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√ 490.

ENGLISH, MAINLY LITERARY: Engraved portraits of Akenside, Warren Hastings, W. Beckford, Steele, Christopher Pitt (after Stothard), Capt. Cook, John Hughes, Prince Albert, Queen Victoria, some views relating to Smollett, and others. 4to and smaller. (20 pieces.)

495. POST (JOHN J.) Abstract of Title of Kip's Bay N. Y. City; also the of the Kip

may Family. Fronts. 8vo, paper, pp. 10. (3 copies.) N. Y. 1894

✓ 491.
ENGLISH DRAMATIC: Miss Nelson as Rose,
Mrs. Matthews, Mrs. Bunn (3 dif.), Ann Catley (2 dif.),
Ginly Coote Binden (rare, c. 1760), Mrs. Barry, Miss Nailor
as Hebe (mezzo.), Mrs. Goodall, Mrs. (Perdita) Robinson (5
dif., modern impressions), Mrs. Mansell, Miss Mahon and
others. Mostly 12mo. (36 pieces.)



ENGLISH DRAMATIC: Engraved portraits of Geo. Colman (the elder), Rauzzini, Rayner as Tyke, Jas. Lacy, Woodward (autotype), Corelli, Buckstone, T. P. Cooke, Ben Jonson and others. 4to and smaller. (21 pcs.) ✓ 493. AMERICAN DRAMATIC: Engraved portraits of T. H. Hadaway as Caleb Caleb Quotem (rare), Dan Satchell (photo), Mr. Wood (by Edwin), Mitchell (of the Olympic, etching), George Jones, numerous of Hackett, with sketch from N. Y. Mirror; Macready, numerous, and others. With J. K. Hackett Souvenir and miscellaneous scraps, playbills, etc. 4to and smaller. (About 30 pieces, as a lot) ✓ 494. AMERICAN DRAMATIC: Lucille Weston (photo, colored), Mary Anderson as Hermione (colored), Mlle. Titiens, Caroline Richings, The Rousset Family, Fanny Wright (unmounted photo), Laura Keene (litho, cut down), and others. Mostly 4to. (11 pieces.)

496. POTTERY AND PORCELAIN. Collections to-
wards a History of, in the 15th to 18th Centuries. By Jos.
Marryat. Thick 4to, half morocco (binding poor), gilt top,
uncut (fine for rebinding).
Lond. Murray, 1850

A splendid work, illustrated with 12 full-page plates, richly colored and illuminated, and numerous cuts on india paper. With glossary and a list of monograms. THE RARE LARGE




(6 vols., 3


sets of each), full bound in russia and morocco, gilt edges. Oxford [recent] 498. Full bound in calf and morocco, gilt edges. vols., 4 sets of each. Oxford [recent] $499. Full bound in undressed calf, gilt edges. 8 vols., 4 of each. Oxford [recent]

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16mo, full bound in undressed calf, gilt edges,
neat. 8 vols., 4 of each.
Oxford [recent]

16mo and 18mo, in full russia and morocco, gilt
edges. 4 vols., 2 of each.

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502. PRESIDENTS' MESSAGES. A Compilation of the Messages and Papers of the Presidents, 1789-1897. Published by Authority of Congress by Jas. D. Richardson. Vols. I to IX. (Vol. X. lacking). Engraved portraits of Presidents. 9 vols. 8vo, cloth. Wash. 1896-98

✔ 503. PROPHECY AND HISTORY in relation to the Messiah. The Warburton Lectures for 1880-1884. By Alfred Edersheim. Svo, new half calf, gilt.

N. Y. 1885

504. PUTNAM'S MONTHLY MAGAZINE of American Literature, Science and Art. Vols. 1 to 6. Illusts., including a series of New York views in 1753. 6 vols. 8vo, half calf, gilt. N. Y., Jan., 1853-Dec., 1855

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505. PYRENEES (THE). A Tour Through. By H. A. Taine. Transl. Post 8vo, half calf (slightly rubbed).

N. Y. 1874

506. QUEBEC. Le Moine (J. M.) Picturesque Quebec:

a Sequel to Quebec Past and plans, etc. 8vo, cloth.

Maps, Montreal, 1882


Our Great West. FIRST Illust. 8vo, cloth. N. Y. 1892 ✔508. RAMBLES AMONG WORDS [Swinton], 1864; The ✔ Last Days of the Consulate, 1886; Trench on the Study of Words, 1865; Crabb's English Synonymes, 1833; and others (3 odd). 20 vols.

