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Small Satellite Missions for Earth Observation: New Developments and Trends

Rainer Sandau, Hans-Peter Roeser, Arnoldo Valenzuela - 2010 - Anteprima limitata
This book was compiled from contributions given at the 7th IAA Symposium on Small Satellites for Earth Observation, May 4–8, 2009, Berlin (IAA – International Academy of Astronautics). From the 15 sessions for oral presentations and two poster ...
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Image and Signal Processing for Remote Sensing X: 13-15 ..., Volume 5573

Lorenzo Bruzzone - 2004 - Anteprima non disponibile
Includes Proceedings Vol. 7821
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Space Technologies and Climate Change Implications for Water Management ...

OECD - 2008 - Anteprima non disponibile
This book examines the contributions that space technologies can make in tackling some of the serious problems posed by climate change, focusing on examples of water management, marine resources and maritime transport.
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Threats, Risks and Sustainability - Answers by Space

Kai-Uwe Schrogl, Charlotte Mathieu, Agnieszka Lukaszczyk - 2009 - Anteprima limitata
Development is challenged by, at least until 2050, a strong population, more severe environmental strains, growing mobility, and dwindling energy resources. All these factors will lead to serious consequences for humankind. Inadequate ...
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Advances in Environmental Remote Sensing: Sensors, Algorithms, and Applications

Qihao Weng - 2011 - Anteprima limitata
Generating a satisfactory classification image from remote sensing data is not a straightforward task. Many factors contribute to this difficulty including the characteristics of a study area, availability of suitable remote sensing data ...
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Advances in Earth Observation of Global Change

Emilio Chuvieco, Jonathan Li, Xiaojun Yang - 2010 - Anteprima limitata
Global Change studies are increasingly being considered a vital source of information to understand the Earth Environment, in particular in the framework of human-induced climate change and land use transformation. Satellite Earth Observing ...
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Bistatic Radars: Emerging Technology

Mikhail Cherniakov - 2008 - Anteprima non disponibile
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Classification Methods for Remotely Sensed Data, Second Edition

Paul Mather, Brandt Tso - 2016 - Anteprima limitata
Since the publishing of the first edition of Classification Methods for Remotely Sensed Data in 2001, the field of pattern recognition has expanded in many new directions that make use of new technologies to capture data and more powerful ...
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Differential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy: Principles and Applications

Ulrich Platt, Jochen Stutz - 2008 - Anteprima limitata
The first part of this book reviews the basics of atmospheric chemistry, radiation transport, and optical spectroscopy before detailing the principles underlying DOAS. The second part describes the design and application of DOAS instruments as ...
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Digital Analysis of Remotely Sensed Imagery

Jay Gao - 2009 - Anteprima non disponibile
An important text that identifies and introduces new trends in image analysis Digital Analysis of Remotely Sensed Imagery provides thorough coverage of the entire process of analyzing remotely sensed data for the purpose of producing accurate ...
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