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Surrealism, History and Revolution

Simon Baker - 2007 - 372 pagine
This book is a new account of the surrealist movement in France between the two world wars. It examines the uses that surrealist artists and writers made of ideas and images ...
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The ship: retracing Cook's Endeavour voyage

Simon Baker - 2003 - 223 pagine
"The Ship" tells the remarkable story of Captain James Cook's voyage on the "Endeavour, " describing what happened when a team of volunteers boarded a replica of the ship to ...
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Undercover surrealism: Georges Bataille and Documents

Dawn Ades, Simon Baker - 2006 - 271 pagine
An exploration of the unsettling collisions of art and culture in Georges Bataille's revolutionary journal and a new consideration of twentieth-century masterpieces by Picasso ...
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Close-up: Proximity and De-familiarisation in Art, Film and Photography

Dawn Ades, Simon Baker - 2008 - 111 pagine
Close-Up explores the defamiliarising effects of bringing a camera lens very close to its subject. Trans-historical and cross-generational, the exhibition brings together ...
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