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THIS edition has been carefully revised; no pains having been spared to correct the errors that had crept into the former edition; to supply its deficiencies; and to render the work more complete, and worthy of the public patronage. The article on Prison Discipline in this edition has been contributed by William Russell, Esq., Inspector of Prisons; the article on the Constitution and Courts of Law has been carefully revised by Edward Smirke, Esq., Barrister at Law; Mr. Coode has nearly re-written the article on the Poor Laws; and Mr. Farr has made large additions to his elaborate and excellent article on Vital Statistics. On the whole, it is believed that the work will be found to be materially improved; and that if it do not fully attain, it at all events comes considerably nearer the object of its projectors, in presenting a pretty accurate view of the present state and resources of the British empire.

April 20th, 1839.

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