American, the son of the Swedish missionary, Eric Biörck, who, in 1697, was sent as a Minister to New Sweden on the Delaware. This is the first book written by a native American and published in Sweden. It is full of interesting historical details of the founding of the Swedish Church in America and of its earliest pastors. The matter relating to the Indians displays the author's great knowledge of the subject and is of great historical importance.

136. BIRDS. Essay towards a Natural History of British Song Birds. Illustrated by eighty beautifully colored plates, including the nests and eggs. 2 vols. in 1. 4to, half green morocco, gilt edges.

London, 1815

The illustrations are colored by hand, and have the appearance of water-color drawings.

137. BIRDS. Sixty beautifully colored plates of Birds with habitat accessories, culled from the Galeric Ornithologique, with descriptive text.

Robin: Paris, 1850]

138. BLACKMORE (R. D.). Lorna Doone. A Romance of Exmoor. Profusely illustrated with full page and text wood engravings. 2 vols., royal 8vo, half blue morocco, richly gift ornamentation, gilt tops, uncut, in wooden box. Cleveland, 1890

Fine copy, with a duplicate set of the full-page engravings on calendered paper. From the estate of F. R. Halsey.


139. BLAKE (WILLIAM). Ballads, by William Hayley, Esq. Founded on Anecdotes Relating to Animals, with Prints, Designed and Engraved by William Blake. Full-page copperplates. Small 8vo, contemporary mottled calf gilt. Enclosed in cloth wrapper, and blue levant morocco solander case. Chichester: Printed by J. Seagrave, for Richard Phillips. ...

London, 1805 PRESENTATION COPY, WITH AUTOGRAPH INSCRIPTION ON FLY-LEAF: “Mr. Weller, With grateful remembrance from William Blake."

Accompanying the volume is an autograph letter from the President of the William Blake Society, identifying Mr. Weller as an intimate friend of Blake and Flaxman.



140. BLANE (WILLIAM). Cynegetica; or, Essays on Sporting. Consisting of Observations on Hare Hunting. . . . To which is added, The Chace: A Poem. By William Somerville. Illustrated with engraved title and frontispiece by Heath after Stothard. 8vo, full crimson levant morocco, fillet back and border on sides, with a blind tooled medallion of a sportsman and his lady off to the hunt, gilt edges, in slip case, by Riviere.

London: John Stockdale, 1788

Fine copy

141. BLOUNT (THOMAS POPE). De Re Poetica; or, Remarks upon Poetry, with Characters and Censures of the Most Considerable Poets, whether Ancient or Modern. Small 4to, full sprinkled calf, gilt edges, by Lloyd.

London: Printed by Ric. Everingham, for R. Bentley, 1694 FIRST EDITION. The Life of Shakespeare will be found at pages 202206.

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