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New-York State Library.

JANUARY 1, 1850



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The Legislature, by a provision of Law passed at their session of 1849, authorized the publication of a Catalogue of the State Libra ry. All the officers connected with it, have been diligently engaged since May last, in carrying out and completing the required

volume, and the result is now presented.

While aware of its imperfections, many of which may be hereafter corrected in future Annual Reports, the Trustees still feel a justifiable degree of pride in presenting this evidence of the regard of the State, through its constituted authorities, for the promotion of Science and Literature.

The volumes which have been received from the valuable library of the late Chancellor, are designated by the letters C. L. Those obtained by purchase from Mr. Warden, have annexed to them the letters W. C.

It would not comport with their feelings, were the Trustees to omit an expression of their obligations, and through them of the State, to M. VATTEMARE, for his unceasing, most devoted and most successful labors to promote the cause of STATE AND International EXCHANGES, and by means of which the Library has been so much enriched. His full reward is yet to come, and in its maturity, will only reach his descendants. Here, in the bosom of a mighty empire, and throughout the continent, his name will ever be inscribed as one of the earliest and ablest friends and promoters of the diffusion of knowledge.


has closed over two others of the truest and most valu

grave ed friends of the NEW-YORK STATE LIBRARY, one of whom, at least, the Trustees hoped to present with a copy of this Catalogue, as a

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