Nationalism And Archaeology In Europe

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Margarita Diaz-andreu, Timothy Champion
Avalon Publishing, 14 mar 1996 - 314 pagine
In this book, archaeologists from many different European countries have come together to explore the varied relationship between nationalistic ideas and archaeological activity throughout the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The resurgence of nationalism has been a prominent feature of the European political scene in the 1990s. The collapse of the Soviet Union has given rise to the re-establishment of a sense of ethnic identity for many peoples, while in western Europe the continuing debate about federalization has concentrated attention on questions of individual national identity. This comprehensive examination of a host of fascinating issues will be essential reading for archaeologists but will also interest historians and others studying the interaction between perceptions of the past and the pursuit of nationalistic politics.

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an introduction
the national use of archaeology in nineteenthcentury Denmark
between national identity and cultural identity

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Margarita Díaz-Andreu is a lecturer in the Department of Archaeology at the Universidad Complutense, Madrid. Timothy C. Champion is reader in archaeology at the University of Southampton.

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