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Kamo, l'agenzia Babele

Daniel Pennac - 1997 - Anteprima non disponibile

The Mutiny on the Bounty: B1.1-niveau ERK

Jeremy Fitzgerald, Eleanor Donaldson - 2013 - Anteprima non disponibile
ADVENTURE What really happened on board the famous ship the Bounty? Why did the sailors mutiny against their captain, and where did they take the ship? How did the captain and his loyal crew survive a 5,000 mile journey? Join Captain Bligh ...

Missing in Sydney: A2-niveau ERK

Andrea M. Hutchinson, Laura Clyde - 2013 - Anteprima non disponibile
ADVENTURE Three best friends are travelling around Australia in search of adventure before they start university back home in the UK. But after celebrating Christmas Day on Sydney’s Bondi Beach one of them goes missing. Lisa is just an ordinary ...

The Diamond as Big as the Ritz

Francis Scott Fitzgerald - 2006 - Anteprima non disponibile
"My father has a diamondd bigger than the Ritz-Carlton Hotel." When John is invited to his friend's house for the summer, he do not really believe that he is going to the house of the richest man the world. But when he arrives, he soon discovers ...