509. RANKE (L.) Memoirs of the House of Brandenburg, and History of Prussia during the 17th and 18th Centuries. Transl. by Sir Alex. and Lady Duff Gordon. 3 vols. 8vo, half c.imson calf, gilt (book club stamp on titles). Lond. 1849

510. RECOLLECTIONS OF A LITERARY MAN v [Daudet]; Nights with Uncle Remus [Harris]; Memoir of Margaret Davidson [Irving]; and others. 10 vols. crown Svo, etc.

✔ 511. REFORMATION. Martyn (W. C.) Martin Luther;
The Huguenots; The Dutch Reformation; The Pilgrim
Fathers; The English Puritans. Together 5 vols. Crown
8vo, half calf.
N. Y. [186-]

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✓ 512. REVOLUTION ROMANCE. [Louvet De Couvray
(J. B.)] Love and Patriotism; or, The Extraordinary Ad-
ventures of M. Duportail, late Major-General in the Armies
of the United States. 12mo, unbound (date shorn, stained
and last leaf lacking).
Bost. 1799

Extract from the notorious" Adventures of Faublas," published here owing to the hero's prominence as a follower of Lafayette.

513. RHODE ISLAND. Report of the Geological and Agricultural Survey of the State of R. I. By Charles T. Jackson. Illust. 8vo, half calf. Providence, R. I., 1840 David: a Tragedy. Imp. v Limited to 250 copies. N. Y. 1904 515. ROCHESTER, N. Y. O'Reilly (Henry). Sketches of Rochester, with Incidental Notices of Western New York. Numerous woodcut views of scenery, edifices, etc., and portrait. Crown 8vo, original cloth (wants map, and spotted in places). Rochester, 1838 ✓5 6. ROCKY MOUNTAIN SCENERY. Sun Pictures of, with a Description of the Geographical and Geological Features of the Great West. With 30 photo views along the Pacific Railway, Omaha to Sacramento. 4to, half morocco gilt, gilt edges. Fine copy. N. Y. 1870

514. RICE (CALE YOUNG). 8vo, half cloth and boards, uncut.

517. ROGERS (SAMUEL). Poems. New edn. 12mo, half morocco, gilt top, uncut. Lond. Cadell, 1827 Poems. New edn., with Additions by the Author. Large 8vo, half morocco, gilt top.


Phil. Lea & Blanchard, 1843 Handsome edition on thick paper, with plates by Finden and others, after Turner, Stothard, etc.

519. ROLLIN (CHAS.) Ancient History. Jas. Bell. Engraved fronts. and titles and 2 vols. royal 8vo, sheep. ✓520. ROME. Gell (Sir Wm.) The Topography of Rome and its Vicinity. New edn., by E. H. Bunbury. Engravings and maps, including the large one on canvas folding into cloth covers. Together 2 vols. 8vo, cloth. Lond. 1846 521. By Francis Wey. Introduction by W. W.▾ Story. Numerous illusts. 4to, half morocco (loose in covers).


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* 522.

A History of the City of Rome, its Structures and Monuments, from its Foundation to the End of Middle Ages. By Thos. H. Dyer. Map. 8vo, half calf. N. Y.1877 523. Burn (Robt.) Old Rome: a Handbook to the Ruins of the City and the Campagna. Many maps and other illusts. 8vo, cloth (margin of 1 map damaged). Lond. 1880

With Life by colored maps.

N. Y. 1834

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524. ROME and the Newest Fashions in Religion [Gladstone], 1876; Bourdaloue and Louis XIV.; The Old Roman World [Lord], 1867; The Great Argument, or Jesus Christ in the Old Testament [Thomson], 1884; and others. 20 vols. ✓525. ROSSETTI (DANTE GABRIEL). Recollections of, by T. Hall Caine. Portrait. 8vo, cloth. Bost. 1883 ✓526. RUSSIA. An Account of a Geographical and Astronomical Expedition to the Northern Parts of Russia. By Martin Sauer. Map and 14 full-page copper-plates. 4to, Lond. 1802


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Panorama de Moscow. Large folding panoramic view, about 8 ft. long, of the City of Moscow. Oblong 4to, cloth. n. p. [circa 1870]

✓528. ST.-PIERRE (J.-H.-BERNARDIN). Œuvres, mises en ordre par L. Aimé-Martin. Portrait and other illusts. 2 vols. royal 8vo, half calf, gilt (binding of Vol. 2 loose, and stained in places). A Paris, 1836 ✓529. SALA (GEORGE AUGUSTUS). South: Travels in Search of Sunshine. cloth, gilt.

