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gilt, doublure of green levant morocco, beautifully tooled with a handsome conventional design, gilt edges by Capé.

Lovanii: apud Rutgerum Velpium, 1570

AN EXCESSIVELY RARE COLLECTION OF LETTERS, relating the accounts of their Missions to India, Japan, and Tartary, by St. Francis Xavier, Balthasar Diaz, and others. IN A MAGNIFICENT BINDING. With the Hoe bookplate.

1069. YEATS (W. B.). Representative Irish Tales, compiled, with an introduction and Notes by W. B. Yeats. 2 vols., 16mo, original cloth, board sides, gilt tops, uncut.

New York and London, n.d. (1891)

Presentation Copy from W. B. Yeats, with inscription by him. "To my dear friend Katherine Tynan, W. B. Yeats. April 8th, 1891."

1070. YEATS (W. B.). The Green Helmet and other Poems. By William Butler Yeats. 8vo, original boards, uncut.

Churchtown: Dundrum, The Cuala Press, 1910

FIRST EDITION. One of only 400 copies. PRESENTATION COPY, inscribed by the author: "Mrs. Drey from W. B. Yeats, Nov. 24, 1910." Inserted in the volume is an A. L. S. from the author to this lady respecting the book.

1071. ZOLA (EMILE). Le Réve. Illustrations de Carloz Schwabe et L. Métivel. 4to, brown levant morocco, sides and inside border in mosaic, the front cover ornamented with a superb enamel plaque, taken from the design on page twelve. From the atelier of Meunier, gilt top, uncut edges.

Paris, 1873

No. 19 of thirty copies printed on Japan paper, with a duplicate of the original covers printed on satin. Irrespective of the book, the bril liant enamel sunken in the front cover is of exceeding beauty, worthy of the artistic taste of the famous Meunier.

1072. ZOLA (EMILE). Le Voeu d'une Morte. Nouvelle Edition. 12mo, full gray levant morocco, doublures of blue silk, gilt inside borders, gilt edges, uncut, original covers bound in, by Affolter.

One of 100 copies on Holland paper.

Paris, 1889



My wish is that my Drawings, my Prints, my Curiosities, my Books-in a word, these things of art which have been the joy of my life-shall not be con signed to the cold tomb of a museum, and subjected to the stupid glance of the careless passer-by; but I require that they shall all be dispersed under the hammer of the Auctioneer, so that the pleasure which the acquiring of each one of them has given me shall be given again, in each case, to some inheritor of my own tastes.

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[NOVEMBER IST, 1916-APRIL 26TH, 1917]

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