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" The French Historie: that is, a lamentable Discourse of three of the chiefe and most famous bloodie broiles that have happened in France for the Gospell of Jesus Christ Namelie: 1 -The outrage called the winning of S. "
Bibliotheca Cornubiensis: A-O - Pagina 116
di George Clement Boase, William Prideaux Courtney - 1874 - 1512 pagine
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Shakespeare and Renaissance Europe

Andrew Hadfield, Paul Hammond - 2005 - 314 pagine
...(London, 2000). pp. 88-9. 44. Anne Dowriche, The French Historic, that is, A Iamentable Discourse of Time of the Chiefe, and Most Famous Bloodie Broiles that have Happened in France (London, 1589) (STC 7159.3). fos24v-33: The Mutable and Wavering Estate of France from the Yeare of...
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