/ 532.

The Journal of, from the Original MS. at Abbotsford. Portraits and vignette titles. 2 vols. 8vo, cloth, uncut. N. Y. Harper, 1890 ✓533. SCULPTURE. A Complete Series of 100 Engravings by Francis Perrier of Masterpieces of Ancient Sculpture, own with Frontispiece and Engraved Index. Folio, boards (one Romæ, 1638

plate mounted).

A Journey Due✔
Illust. Post 8vo,

Lond. 1888

530. SCHEME OF REDEMPTION (THE) [Milligan], 1877; Reason and Revelation [Milligan], 1873; The Grounds of Theistic and Christian Belief [Fisher], 1883; Memoir of Sydney Smith, 2 vols., 1855; and others. 10 vols.

531. [SCOTT (SIR WALTER).] The Life of Napoleon Buonaparte, with a preliminary View of the French Revolution. 3 vols. 8vo, original boards, uncut. Phil. 1827

First American edition.

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534. SENECA'S MORALS. To which is added a Dis- v course by Sir Roger L'Estrange. Copper front. 8vo, old panelled calf. Lond. 1711

✓ 535. SCULPTURE: its History, Methods and Sanitary
Requisites. By Dr. Stephen Wickes. 8vo, cloth. Phil. 1884
Presentation copy from the author. Includes a chapter on
N. American Burial.

536. SETOUN (GABRIEL). The Child World. Numerous dainty illusts. Post 8vo, cloth, gilt.

Poems. v N. Y. 1896

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537. SEWARD (W. H.)
Edited by O. R. Seward.
Thick 8vo, half calf.
✓ 538.

Travels Around the World. Portrait and numerous illusts. N. Y. 1873

Autobiography, 1801-1834. With Memoir of his Life, and Selections from his Letters, 1831-1846, by F. W. Seward. Many portraits. 8vo, half morocco. N. Y. 1877 ✓539. SHAKESPEARE. The Works of Shakespeare. Edited by Charles Knight. 2 vols. thick folio, half morocco, gilt edges (name on titles).

N. Y. (printed in London) [circa 1875] One of the finest pictorial Shakespeares ever issued. Contains a large number of fine steel plates after Cope, Maclise, Frith, Gérome, Orchardson, hton, and other equally eminent artists.


540. The Works of William Shakespeare in reduced FACSIMILE from the Famous First Folio of 1623. With Introduction by J. O. Halliwell-Phillipps. Crown 8vo, original roxburghe binding. Lond. 1876

541. Works. Edited by Charles Knight. Portrait, nearly 400 illusts. by Sir John Gilbert, and 36 steel plates. 2 vols. 4to, cloth. Bost. [1878]

Speeches, 1


542. SHERIDAN (RICHD. BRINSLEY). with a Sketch of his Life. Edited by a Constitutional Friend. Portrait. 3 vols. 8vo, cloth. Lond. 1842


543. SHERMAN (GEN. W. T.) Memoirs Illust. 2 vols. 8vo, cloth (name on titles).

of Sherman. N. Y. 1891

✔544. SHIP-BUILDING. An Outline of, Theoretical and
Practical. By Theo. D. Wilson. Numerous illusts. Royal
8vo, cloth.
N. Y. 1873

✓545. SHORT HISTORY OF FRENCH LITERATURE [Saintsbury], 1892; Schlegel's Dramatic Art and Literature, 1846; Darwin's Naturalist's Voyage Round the World, Lond. 1889; Shaw's English Literature, 1852; and other miscellaneous books (some in paper). 35 vols.

546. SMITH (F. HOPKINSON). Well Worn Roads ofSpain, Holland and Italy, traveled by a Painter in Search of the Picturesque. Numerous illusts., many fine full-page plates. Small folio, cloth (name on title). Bost. 1887

✓547. SOCIAL ECONOMICS. Principles of.
cisms on Current Theories. Post 8vo, cloth.

With Criti- *
N. Y. 1897

548. SONGS OF PRAISE and Poems of Devotion in the 1 Christian Centuries, with Introduction by Henry Coppée. 60 steel vignettes, after OPIE, TURNER, SCHMOLZE, etc. 4to, brown morocco extra, gilt edges. Phil. 1866

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