List of the Writings of William Hazlitt and Leigh Hunt: Chronologically Arranged with Notes, Descriptive, Critical, and Explanatory; and a Selection of Opinions Regarding Their Genius and Characteristics, by Distinguished Contemporaries and Friends as Well as by Subsequent Critics; Preceded by a Review Of, and Extracts From, Barry Cornwall's "Memorials of Charles Lamb;" with a Few Words on William Hazlitt and His Writings, and a Chronological List of the Works of Charles Lamb

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John Russell Smith, 1868 - 233 pagine

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Pagina 217 - With this key Shakespeare unlocked his heart; the melody Of this small lute gave ease to Petrarch's wound; A thousand times this pipe did Tasso sound; With it Camoens soothed an exile's grief; The Sonnet glittered a gay myrtle leaf Amid the cypress with which Dante crowned His visionary brow; a glow-worm lamp, It cheered mild Spenser, called from Faery-land To struggle through dark ways; and, when a damp Fell round the path of Milton, in his hand The thing became a trumpet, whence he blew Soul-animating...
Pagina 48 - The Round Table, a collection of essays on literature, men and manners which were originally contributed to the Examiner.
Pagina 156 - That they are not a pipe for fortune's finger To sound what stop she please. Give me that man That is not passion's slave, and I will wear him In my heart's core, ay, in my heart of heart, As I do thee.
Pagina 18 - Keep to your bank, and the bank will keep you. Trust not to the public : you may hang, starve, drown yourself for anything that worthy personage cares. I bless every star that Providence, not seeing good to make me independent, has seen it next good to settle me upon the stable foundation of Leadenhall. Sit down, good BB, in the banking office : what!
Pagina 81 - Sleepe after toyle, port after stormie seas, Ease after warre, death after life, does greatly please.
Pagina 17 - Throw yourself on the world without any rational plan of support, beyond what the chance employ of booksellers would afford you ! ! ! " Throw yourself rather, my dear Sir, from the steep Tarpeian rock slap-dash headlong upon iron spikes. If you had but five consolatory minutes between the desk and the bed, make much of them, and live a century in them, rather than turn slave to the Booksellers.
Pagina 53 - The Church-yard abounds with images which find a mirror in every mind, and with sentiments to which every bosom returns an echo.
Pagina 188 - I conceive it to be the duty of every educated person closely to watch and study the time in which he lives, and, as far as in him lies, to add his humble mite of individual exertion to further the accomplishment of what he believes Providence to have ordained.
Pagina 131 - I'll tell you, friend! a wise man and a fool. You'll find, if once the monarch acts the monk Or, cobbler-like, the parson will be drunk, Worth makes the man, and want of it the fellow, The rest is all but leather or prunella.
Pagina 26 - ... his genius, these are thine; For these dost thou repine? He may have left the lowly walks of men; Left them he has; what then? Are not his footsteps followed by the eyes Of all the good and wise?

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