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" Of all the causes which conspire to blind Man's erring judgment, and misguide the mind, What the weak head with strongest bias rules, Is Pride, the never-failing vice of. fools. Whatever nature has in worth denied, , She gives in large recruits of needful... "
Broome, Pope, Pitt, Thomson - Pagina 160
di Samuel Johnson - 1810
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Poor Richard's Almanack

Benjamin Franklin - 2004 - 302 pagine
...erringjudgment, and misguide the Mind, What the weak Head with strongest Biass rules, Is Pride, that never-failing Vice of Fools. Whatever Nature has in...Bodies, thus in Souls we find What wants in Blood & Spirits, swell'd with Wind. Hear Reason, or she'll make you feel her. Give me yesterday's Bread,...
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